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Biography Garrincha
photo Garrincha
Born March 23, 1933 in the town of Pau Grande.
Died Jan. 20, 1983.
Country Brazil
. Position Striker
. Clubs: "Pau Grande (1947-1953), . "Botafogo Rio de Janeiro (1953-1965, . 608 matches, . 245 goals), . Corinthians Sao Paulo (all Brazil) (1966-1967), . "Atletico de Barranquilla (Colombia) (1968), . "Flamengo Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (1968-1969), . "Red Star" Paris (France) (1971),
Brazil squad 1955-1966: held 50 matches and scored 12 goals.
Achievements: World Champion 1958, 1962, Champion League "Carioca" 1957, 1961, 1962, Member of the World Cup 1966.
According to the IFFHS took 8 th place in the top ten best players of the twentieth century.

For 15 years he tormented opponents and derange torsidu its distinctive art. About him composed many legends. He invented dozens of nicknames, but true friends always called him by Manet.

Garrincha appeared on the stadium Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro in a typical day July 9, 1953. He cited a former player of the club Arathi, who accidentally saw virtuoso Garrincha in his native Pau Grande and decided to show the 20-year-old boy Gentil Cardoso, to train in those days, "Botafogo". Lesson teams coming to an end when the coach finally remembered about startups. "Give it here!" - He shouted Arathi. After the first steps Garrincha spectators fell from their seats with laughter, and mentor of the club, to hide a smile, turned away. In Manet born with one leg was much shorter than the other, so he reloaded gait reminiscent of a duck, or bear. Cardoso asked for a better while left-back Nilton Santos, Brazilian football novice to check that, logically, should have put an end to yet begun a career clown. "When I approached him, he suddenly pushed the ball between my legs and disappeared - later told for many years, journalists from different countries Santos. - I tried to rush him, but lost his balance and fell. Everyone who was at the stadium began to laugh. "

At the suggestion of Nilton Santos, Garrincha took command, but the world saw the genius of only five years. 15 itolya 1958 floor pressure obshestvennosti coach Feola did put it on the world championship game against the USSR. The first three minutes of the match was subsequently called "the three most fantastic moments in the history of world football". Why? Because Manet did what he wanted on the left flank of our defense, where he initially opposed Kuznetsov, and then another, and someone came to the aid of soldiers with Krizhevsky.

. After the first pass reflected the impact the Brazilian bar, after the second - Pele once again put the strength of the bar, and a third raid Garrincha finished serving a penalty, and Vava sent the ball into the net gate Lev Yashin.

. Four years later the World Cup in Chile was a benefit Manet
. He almost single-handedly got the title for Brazil, and, of course, it was his proclaimed "king of football."

Perhaps no other football player in history who so freely felt in all situations on the field. Garrincha did not try, as Pele, the ideal of all components of the game, though, and Paz, and a blow to the gate was fluent in. Slava Manet brought his famous feint, which yielded the strongest and most experienced left-wing defenders (in Brazil they even came to be called Joan - on behalf of the boy from Pau Grande, which polished his "weapon" Garrincha in his youth). Manet died down with the ball at his feet and mimicked the motion of the body - usually the left. Then promptly went to the other side (usually right). I love it and prokidyvat ball between the legs. Defenders in this case, as a rule, lost balance and fell, becoming the laughingstock of the crowd of many thousands. One player Fiorentina "head nearly blew the bar after Finta Garrincha, and the Brazilian under the Homeric laughter of the Italians entered the ball into the goal.

He praised ministers and vagrants, thieves and bankers, academics and workers. They did not only ... Coaches. They could understand, because in essence from the mentors who worked with Manet, was required to let him free to do. Semi-literate apprentice from the mills went on the field and invented his football, in which no one ever played either before or after. Garrincha did everything wrong: when I had to play in the touch - holding the ball when he had to flee - was, instead of shots - waiting defender to beat him again. Manet Appear in football today, it probably would not have taken to the nursery team.

Few people remember, but it was Garrincha made one of the most noble deeds on the field. March 27, 1960 on "Marakane" walking match Fluminense - Botafogo ". Defender Phlu, knocking the ball, twisted his leg, and he sprang to Manet. Garrincha burst into the penalty box, turned out to be one on one with a goalkeeper, swung, but seeing that the opponent is on the lawn, he sent the ball over the touch line. This occurred to him alone.

Being in the height of his fame, Manet in one of the matches of the national championship was damaged. Two or three months out of football, and he continued to play. But at this time, "Botafogo" went on a tour of Europe, and every match with Garrincha in its composition worth 15 000 dollars, without Garrincha - half.

. Manet could not refuse the insistent requests, played at the injection site, and on returning home it was all over - torn meniscus
. He underwent surgery, but after returning to the field Manet was not the same.

Corinthians paid for it "Botafogo" insane at the time the money - about 100 000 dollars, but to work out their Garrincha was not able. However, the public demanded the continuation of the show, the stands whistling. Garrincha could not restrain himself and slammed the door. Result - a disqualification for two years, an enormous penalty and oblivion.

However, after three years - 30 November 68 th Brazilian again appeared on "Marakane". In structure "Flamengo", he proved spiteful critics, burying it was that football is alive Garrincha. But it was the swan song of the player, whose fans call joy of the people.

Unfortunately, he was unable to cope with his personal life, as well as with life outside of football in general. Abusing alcohol and drugs, he died at the age of 49 years.

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  • Stas for Garrincha
  • The best footballer in the world whose matches I have seen ! I admire them!
  • Stas for Garrincha
  • sorry not had a chance to see you in zhivuyu.no what I saw in the record is strong! let the land rest in peace.
  • Anonymous for Garrincha
  • Mane you? 1 at all times
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