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Biography WALTER Fritz
photo WALTER Fritz
Country: Germany
Position: Striker
Born October 31, 1920.

Results in the championship in Germany: 416 matches, 381 gol
Including the regional level (South-West Oberliga): 362 matches, 357 goals. In the final tournament: 52 matches, 24 goals. (More)
. In the Cup of Germany: 13 appearances, 32 goals

. Germany squad: 61 match (among them 30 times - as captain), 33 goals.
. First leg: July 14, 1940 with Romania (9:3)
. Last match: June 24, 1958 with Sweden (1:3)

. Personal achievements:
. 23rd footballer in world football history XX century, 14 th in the history of Europe, 3rd Germany's footballer of XX century, the World Champion 1954, Champion of Germany, 1951, 1953, Champion Oberliga South-West 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951 , 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957.

. This man became the first cult figure in the history of German football
. It symbolizes the victory of Germany at the World Cup 1954. Despite the fact that subsequent generations have put forward their idols - from Seeler to Matthaus, Fritz Walter is still in Germany do not forget.


53 years of life with Italy

In 1985, when it celebrated its 65 th anniversary, it received the status of honorary citizen of Kaiserslautern - his hometown - and got 'namesake'
. Local stadium, hitherto bore the name 'Bettsenberg', renamed in 'Fritz-Walter-Shtadium'.
Since the renaming ceremony, he almost did not show up on 'their' arena. The years seem to have been not the same, although even during the celebration of the 80 th anniversary (which is noted in Germany with fanfare) Fritz Walter looked quite cheerful. Perhaps his most in this stadium is a friend Fritz Walter - DROP striker, speaking in the Bundesliga in 80-90-ies. When his 'Stuttgart' came to visit 'Kaiserslautern', commentators have missed no opportunity pokalamburit on this topic. However, no familial relationship of the two Fritz Walter does not bind.

December 20, 2001 his wife died Fritz Italy, with whom he lived together 53 пЁп+п¦п¦. This blow was too heavy for him. Walter was quickly fade. In February 2002, the first suffered a heart attack in May - a stroke, but in the midst of the world championship in Japan and Korea, June 17, he was gone. He was buried next to Italy at the memorial cemetery in Kaiserslautern.

From football fields to the battlefields.

He debuted in the national team in Germany before the war, at the age of 19. The legendary Sepp Herberger, whose office was called then rayhstrener, Fritz tried in a test match against Bavaria. National team won - 6:5, and the coach has remained very pleased with debut. The only wish of them, Walter, concerned more active play head.

. 'In football is played not only at the bottom' - this phrase Herberger Walter took note, and three balls, caught up on his account in the first match at the level of national teams with the Romanians (14 July 1940), two were beaten 'from the second floor '
. The game ended with the score 9:3 in favor of Germany - similar to the results at the time were not such a rarity, as it is now.

. Herberger, represented by Walter found the perfect striker, which combines very high at the time and technical skill with excellent physical properties
. Germany squad, despite the war, played often, and by November 1942 on account of Fritz was already 24 matches and 19 goals.
. However, the increasingly violent nature of the event on the fronts of the Second World paralyzed, in the end, a foot sore lives in the country
. Almost all players in the team, and Walter including BOAD in the army.


He saved himself Zhukov.

For the fact that his career has continued after the war, Fritz Walter is obliged Soviet commander by the name ..
. Zhukov. No, we are not talking about the famous Marshal - only the captain, who was his namesake. But this coincidence gives even more flavor and without the release of an exciting story captivated Fritz.

And the story is as follows. Walter was in an internment camp Marmarosh-Siged on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. That's it had to go train, sent to Siberia. In anticipation of transport prisoners began transferring chance comer football.

A couple of spectacular stunts performed by Walter, saw Hungarian - watchman. He became interested in football 'circus' and asked him his name. And when I heard the name, exclaimed: 'Yes, I also saw you in Budapest! " It was about the match Hungary - Germany May 3, 1942, in which the Germans won 5:2. Course, . How could he not remember virtuoso striker, . who scored two goals and three times he led the coup de grace to the partners! But the man, . which a security guard saw before him - emaciated, . shaved shaved, . - With great difficulty could be recognized football star,
. However, Walter was very easy to prove that he - the same one for whom she claims to be. After all, his art remained with him.

More news about the presence in the camp of the former superstar has reached the commandant Zhukova, who ordered the strike from Walter to be exiled to Siberia, to feed, so that he could regain strength. But do not think that Zhukov showed sverhgumanizm and altruism. Just him, like Herberger, also needed a class striker, able to defend the honor of team - in this case, the team camp.

. In the end, that in gratitude for the shock football 'work' Zhukov signed the manumission Fritz, and for the company - and his brother Ludwig, who also happened to be in Marmarosh-Sigede
. He gave them for the French.

