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Gianluca Vialli

( football player)

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Biography Gianluca Vialli
photo Gianluca Vialli
Born July 9, 1964 in Cremona.
. Country: Italy
. Position: Striker
. Held: in the championship of Italy (D-1): 325 games, 123 goals in the championship of England: 58 games, 21 goals in total - 383 games, 144 goals.
. Italy squad: 59 games, 16 goals
. First leg: November 16, 1985 against Poland in Chorzow (0:1)
. Last match: 19 December 1992 with Malta in Valetta (2:1)

. Club achievements:
. Champion Series A (2 times): 1990/91, 1994/95.
. -Cup Italy (4 times): 1984/85, 1987/88, 1988/89, 1994/95.
. -Italian Super Cup (2 times): 1991, 1996.
. Cup-England (2 times): 1996/97, 1999/00.
. -England League Cup (1 time): 1997/98.
. Super Cup-England (1 time): 2000
. -European Champions Cup (1 time): 1995/96.
. Cup-Winners' Cup (2 times): 1989/90, 1997/98.
. -Winners' Cup (1 time): 1992/93.
. -European Super Cup (1 time): 1998
. Developments in the team:
. Third-prize-winner of World Championship (1 time): 1990
. Personal achievements:
. -Best Footballer of the world (survey of World Soccer) (1 time): 1995
. -Serie A top scorer (1 time): 1990/91 years.
. As a coach:
. -Winner of the FA Cup (1 time): 1999/00.
. -England League Cup (1 time): 1997/98.
. Super Cup-England (1 time): 2000
. Cup-Winners' Cup (1 time): 1997/98.
. -European Super Cup (1 time): 1998

Vialli - 'ancestor' of the tribe skinheads in football. He was the first known players voluntarily parted in the early 90-ies with its lush curly hair, after which the fashion for shaved their heads covered the whole world. At the same time he never once gave a truthful answer to the question (and he asked him countless times) that spodviglo him such a step.


In Lenin did not believe

For 'Sampdoria' times when it appeared Vialli, were truly golden, which was not up to him and what, if repeated in the future, it is unlikely however - something soon
. Genoa club bought him, 20-year-old, the 'Cremonese' for the equivalent of $ 3 million. It was at that time very much, and yet, perhaps, then, few thought that comes to the club player who is destined to become the brightest star in history.
. At the turn of the 80-90-ies 'Napoli' under the leadership of Vujadin Boshkova has grown into one of the strongest clubs not only in Italy but also in Europe
. Suffice it to say that for
. 4 seasons on three occasions she reached evrokubkovyh finals, winning one of them: in 1990, with 'Anderlecht' 2:0 (both goals in the additional time Vialli scored), and in the other two, giving the same opponent - 'Barcelona' .

. But the apotheosis of grandeur 'Sampdoria' took place in the spring of 1991, when she first and last won the Scudetto
. Most happiest day in the history of the club was on May 19. This was the penultimate round, and 'blue-cherkyati' in case of victory at home over the 'Lecce' became inaccessible. By the 30 th minute the deed was done - 3:0. The third hammer the ball into the net rival Vialli. It was his 19 th goal in the championship, and he, together with a gold medal champion won the title of top scorer.

The role of team leader Gianluca shared with Roberto Mancini. They are often called 'twins'. Naturally, there had been no outward similarity, which was not even a trace. This nickname was given to them just because they were so different, that looked like two halves of one whole - the hard and strong and gentle Vialli and Mancini, Artistic.
. They in life were not spill water: always went together and visited with his favorite restaurant near the stadium 'Marassi'
. When it comes to stag night raids (Vialli, incidentally, is single and still), here joined by a third party, Attilio Lombardo.

Vialli made from 'Sampdoria' much of everything - rewards, fame, money. And he ruled out ... knowledge of the rich Russian folk. Because, of course, Alexei Mikhailichenko. When he arrived in 1991, the national team of Italy in Moscow to play a qualifying match of Euro 92, he was perfectly shod. Our fellow citizens (journalists and fans) who had a chance to talk with him, happily touched by how casually Gianluca poured select Russian mat. Literally from the plane, he greeted greeting the say in Russian the words: 'Hi ... your mother! " But his linguistic knowledge is not extended.

