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Biography VOROSHILOV Victor
photo VOROSHILOV Victor
Born 15.08.1926 in Moscow
Country USSR.
Clubs: "Wings of the Soviets" Kuibyshev (1949-55), Lokomotiv Moscow (1956-62).
In the championships of the USSR: has 329 matches and scored 106 goals.
. He is from Moscow and its most successful seasons played in the "Locomotive" in the time, . when this command, . acquainted with in his lifetime more, . than any other, . tournament misadventures, . scored at any time force and it was on the shoulder first into second place in the championship, . then get Cup,
. Together with the left insider Voroshilov in the line of attack was then good forwards: And. Zaitsev, IN. Bubukin IN. Sokolov. "Lokomotiv" did not feel weaker than others, stayed on the field with dignity. Voroshilov was in his element, the ball is always something he was obedient, and here he was able to exercise and their combination ability, good partners were quick and assertive, and to conduct regular fire doors, and for this he stirred. No wonder that in the "Locomotive" he scored most of their goals and submit it to Fedotovsky Club. Voroshilov was able to just put myself in the final blow. Not being a strong man, . He raised his hand so sharply, . so bent in the direction, . which was supposed to fly the ball, . so help me sweep hand, . that the shot was obtained with a crushing, . for the projectile was impossible to keep track, . and only a belated motion goalkeeper indicated, . where the hole.,

. And he labels
. Usually blunders attackers to explain the fact that "technology has summed up". Monotony of interpretation does not inspire confidence. Often you see how the ball flies away from the gate, although the blow was struck in accordance with all rules. Accuracy - one of the natural qualities. It is advanced, exercising, but whoever it is endowed with, he feels confident. For it is expressed in the forward orientation, in the eye, in the knowledge of those points, with which it is impossible to miss, in a constant feeling that the rectangle gate as slot sight. And when all this is, the ball obediently over again flies in the goal. Cool scorers, people are constantly falling, they all - William Tell. They also called and a sniper, and this is no exaggeration. Voroshilov was a tag that has the ball for "milk" is not sent.

If Voroshilov played only in the "Locomotive", our presentation here would begin to lean towards the end. But he was formerly in Kuibyshev team "Wings of the Soviets". And this is an occasion for much conversation.

First of all we call time: from 1949 to 1955. Of these seven years, dwell on the first five, when the "Wings" Frontline was Alexander Gulevskii.

For further evidence, we give evidence. In the championships of 1949, 1950 and 1951 in CDKA Kuibyshev team won three of the six meetings, the two brought in a draw and one lost. In the 1950-1953 championships in seven games with Moscow, "Dinamo", she won two matches, four brought in a draw and one lost. And in those years, the two capitals of the club were "whales" and, . have same, . so come across, . meeting with kuybyshevtsami, . the first role of any claims! Characteristic and then, . that of the five mentioned victories, . at that time began to look even expected sensations, . four gave a 1:0 and one - 2:1.,

. If the solution lay in the fatal bad luck or just the leaders of the heroic perseverance kuybyshevtsev, there would be no need to rake up old
. Then, . unable to grasp the meaning of what is happening, . Most bolelytsikov referred to these matches humorously, . as bizarre caperings football and, . As usual in such cases, . sympathetic to the weaker party, . "Wings", . speak maliciously and deliberately over the strongest - CDKA and Dynamo,
. Meanwhile, it became clear, later, had conceived a secret gimmick.

. Conditionally, schematically, it looked like this: on their half of the field "wings" were playing seven on seven and even eight to eight, while in a strange half - three on three or doubles
. Since CDKA and Dynamo this alignment occurred by itself, it determines that the venerable, famous for the attack team were full of confidence in the superiority and have no doubt that the "roll out" pressed together to their gates of the enemy. However kuybyshevtsy showed unprecedented strength in the defense, facilitated by the fact that the crowds in Moscow's famous forwards lost the usual communication and maneuvers. Meanwhile, . There was seething crush at their doors, . someone from kuybyshevtsev, . most Voroshilov Inside, . knowing how to give a long pass, . thrown into the breach Gulevskaya, . guarding their moment, . but he was quick and aggressive, . Muscovites and had to throw to save their gates,
. They pretended that it was a misunderstanding, again taken for its assault, but the episode, to their chagrin, repeated. The game, in terms of leaders, took a strange character, he acted on the nerves, in the end my nerves could not stand, and the combination of Voroshilov - Gulevskii (of course, there were also others) ended with a bare. Only, but sufficient. And - "foolish" failure. Sometimes hammered and Voroshilov, he is usually accompanied Gulevskaya in his breakout to play with him in the "wall" or to pick up and crush the ball. This tactical variant dubbed "Volga zaschepkoy" supporters he was short, and the prosecutors - as they want.

. Even then it was clear that "zaschepka" has no future as a general line, that it is unsuitable for the team, sweeping in champions
. You can not expose themselves every time such a horrendous experience, to be on the verge of defeat, hoping for a shaky luck!

. So it is so, but ignore the "zaschepku" also can not have happened if she tripped about not just anybody, and CDKA and "Dinamo"
. She graciously accepted suitable for those teams, . not expect to equal encounter battle to defeat leaders, . in other words - for the weak teams and with reservations, . as a fallback just in case, . with unforeseen circumstances and for the strong.,

. Later the game on defense, playing on the counterattack, is widely used, was coined, we can observe it in an unlimited number of tournaments of any rank
. Now around copies does not break - is recognized that all the teams, even great, the champion of dignity, must be able to carry it through, not to mention the fact that they are entitled to know how to resist it, as it is to clear, if it resorts to the enemy. So Kuibyshev "Wings" Thirty years ago, to a certain extent have become pioneers of tactical options, forcing all coaches and theorists put it on the layout and learn with all diligence. Voroshilov, who was in this team's manager, should be included among the creators of this option, it was in him an influential figure.

Coaches and led their teams are free to choose a team game. Gone are the days when straight-away in the administrative order to all invited to follow the same patterns. Now recognized that different tastes and different views have the right to exist. But football would be simplified, wilted, if all of a sudden choose to play from defense. He lived and continues to live an active search for the game, starting from a clear and bold intention to beat the opponent.

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VOROSHILOV Victor, photo, biography
VOROSHILOV Victor, photo, biography VOROSHILOV Victor  Footballer, photo, biography
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