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Christian Vieri

( football player)

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Biography Christian Vieri
photo Christian Vieri
Born July 12, 1973 in Bologna.
Country Italy.
Height 185 cm
Weight 82 kg
Position Striker
Clubs: Prato, Torino, Pisa, Ravenna, Venice, Atalanta, Juventus, Atletico Madrid (Spain), Lazio, Inter Milan.
In Serie A debut on Dec. 15, 1991, Torino - Fiorentina -2:0.
Achievements: Champion of Italy in 1997, the European Super Cup 1997, Cup Winners Cup 1999.
Individual trophies: Best striker of the championship of Spain 1998

Vieri. Ladies' man

Striker 'Inter' and the Italy international Christian Vieri - the most popular footballer in the Apennines. And not only in his bombardirskih qualities, although they, of course, also. Bobo, as it is called in Italy, - a vivid example of what a great sport and show business inseparable.

. Vieri was born in the Green continent, which went into the early 70's for a long Australian dollar his father Roberto Vieri, the former midfielder 'Sampdoria' and 'Bologna'
. Little Bobo keen on cricket and athletics, but the genes eventually took their toll. 'I will play in Serie A and the Italian national team' - he said the age of 14 parents, took a plane ticket and flew back to their historical homeland.

. Settled in Bologna, his grandfather, Christian at first, literally ruined hospitable relatives accounts for telephone calls to Australia
. However, long tormented by nostalgia. Football, cars, girls: A teenager from prim Australia plunged into the maelstrom of adult life. His success on the football field and in the fair sex in no small measure contributed to the physical data (height 185 cm, weight 82 kg).

. 'O my son goes so fables, - said in an interview with' Gazzetta dello Sport 'soccer mom Natalie Vieri (incidentally, French nationality)
. -It is said that he collects their panties girls, as the Indians - scalps. Such nonsense! Although, remember, was once the case: a fan sent him a parcel with his underwear. And if you read that he had written a girl of fifteen! "

Bobo likes not only girls. He - a tasty morsel for advertisers. According to some estimates in 2002 Vieri earn advertising about 3.7 million. euros, nearly equaling in this indicator with Alessandro Del Piero. Star 'Inter' does not stop. Joint work with Paolo Maldini production line of outerwear, real estate in Lombardy and Tuscany, restaurants in Sydney and Milan - this is not a complete list of achievements Vieri on the entrepreneurial endeavors.

. But dealing with the press, striker, despite its Role, leaves in the dead of defense
. 'The Bear', 'dumb' - such epithets awarded to journalists. The fact that the striker during the years of living in Australia order rusty native language and preferred to explain in English. However, in recent years, Bobo is much easier to contact, though he himself does not believe that has changed: 'I always say what I think. I may be someone annoying, so I stuck a label on uncommunicative man.

Nature in Vieri really not a gift. Largely for this reason in the period from 1992 to 1999, he was replaced 9 clubs ( 'Torino', 'Pisa', 'is', 'Venice', 'Atalante', 'Juventus', 'Atletico Madrid' (Madrid), 'Lazio' , 'Inter'), never staying more than a year. Only in the 'Inter' he seems to have found himself. The fifth season of the same club - a singular accomplishment for Bobo. The team is valued. 'Vieri - the strongest player of those with whom I have ever had to go out on the field - recognized goalkeeper' Inter 'Francesco Toldo. - It's like having a team of NBA legend Michael Jordan. Bobo - a perfect storm '.

Respect for team-mates and the fans love - is, of course, wonderful. But you have to think about their daily bread. And with that a Christian all right. In 'Juventus' he received 500 thousand euros per year, 'Atletico' already 1,5 million, and in 'Lazio' first - 3. After the transition in the summer of 1999, 'Inter' Vieri earned first 5.4 million. Euro season. But then, like other Italian star, was forced to accept lower wages.

In parallel, wages grew and football transfer fee, which increased over the past 7 years in 50 (!) Times. Over 800 thousand euros, which 'is' paid the first Italian club Vieri - 'Torino', you just do not buy and the little finger on his left leg Bobo. Summer of 1999 set a world record transfer fee was a football player - 42.6 million. Euro laid the Romans, without batting an eye, the president 'Inter', Massimo Moratti.

In order to maintain a place in the top twenty highest-paid players of the world, we must follow the image. And Vieri is well aware. Previously, he was mercilessly exploited the image of 'macho Lovelace'. Now the Italian fashion family values and Christian urgently resume relations with his former girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. Footballer and top model, referred to as 'the most beautiful pair of Italy', realize that together cost more than separately.

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Christian Vieri, photo, biography
Christian Vieri, photo, biography Christian Vieri  football player, photo, biography
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