. 'Is it true that his name - turned Vialli to the interpreter, pointing to his namesake and mate Pagliuca - also means you have some sort of curse? " 'Where did you get that idea? " - Asked puzzled interlocutor
. 'Michael said'. Only then came to an interpreter: Mikhailichenko probably read in the Italian spelling of the names of the goalkeeper (Ragluca) the letter 'g' in the Russian manner - 'g'. And it happened - Padlyuka ...
By popular tradition, the team coming first thing went for a walk around Red Square. Here Vialli dissuaded from visiting their partners Mausoleum: 'Unreal where Lenin. Plastic. This rotted away long ago '. - 'This is for you, too, said Mikhailichenko? " - 'No, newspapers deducted'.


Because he Sacchi was 'spun'

Vialli had a distinguished club career, but in the national team in any major tournament and not a flash
. At the World Championships in 1986 from him, then still fledgling, no more special feats not expecting. Bearzot let his replacement and put on the right edge.

But before Euro-88 situation was different. In anticipation of this tournament, he gave a series of very strong performances for the 'skuadru Azzurro' and shaken by a series of beautiful goals, so that expectations for him were very high. In the list of alleged discoveries Championship Vialli, who was in the 'gold' for football age - 24 years - stood in the first place. But do not get it to become a real discovery, though the picture on the whole he is not spoiled. The reason the youth and inexperience 'skuadry Azzurro' and unusually intense competition: teams of Holland and the USSR were at the peak of the class, sending the Italians to second place.
. The third and surest chance for Gianluca promised to become a world championship in 1990, where Italy has served as mistress
. Vialli went up to him with a small injury, but coach those living still tried to make a bet on it, the stronger the country forward. In the first matches - with national teams of U.S. and Austria - a couple of the attackers were Vialli and Carnevale. And again with Gianluca 'not roll', did not go blow. Italians creaking due to a single goal, pulled out a victory here and there, but in the last group match against Czechoslovakia, those living line of attack have been changed by switching, and finally, to Schillaci and Roberto Baggio.

. At the Euro-92 Italians were not included: for this they needed to win surely mentioned the Moscow match and they played only a draw - 0:0
. And in December of 1992, Vialli has never played for the national team failed. Much has been broken in the Italian press over copies of the persistent refusal of Arrigo Sacchi to see his team Vialli, . especially before the championship of Europe-96, . when the shaven-headed athlete again scored excellent shape and has been recognized by the magazine 'World sosser' best player of the world,
. Sacchi as no titles are not recognized and preferred to ignore the man, even on his head towering over all, if he was a personality and therefore could cause some inconvenience in communicating. Sacchi - this, incidentally, he is not alone - more likely selected the obedient puppets. Roby Baggio, he did not take to the championship. Flying: 'skuadra Azzurro' next group failed.

Fans have not forgiven him to neglect the most meaningful players and besieged it for the full program. Their favorite chants was 'Sacchi, Succah!', Which in Italian meant the desire to mentor 'served' their oral method.


Prigolublenny Elton John

Summer of 1992, Vialli has become the world record-holder for the transfer costs: 'Juventus' paid for it 'Sampdoria' $ 20 million
. But to justify the fabulous price in no hurry: failed the first season of Turin, was treated for a long time in the second. Only on the third, when the 'Juventus' Marcello Lippi took black and white at last began to beat paid money for it. 'Juventus' opened his famous victory cycle, showing a powerful attacker, the resultant Football. Vialli has become a real leader and has received the captain's armband. In 1995 'Juventus' he made a double, in 1996, won the Champions League. Gianluca tried very hard to score in the final of 'Ajax', knowing that this was his last match for the 'Old Siniora', but numerous chances, which he had remained unfulfilled.

. Vialli has decided to drastically change their lives by going to Chelsea, where he got free for new Londoners, who had just come into force after the 'Bosman ruling affairs' rules
. 'I can not say that rooting for Chelsea, but the fact that English football has never left me indifferent - the pure truth', - said Vialli on his own presentation by Chelsea. Financial terms of Gianluca at the new place was better than the 'Juventus', - for each of the three seasons of the contract he was owed a million pounds. Called him over English Channel Gullit, who said Vialli 'will help him build a' English 'Milan'. Vialli named the number of goals, which he intended to score for these three years, - 130.

Two great personality connected with each other certain plans. But life proposes and God disposes. At a distance they can admire each other, and bystanders, found that hard to get along with them. Gullit irregularly placed Vialli in the composition, and in April 1997, the first rude spoke about it in the press. About this: "I think I'll throw it all '. At this Vialli said: "Gullit was a class player, but the coach from the hrenovenky '. As if mocking, Gullit has released his final match in the FA Cup with 'Middlesbrough' just a minute before the end.

