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Comments for GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil
Biography GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil
photo GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil
Born 03/08/1922
Country USSR.
Position Striker
Clubs: "Pishevik" Sukhumi (1939), Dinamo Sukhumi (1940-41), Dinamo Tbilisi (1943-61).
In the championships of the USSR: has 341 matches and scored 127 goals.

Great masters are not alone, only in the grateful memory of people they saw on the field. They add something to our knowledge about football, to our perception, affect the future of the game and in the technical sense and moral - in short become a phenomenon. Gogoberidze from this number.

He went out on the field during the seventeen seasons. During this time you can finish the ten-year institution, graduate school, from Pervoklashka not prominent in a knapsack to grow in a researcher. But in Tbilisi "Dinamo" has played all the same Gogoberidze. For me to see Gogoberidze at the stadium was as familiar as Gogoleva at the Maly Theater and the Art Yanshina. Just think, had partners Gogoberidze B. Paichadze, M. Berdzenishvili, D. Dzhedzhelava, who started with Dinamo Tbilisi, and later was at one with 3. Kaloyev, M. Meskhi, W. Yamanidze, D. Chokheli IN. Barkaya, M. Khurtsilava, godivshimisya order to sons. Yes, and seventeen of his seasons, apparently, were not the limit. He appeared in the first post-war championship, when he was 23 years old.

I do not remember that anyone interested in the age Gogoberidze. In 31, 32, 33 years, three championships in a row, he was the first in his club on the number of goals scored, in 37 years was in the "Top 33". Fatal abroad thirties was invented later, I do not know how formalist. Personal myopic zeal, not only offends neither innocent masters, but also detrimental to football, their premature departure deprives the game sometimes subtlety and maturity to her game, we need people who know it inside and out. Parting is inevitable, but it must be zealous of course, not be hasty and rude.

Gogoberidze stand up for those who are thirty-something, spread our ideas about the age limits. It is not looked phenomenal, more appropriate to speak about human culture, clearly knowing what is needed for a good game, who could maneuver his inexhaustible guarantee a training effort and way of life. What Gogoberidze endowed with an internal culture that are easily detectable from the stands. Always discreet, captured by the game, he looked on the field to those who are called educated man. Always, even before the intervention of a judge, he stopped, tried to reassure jittery comrades, although he himself was no less passionate than they are.

. "Our best welterweight, I think Valentine Nikolayev, Nikolay Dementieva, Avtandil Gogoberidze ..." - So he wrote B
. Arkad'ev in his book. All familiar faces, is not it? There were no our Club, led by Gholam casually, but these three, named as an example of theoretical work, flattering assessment made wise coach acquitted. Ibid B. Arkad'ev wrote: "Losing a game oriented towards the gates of the enemy - a dangerous welterweight degeneration that devalues it as an offensive player". Through the Club, we know that the three had not degenerated, its game purpose exercised in full.

As editor, I know what it means to be called B. Arkadieva as an example. Once I asked him in the manuscript of an article to introduce such examples that would illustrate his claim. He replied that he should think. I thought the day. I called and dictated where and how to insert the names. A day later rang again - the one struck, called the Other. Vychityvaya galleys, he sat a long time, weighing his own examples, sighed again, some names removed, has entered a new. "Well, now, it seems, there is no gross errors, one, however, worries me, but he is young, we assume that he was given an advance."

It is impossible to imagine that B. Arkad'ev, a staunch supporter of sound, the perfect interaction, acknowledged "the best welterweight" Gogoberidze only for his personal perfection. There is no doubt, but so it was that he saw in him a football player, reasonably lead the overall game, knowing sense in a tactical draw, respecting forever valued sense of proportion in the ratio of "I" and "we". Not for nothing he had in 1947 invited Gogoberidze with CDKA make a tour of Czechoslovakia, and in 1952 incorporated into the newly created USSR team.

. All this sheds light on Gogoberidze as a player and his club, Dinamo Tbilisi
. For a long time one of the recurring themes of talk was a discussion of why 'of Tbilisi, playing bright, pleasing to all, not to any would get gold medals, not to the Cup. One of the strengths versions were "excessive enthusiasm for an individual game". I took the phrase in quotes, because the quote an excerpt from the printed. So that version was not conversational, backstage, and open, almost official. Not undertake to judge whether this is one reason for acting or influencing others, and that among them. Of Tbilisi for its football talent long ago, from before the war were eligible for the prizes, but most of them have become champions and CDKA and Moscow "Torpedo", and Dynamo Kiev, but they are only in 1964, in its 25-m championship.

. Now, after Dinamo Tbilisi drove a short acquaintance with all the prizes, we are looking for reasons for his failures general, the same as that of the other teams, but not "special"
. The intricacies of the game, referred to as a modern, responsive to at any given, moment of all the requirements of the latest fashion, Tbilisi players and coaches to understand and assimilate. But they went to this really long and hard.

. Gogoberidze, which was the link is not how many generations did, perhaps more than anyone else to smooth "excessive enthusiasm", to ensure that his team has found a sustainable balance in the collective forms
. He insisted this was not in the debates, but how to play. Once his partner, Zaur Kaloyev so put it: "When Gogoberidze was among us, just the soul sang". He was last seen on the field in 1961 and two years later the citizens of Tbilisi congratulated on his victory in the championship.

A handsome man, tall, slim the waist, like a dancer, he was on the field was beautiful. His image is not distorted non-stop, hard football job, which he himself condemned. Perhaps it was also because he voluntarily chose it himself, he loved and was proud that he is able to cope with it. He was a direct forerunner of the current stars of the number of players the middle of the field. He did not know tired of movements, and no attack does not get along without him, he just could not miss her, there's really a matter of honor. The beauty of the movements in football - not an abstract concept, it creates and highlights the wisdom, the appropriateness of what is happening, jerk it, slope, step aside for the blind, jump. Gogoberidze was one of those who are called smart players, and there is no higher praise, football in this sense subordinate to the measurements, clear any of us who undertake to evaluate. Man, get along beautifully, intelligently, with apparent ease, no one glorify himself, but also the business itself. These occur infrequently. Because Gogoberidze and were given pre-empt the game of Tbilisi in the years ahead, become a player-phenomenon.

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GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil, photo, biography
GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil, photo, biography GOGOBERIDZE Avtandil  football player, photo, biography
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