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Alex Grinin

( Footballer)

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Biography Alex Grinin
photo Alex Grinin
Born 28/08/1919
Country USSR.
Clubs: Dinamo M (1938), CDKA (1939-52), Team Kalinin (1952), MVO (1953).
In the championships of the USSR: has 245 matches and scored 80 goals.

He left a strong impression of a man from head to toe. On the field had seen different: with massive legs and torso expressionless and, conversely, with a powerful torso and legs with a rather watery, and even those who do not understand what the soul is kept. Then, however, you get used to that first impression is deceptive, healthy can be unwieldy, but lean all the runs so and so embed the ball under the crossbar as the athlete does not dream. Grinin, with sharp, straight profile of the person, his appearance, his addition is fully justified. Defender, and he could outperform, and rubbed away by his shoulder, and deceive. Deceived, too, in his own way: Apply a crushing blow as if before the time when all the calculations for the faithful were supposed to even come close to the gate. It embodies the danger of a frank, undisguised leap on the right flank, Jerk, guaranteed strength of the body (suneshsya and jumped) and an unshakable confidence in its correctness.

. Grinin did not change the decisions taken, he was eager to direct it to the corner flag, then diagonally to meet with the goalkeeper
. Bill and into the far corner and in the Middle. Master of clear, precise lines: and he filed a corner, and fearlessly approaching the ball when he was throwing from the other flank, he could escape, and in the center - for a change, and a penalty just beat and strong. From football, each of us is free to wait for what was to him more to taste. Grinin suit those impressed by the sturdy, bravado.

It is well known, and we are always convinced that football one little force. There are players who were unable to measure its strength with a pattern combinations, the size of the gate, with the sense of the game. They eternal flights, the ball flies over the line or field, or far behind the player, waiting for transfer. Grinin was happily supplied with some internal counter, knew when and how much to set in motion forces, all had turned out worthwhile.

. In Moscow "Dynamo" in those years at the right edge of the playing Vassily Trofimov, in Tbilisi - Gaioz Dzhedzhelava
. They do not have to come together face to face with Grinin, they are always located at diagonally-opposite-sides of a rectangular field. A competing consistently on the same pieces of lawn - two squat stuntman and a tall, stately Grinin, rejected the zigzags and deceptive wagging. They competed in disputes fans - who is better. Why keep silent, being then a young frequenter 'East', I had side Trofimova. And now, had seen many forwards, our domestic and foreign, their views did not change. But there is an argument, to which unwittingly falls silent: Grinin scored more goals, he is in the Club, and those with whom he was compared, not overstretched. The argument seemed to be arithmetic, and stubborn.

. Many years later, during one of the discussions have been publicly made the statement that looked like a slogan that we should de-head for such forwards as he was Grinin that style of power - our style, so it was and should remain so
. Polemical here I think, reached impasse. Have been rejected not only by foreign models, like the Brazilian Garrincha but at the same time and everything else, than were available at our football. Sam Grinin, I am sure, did not invest in their manner of playing some special significance, would not insist that the only way he was supposed to play, and striker extreme. He played as he handily, in this natural and was its originality, because he was not anyone like that and lets remember it decades later. In football, it attempts to establish mass production of the same players are not just naive, they are dangerous.

Sam Alexey Grinin responsibility for that in vain to mention his name in the ardent dispute can not be. What did not come up with different times of the desire of good football! I remembered about it only in order that, albeit indirectly, to make them understand how the extreme right stood CDKA Grinin that worthy to become something of a reference point in discussions. Mediocrity in such cases do not involve. And finally I will say that the call 'to Grinin' Another reason was strange and frustrating that others like him, we have not been declared.

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Alex Grinin, photo, biography
Alex Grinin, photo, biography Alex Grinin  Footballer, photo, biography
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