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Bruce Grobbelaar

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Bruce Grobbelaar
photo Bruce Grobbelaar
Born November 6, 1957.
Country Zimbabwe
. Position Goalkeeper
. Clubs: Vancouver Uaytkeps "(U.S. Pat, . 1979), . Crewe Alex "(1979/1980, . 24 matches, . 1 goal), . Liverpool (1980/1981-1993/1994, . 440 matches), . Stoke City FC (1992/1993, . 4 matches), . Southampton (1994/1995-1995/1996, . 32 matches), . "Plymouth" (1996/1997, . 36 matches), . "Oldham Athletic" (1997/1998, . 4 matches), . "Bari" (1998/1999, . 1 match), . "Lincoln City" (all England) (1998/1999, . 2 match),
Results in the English league had 543 matches and scored 1 goal.
. Achievements: Winner of the Cup of Champions 1984 (9 matches), . Champions Cup finalist 1985, . Champion of England 1981/82, . 1982/83, . 1983/84, . 1985/86, . 1987/88, . 1989/90, . Winner of the FA Cup 1986, . 1989, . 1992, . League Cup 1982, . 1983, . 1984, . Winner of one of the "record" in Africa a break in the presentations for the national team 9 years (excluding 8 days).,
. According to the IFFHS took 7 th place in the top ten best goalkeepers in Africa

One of the most unusual Goalkeeper English League, virtually all of his football career is associated with one club - 'Liverpool', with it won the European Cup in 1984. In Liverpool in honor of the man named one of the streets. Fans affectionately nicknamed him 'a clown'.

Bruce Grobbelaar was born in 1957 in Southern Rhodesia in the family of a wealthy farmer. When Bruce was 8 years old in the country began a protracted civil war. When Grobbelaar turned 18, he as a sportsman (goalkeeper youth team) called in select special forces battalion, formed on the personal orders of then-President Ian Smith. Paratroopers were reinforced training under the supervision of instructors 'Mossad'. Six months spent Grobberar in punitive raids on guerrilla. He has dozens of lives. As he himself says - he really helped to survive 'Forty ways to murder', which he taught Israeli instructors. Thanks to his father's connections soon the war was over for him - first translated into the capital of Salisbury, then - in South Africa.

However, in South Africa, too, was restless and Grobbelaar moved to America. With football in the U.S. for some time it was finished - Bruce becomes the catcher in the baseball team 'North Adams State College'. Where not enough experience - helped the phenomenal reaction.

But first love is football. Attempt to return was a trip to England, where he offered his services to the club 'West Bromwich', but the leadership of the club rejected the offer of an unknown alien. Other, less well-known clubs, also refused. Agreed to a fourth division club 'Bournemouth'. This was followed by a Canadian 'Vancouver', which at that time played Rudi Krol and Allen Ball. Again, the English 'Crewe Alexandra'. In 1981, the 'Liverpool' began searching for a backup goalkeeper Ray Clemence, who was a goalkeeper.

At first appearance at the stadium newcomer Clemence said: 'You're too old, one year I'll stand in your place'. At the beginning of next season, what happened - Clemens' sold 'Tottenham', and the gates have entrusted to protect the insolent rodeziytsu. After the first season of season tickets sold increased by 20 percent. The match was cut down the crowd to look at the new goalkeeper. And the spectacle was unforgettable! Grobbelaar played the pantomime, portraying a panther, the orangutan, the elephant. It managed to show how gorgeous the game on the line, and the outputs. Having a reliable rear liverpultsy were undeterred.

. In 1984, in the final of European Cup game in 'Liverpool' - 'Roma' were appointed by penalty shoot-out (most of the time 1:1) Grobbelaar despite the importance of the match went to a risky ploy - it is widely parted legs and struck the center of the Italian, . however, . the last time Bruce pushed his feet and parried the ball,
. This was the decisive penalty kick, he brought a victory liverpultsam.

The following year in the final of the European Cup 'Liverpool' met 'Juventus', Grobbelaar was trying to repeat its trick again, but Platini struck exactly. Because clearly the realized penalty 'Juventus' win this tournament. That final went down in history as the 'Battle of Eisele'.

Following six years of isolation Grobbelaar stoically endured, along with his club, having refused all offers. In fact, the end of his career coincided with the arrival of coach Graeme Souness, who did not like the clowning Grobbelaar. When Grobbelaar made a number of mistakes in important games, Souness called it 'awkward closet, which takes place in the dressing room'. Became the main goalkeeper Mike Hooper. However, Bruce was told to, if he refuses to clown - is once again becoming the goalkeeper? 1. Grobbelaar said: 'The man who fought in the jungles of Rhodesia and many times looked death in the eye, can not take seriously the game of soccer. "

. The reason that Grobbelaar's reputation has been undermined - a nine-year process that began in 1994 at the treaty Cup games England
. Specifically they receive bribes from one of the teams. Information on this was published by the newspaper 'San' in November 1994. At the same time Grobbelaar sued in court. Multiple hearings continued until the end of 2002, but to prove that he received bribes (Grobbelaar has admitted) have influenced the outcome of the match failed. The court sentenced Bruce to a fine of one pound and two-thirds of legal costs, which amounted to little more than one million pounds sterling.

. This story, and frankly greased end of his career in the team affected by the fact that not Grobbelaar was among the top 50 goalkeepers of the twentieth century.

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Bruce Grobbelaar, photo, biography
Bruce Grobbelaar, photo, biography Bruce Grobbelaar  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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