February 12, 1998 tension between them eased with the unexpected departure Gullita resign. Equally surprising was the decision of Chelsea owner Ken Bates to appoint in his place Vialli, but ought to be the third consecutive player-manager (the initiative was Glenn Hoddle). The salary of a million pounds a year it was upheld, making it the third-earnings coach in British football.
Now Gianluca could produce themselves on the field when he was only fit. Sniffing the air of freedom, . He won in his new capacity as three trophies for the first six months of work: in March - League Cup, . in May - Cup Winners' Cup (Gianfranco Zola scored the winning goal 'Stuttgart' in 22 seconds after, . Vialli as you let him on the field), . August - Super.,

. 1999 brought no trophies, but Chelsea won the third place, the passing of the Champions League where the team reached the quarterfinals
. In May 2000 the first collection Vialli - coach supplemented victory in the FA Cup, produced in a dull final duel with 'Aston Villa' (1:0).

Meanwhile, despite the success, the clouds began to thicken over Gianluca. He then turned the involvement of foreign players into the club and overdid things. In December 1999, Chelsea for the first time in the history of the English League put on a match with the 'Southampton' team, composed entirely of foreigners. Extremely cosmopolitan club became the subject of dislike of most football fans in the country. Vialli criticized everything, including the players on the team - everyone knew about his feud with Frank Leboeuf, who avidly spoke about the outdated methods of Vialli and his dislike of the majority of players.

. Leboeuf complained that Vialli is drawn to the players how to nesmyshlenymi babies, making them well-known and experienced, to a regime, and under pain of expulsion from the team insist that they do not leave the hotel during a trip abroad
. In addition, the players did not suit the privileged position of Gianfranco Zola left the team because the coach has promised to put him in the composition of all, without exception, matches.
. The beginning of the season 2000/01 brought unimportant results: Chelsea, winning the first match, then did not know four tour victories in a row
. Vialli blamed the players, saying they 'should be more aggressive. "

. Evening training Sept. 12 nearing, . when Vialli declared wards, . was going to try out their new tactical idea before the game of the UEFA Cup with the Swiss 'St. Gallen', . but, . hearing complaints and disgruntled groans tired players, . said: 'Good, . Let's postpone the lesson for tomorrow '.,
. Tomorrow, as we know, never comes
. The same day, Bates decided to remove him from office with the following wording: 'Despite the excellent work Vialli, in the interests of the club to change its future strategic direction'.

. Coming to Chelsea, Vialli said he was going to become one of its legends
. Well, perhaps, in spite of everything, and he has made. Achieved as a trainer and still won five trophies in two and a half years worth something.

Being fired, Gianluca not going to leave London. England he liked. He said she was a beneficial effect on his physical shape and well-being. And when he was asked by then, replied in the style of John Polak from the film 'Deja vu':
'Sex, swimming, cycling'. Interestingly, as it is called sex among their favorite classes and has a nearly quarter-century experience of intimate relations (for the first time he tried to 'this', by his own admission, in 14let) Vialli still manages to remain a bachelor. But be that as it may, he carefully hides her personal life from public. In 1991, he wrung his exorbitant compensation for moral damage - 30 billion pounds - a journalist who was careless enough to tell the public about the sexual adventures of Vialli, perhaps in something and fib. The court accepted the arguments of intelligent footballer and allowed his suit, but ... a thousand times smaller volume. Gianluca received the equivalent of 20 thousand dollars. For him, this money was symbolic, but for a journalist is probably significant.

. Once again, talk of 'strangeness' Vialli came, . When May 2, 2001, he accepted an offer to become a coach 'Watford' - Club of the second (nominally 'first') of the English Division, . president of which is Elton John, . famous muses edge and not less well-known gay,
. One Italian newspaper, mindful of the trial 10 years ago, reported the news in these words: 'We do not want to insinuate that. It is better to repeat several times: Vialli is not blue, not blue Vialli, Vialli is not blue! "
June 14, 2002 On not too long 'affair' with Vialli 'Watford' ended. His resignation is officially tied to the failure of their mission out in the Premier League. But other circumstances also contributed to this: the collapse telekontserna 1TV, deprived the club of sponsorship money. And ... care a month before most of Elton John, who relinquished his presidential powers voluntarily, saying that 'Watford' needs a boss who would spend at the club all the time, but would not be doing them sporadically.

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Gianluca Vialli, photo, biography
Gianluca Vialli, photo, biography Gianluca Vialli  football player, photo, biography
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