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Paul Gascoigne

( Footballer)

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Biography Paul Gascoigne
photo Paul Gascoigne
Paul Gascoigne has long been not the happiest on the soccer field. But he remains popular. Wherever they appear, from seeking an autograph hanging up there. Gazza does not fail, and wrote: "Love, Paul Gascoigne!"

Striking his blue eyes. Now they are clear. Paul does not drink since then, as was the treatment of alcoholism and depression in a clinic of Arizona.

Born May 27, 1967 in England. He played for clubs Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio, Glasgow Rangers, Middlesbrough, Everton. Star Gascoigne came up on the football firmament in the 1990 meters at the World Cup, where he made a brilliant. Then moved to Lazio, but spent the Italian club only 50 games over three seasons - was expelled for repeated violations of discipline. In 1995, in the Rangers' best player of his acknowledged Scotland.

... "It was really hard. From your body derive a lot of shit. In the clinic realized that I - an alcoholic. We believe that alcoholism - a disease. And she hit me severely.

Gascoigne thirty-five, and now he gives the impression of a serious and responsible person.

"I do not want to say that Paul Gascoigne - a clown or a fool baby. I became a different person, much comprehended. I would like to take account of how well I managed to get. I am worthy of censure. But do not forget how many years afforded fans enjoy his playing on the football field. "

The whole world calls him Gazza. In 1989, one commentator Bi-Bi-Si, describing what is happening in that part of the field, where the floor, noticed that it reminds him of the situation in the Gaza Strip ... Gascoigne himself liked to joke during the game. It began with the fact that in one of the matches he parodied his team's defender, who played poorly. Later he became a poke fun at rivals. Cost to someone of them do not get into an empty net or get injured as our hero began to tease the poor fellow.

Paul never felt the slightest sympathy for the injured colleagues, writhing on the lawn. "It would only amuse the audience but most start neighing - for more from Paul just did not have enough brains" - so described her husband Marian. However, one can hardly expect another from a man who at least once a week to beat his wife. And when the nerves could not stand Marian, Paul told reporters: "A strange woman she. After all, I only promised not to dissolve more hands! "

On the field Gascoigne also repeatedly tried to "relieve stress" fist. But there sometimes are not lucky. Somehow, barely recovered from injury in Middlesbrough, he decided to test the strength of the jaw Boateng Aston Villa. Missed and broke his arm. Then again went to the booze.

Under pressure from "well-wishers and foes Gascoigne has agreed to go to hospital. Here he felt that he was at the bottom of the deepest abyss. And yet the first attempt to return to life was a failure. Paul dropped everything, returned to England. He was helped to find work in Everton. "And I began to do stupid. He began to drink much more than before. I was very down and fell into a deep depression.

Gazza drank heavily throughout the winter. Most came to training in a disheveled and dirty tracksuit. "When the game - not drunk. It happened on Saturdays and Sundays. Then I rested, went to the sauna. But weekdays drunk snakes. In the morning, trained, and then applied to the glass, and to physical activity, did not return. In this state I was not interested in the future. I wanted one thing: that day has passed ... Aware, of course, that this play can be eerie end. But he checked himself only when he felt that there was not the strength or health. "

Again, go to the clinic advised the other stars Walter Smith. Gascoigne again flew to Arizona. "I do not hope for that, but I had nowhere to go. It has been an anonymous 12-step treatment, based on the concept that drug addiction, alcoholism, trauma, abnormal lifestyle affect the entire body, his mental and emotional state. The method of treatment is oriented not only to rid the patient of the disease, but also to help him later to arrange his life. "

On arrival at the hospital Paul frightened. But quickly adapted to the environment, alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts and gluttons. "I tried to get out of the abyss. About a week obvyk, and a desire to never leave these walls. And later, I sometimes like to go back there. "

After a rest in Florida with his son, stepsons and his wife, who continued to care for him, though, and became a stranger to him, Gazza is back in Everton. "I wanted to catch up and engage in his favorite thing. It took about a month to return the form. "

No course of treatment does not guarantee full recovery. Therefore, he regularly goes to the therapist and at the meeting for those who are in such condition. "Alcoholism - a terrible disease, often accompanied by relapses. Now I do not drink. When I see in front of a glass, I am seized by fear for their future. I do not know what will happen next. But yesterday I did not drink, did not drink today and I hope that I will not drink and tomorrow. "

At some point the word "no" in principle, disappeared from his vocabulary. Paul ate everything, ending the meal with chocolate, and then drank beer. He has lost all sense of proportion, but with it has disappeared and the Gascoigne, who still had fans. "Sex fat as a pig, but he do not care. Because of their cakes, even on the field, he can not run "- complained to his wife. A genius in his youth football continued with a grin tuck the ball under the shirt, puff and mimicking the judges ...

Gascoigne stopped taking antidepressants. "They are bad for the body, and I want to improve their lives. While it only on the football field. And in this regard has already achieved some success compared to last year. I get up early and with the greatest pleasure to go to the gym. I try to live every day with the maximum benefit for themselves and those around. "

As he assesses his career? "From my point of view, it is brilliant. All produced by honest labor. I live quite comfortably. We now want to buy a nice house. True, there are days when not feeling well, but basically all right. I do not concede silly tricks. In the locker room leading a fun, but decent, and the guys do not hurry to tell journalists that I've done. I try to cheer up friends and show by their conduct that they love. "

From Everton Gazza had to leave last winter because of the change coach. The last refuge of a phenomenal player was "Burnley" from the first division.

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Paul Gascoigne, photo, biography
Paul Gascoigne, photo, biography Paul Gascoigne  Footballer, photo, biography
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