. 'If I upekli to Siberia - Walter recalled in his book' The match, which I will never forget '- I'd have never returned to the sport the way and perhaps not even survive. "


Refused by Spanish promises.

Meanwhile, Sepp Herberger, engaged in the revival team, once again appealed for help to Walter, when he returned to Kaiserslautern in 1946
. Two years later, Herberger was a witness at the wedding with Fritz Italy. Now he saw in him a man who could become the conductor of his ideas on the field, even though the war-ravaged health. The relationship between the coach and captain (Walter for a long time wore the captain's armband) were perfect. "Like our antennas tuned to the same frequency '- a metaphor used Herberger.

But there were also moments of weakness. October 10, 1952 Germany, playing in the unusual defensive manner, lost in Paris, the French - 1:3. Walter is the defeat of an effect so depressing that, returning home in a sleeper with a coach, he was set for a beer to discuss the question of his resignation: 'I probably was too old. "

. 'Do not talk nonsense, - cut him off Herberger - you'll need me more, not a year or two, but a very long time'.
. Two months after this conversation, the Germans were defeated in Augsburg, Switzerland - 5:1, and the old doubt Fritz no trace
. He was devoted to the Herberger 'marrow': when they came envoys Madrid 'Atletico' with a fantastic offer for the time (250 thousand marks in his hands at once, . 15 thousand per month salary plus bonuses, . car, . flat), . He refused.,


Circus brothers Walter.

Fritz Walter pleased circus numbers not only the captain Zhukova
. He once scored a magnificent goal on the execution - the heel in the fall after yourself! It happened on October 6, 1956 in Leipzig in the Game 'Bismuth' (Karl-Marx-Stadt) - 'Kaiserslautern'. This goal was in the German press called Hackentrick (translation - 'hook-trick'). But a common noun tone as, say, in the case of hat-trick, this word did not receive, because hardly anyone can figure this top football maneuvers are no longer able to repeat. Can recall only a similar ball in the performance of Roland Wohlfarth in 1994, when he played for the 'St Etienne'. And yet such a goal can be seen in the performance of one of the lesser-known players from the Dutch 'Utrecht' in the compilation of the most spectacular goals in the Dutch league 80-ies.

. In addition to Ludwig, who did not go to the football path, at the Fritz Walter was another brother - Ottmar
. He is four years younger than him. Ottmar took the example of Fritz and came to 'Kaiserslautern'. Romantic Soccer 50-ies allowed to demonstrate artistic facilities. What vytvoryayut Walter in 'Kaiserslautern', causes the viewer to slip out of their seats. Understanding the brothers were amazing: Fritz worth only think about the dash, like Ottmar already sent the ball to him on the course, and vice versa.
. In 1951 at the Berlin Olympic stadium 'Kaiserslautern' met in the final match of the championship with 'Prussian' of Munster and seal a victory -2:1
. Both scored the ball with Ottmar filing Fritz

'Weather, Walter'

By the World Cup in 1954 Herberger prefabricated on the basis of 'Kaiserslautern'. Power players of this club - brothers Walter, Librium, Eckel, Kolmayer - the backbone of team. However, after 'Kaiserslautern' was defeated in the final championship of Germany 'Hanover' (1:5), the head bundestrenera struck fire.

Get and the captain - Fritz Walter. Being very sensitive, he was very experienced failure, and much more calmly Herberger once again had his moral support. Coach showed firmness, not go on about the critics and proved, as it soon turned out right.

Germany squad scored a sensational victory over Hungary in the finals (3:2) and became a world champion. Fritz Walter particularly strongly held this match, as well as a game with Austria (6:1). Both matches were accompanied by torrential rain, and weather like this since Germany became known as 'weather-Walter'.


In the constant struggle with doubts.

After a victorious championship Fritz were again assailed by doubts: it is sufficient if it complies with national team? Three months, . and he announced that, . that 'state of health' ever leaves national team,
. Only the spring of 1955 the first Herberger could once again regain the honored veteran.

Noi is not yet the latest twists in his career. November 25, 1956, Germany has failed in a home game with Switzerland (1:3), and under pressure from critics Walter for the umpteenth time about to leave. It would seem that much is something like forever. But not here - it was. When it is close to the world championships in 1958, a 37-year-old Fritz as if nothing had happened again surfaced. Moreover, in Sweden, he again flashed perennial skill. The Germans reached the semi-finals, where they met with the masters championship. And there Walter ambushed misfortune: Swede Parling inflicted injury, then another and Erich Juskowiak, lost the leg Kurt Hamrin, driven from the field. Substitutions were then allowed. Walter could only hobble along the edge of the helpless. Vdevyaterom against eleven Germans 'catch' was nothing. Score 1:1, they were unable to retain and lost - 1:3.
After the championship in Sweden international career Fritz Walter is finally over, though Sepp Herberger has continued to build on its species - first as a player, then as his successor. But Walter is no interest in the post bundestrenera not shown.

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