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Marco Van Basten

( football player)

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Biography Marco Van Basten
photo Marco Van Basten
Born October 31, 1964.
Country Netherlands.
Position Striker
Clubs: Elenkveyk Utrecht (1974-1981), Ajax Amsterdam (both Netherlands) (1981/1982-1986/1987, 133 matches, 97 goals), Milan (Italy) (1987/1988-1992/1993, 147 games, 90 goals ).
. Team 1983-1992: 58 matches, 24 goals
. Achievements: European Champion 1988, Winner of the Golden Ball European Footballer of 1988, 1989, 1992, Winner of the Golden Boot top scorer in Europe in 1986
. "Silver football boot" 1984, . The best footballer the world 1988 and 1992 FIFA, . Champions Cup Winner 1989, . 1990, . The winner of the Cup Winners Cup 1987, . Winner of the Intercontinental Cup 1989, . 1990, . European Super Cup 1989, . 1990, . Champions Cup finalist 1993, . Champion Holland 1982, . 1983, . 1985, . Champion of Italy 1988, . 1992, . 1993, . Dutch Cup 1983, . 1986, . 1987, . Super Cup Italy 1988, . 1992, . Top scorer Holland 1984 (28 goals), . 1985 (22), . 1986 (37), . 1987 (31), . Top scorer in Italy 1992 (25), . Member of World Cup 1990, . Member of the European Championship 1992,

IDEAL. It is believed that there is no shortage of players without. But if they still existed, the first in this list would have been Dutch striker Marco van Basten. "Ajax, AC Milan, Dutch team. In the 80 years and the first two seasons, 90 of these commands, he prevailed - the only and unique - Marco van Basten. Adopting in 1982 the baton from Johan Cruyff, Van Basten was in the eyes of the football European heir "Flying Dutchman". Legend has it that April 3, 1982 at the beginning of the second half the match Ajax with a team of NEC Cruyff has asked coach Ada de Mosa replace it with young talent - Van Basten, who was not yet eighteen years of age. Marco could not have disregarded his great patron and noted the debut of the bare. The perfect striker. So until now, many call it here in Milan, where Van Basten had an Italian part of his career. Three Scudetto, the three "Golden Ball", two Cup champions, two Intercontinental Cup, European Championship gold - all this Dutchman won, while speaking of "Milan". Van Basten was able to do on the field everything that has to forward. With the growth of 188 centimeters and perfect physique striker equally good control of the game and hit his head with both feet. He knew how to hit the gates as from inside the penalty, and from a long distance. He scored goals for every taste. What is the ball into the goal Rinat Dasaeva in a European Championship finals-88. With stunning coordination in conjunction with a rare vision of the field, the Dutchman was able to not only destroy the gate itself, but also provide transfers of partners, when this was the need. At the same time with the ball van Basten treated very elegant, and indeed in his movements there was something stylish, poluteatralnoe. In short, this was a striker from God. A van Basten would have such a ball scored "- often had to hear me on the stands the San Siro, when someone forwards Milan missed out is not the most advantageous position. Tifozi great club deified Marco in his memoirs, . therefore any striker Milan have unwittingly have to deal not only with rival, . but with the shadow of van Basten, . because of comparisons with the forward can not go to anyone of his followers,
. And we must pay tribute to Andrei Shevchenko, who began his career in Italy, so that many in the Apennines breathed in amazement: "Yes, this guy started better than the van Basten".

Thanks Shevchenko memories Dutchman surged in the Apennines with new vigor than the added glory of a three-time holder of the Golden Ball. Van Basten was in Ajax in the summer of 1981 and immediately came under the wing of Cruyff. In 20 years, Mark was the best scorer of the championship and some do not have lasted up to "Golden Boot", which went to Ian Rashu. However, two years later, the Dutchman still got the prize. Holland won three championships and the Cup of the country, as well as the Cup Winners' Cup, Van Basten moved to Italy, being together with Ruud Gullitom in Milan. Unfortunately, the continuation of a brilliant career, prevented the problems with the ankle which eventually forced the Dutch and the early part of football. His first season Milan van Basten was forced to miss almost completely, but he had enough time to win their first Scudetto. And after the end of the championship Italy Van Basten led the Netherlands to the team gold medals at the European Championships, scoring at the tournament five balls. Since 1988, the second on three occasions in 1993 he received the "Golden Ball", twice became the champion of Italy, the Cup champions and the Intercontinental Cup twice was the best sniper Serie A. Trainers Arrigo Sacchi, not uzhivshegosya with the Dutch trio of Van Basten - Gullit - Rijkaard has been replaced at the turn of the 90's Fabio Capello, in which Marco spent his last final in European competition. In December 1992, the Dutchman suffered a third operation, after which he returned for a time on the field, but lost the Champions Cup final against Olympique de Marseille became his swan song. The long and unsuccessful attempts to conquer the pain and return to the big football ended in August 1995, when van Basten announced his decision to retire from his career. I recently had occasion to read in a trade publication that today medicine would be able to return the Dutchman on the pitch. But history, as we know, does not recognize the subjunctive mood.

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Marco Van Basten, photo, biography
Marco Van Basten, photo, biography Marco Van Basten  football player, photo, biography
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