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Hull Ruud

( Footballer, midfielder, striker)

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Biography Hull Ruud
photo Hull Ruud
Born September 1, 1962.
Country Netherlands
. Position midfielder, striker
. Clubs: DWS Amsterdam (1978/1979), . Haarlem (1979/1980-1981/1982, . 91 Match, . 32 goals), . Feyenoord Rotterdam (1982/1983-1984/1985, . 85 matches, . 30 goals), . Eindhoven (all Netherlands) (1985/1986-1986/1987, . 68 matches, . 46 goals), . Milan (1987/1988-1992/1993, . August-October 1994, . 125 matches, . 38 goals), . Sampdoria Genoa (both Italy) (1993/1994, . November 1994/1995, . 53 matches, . 24 goals), . Chelsea London (England) (1995/1996-1996/1997, . 43 matches, . 4 goals).,
. In 1996-1997 playing coach of Chelsea (FA Cup winner 1997)
. In 1998-September 1999 - coach of Newcastle United (England)
. Team 1981-1994: 65 matches, 16 goals
. Achievements: 1988 European Champion, . Winner of the Golden Ball European Footballer of 1987, . Champions Cup Winner 1989, . 1990, . European Super Cup 1989, . 1990, . Intercontinental Cup 1989, . 1990, . Champion Holland 1984, . 1986, . 1987, . Champion of Italy 1988, . 1992, . 1993, . Dutch Cup 1984, . Cup Italy 1994, . Super Cup Italy 1992, . 1994, . The best football of Holland 1986, . 1987, . Member of World Cup 1990, . Member of the European Championship 1992,

Ruud Gullit was born on Sept. 1, 1962 in Amsterdam. He - half-breed, the fruit of marriage, mother-and Dutch-Surinamese father, was a real idol of the Netherlands. The history of Dutch football knows the two "golden" generation. First, shines through in the 70-ies, is associated with the name Kruifa. The core of another, whose peak in the second half of the 80's, were Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard. Since childhood, football has become for Ore more than a game, he began his life. Gullit and Rijkaard lived nearby, and played football together at the sites of Amsterdam. "They could hold four games in a row," - says the father of Ore. The future captain of the national team of the Netherlands has always wanted to play against older rivals, allowed the benefit of his information: he was head and shoulders above their peers and ran, almost twice as fast as their. Happened that Ruud received the ball from his door, beat the entire opposing team and scores a goal. At age 15, he defended the honor of the school team of Holland and even then he predicted a brilliant career. But in 16 years Ore ambushed unwanted embarrassment. He rejected at the enrollment Ajax. At the same time it tried to enroll there and Frank Rijkaard. So, Rijkaard took, and Gulita - no! Incredibly, both experienced breeders Ajax managed to see a я?п°п?п°пҐя?п?я?п?, but true. Ruud remembers this episode as follows: "I was told that it would be wise if I started with a more modest team. This more modest team was Amsterdam's "ICE" in which he is in the same 16 years, and debuted.

At 17 Gullit signed a professional contract with the "Haarlem". As a player of this club, he made his debut in the team. It happened on September 1, 1981, that is, the very day of his 19 anniversary. Rival Orange Switzerland has. True, the yield on the field was so far only sporadically, and major player in national team he was three years. Output Gullit on the high road in 1982, when he took to his Feyenoord. This was the season when the club came to the same finish the game his career Johan Cruyff. Perform with him was, according to Gulita, both great pleasure and great opportunity to learn the secrets of mastery. Ruud moved to Rotterdam, which is often presented as a city located in the antagonistic relations with Amsterdam. But, as Gullit said, "I do not feel antagonism, perhaps because it has never been a fan of Ajax. Of the three seasons spent in "Feenorde" best turned out the middle, 1983/1984. Feyenoord made a golden double - and won the championship and Cup of Holland. They are interested in "PSV and Ruud goes into a new club. In "Feenorde" Gullit acted on the position of Libero. And in "PSV" discerned in him the makings of an attacker. Eventually Gullit became perhaps the first in the world pleymekerom. Excellent speed (he ran 100 meters for nearly 10 seconds), a magnificent vision of the field, brilliant technique and extraordinary thinking ore was allowed to become a true leader at first, "PSV", then "Milan" and the Dutch team. He handed out the transfer of its partners, broke the opponent's attacks while chopping in chempionate-1985/1986 of 24 goals, and the next - 22. Both times eyndhoventsy took first place.

From the owners of super clubs most intense interest to him showed Silvio Berlusconi. TV magnate who had just bought a "Milan" and thinking back to it former glory and put it in Gulita amount, which at that time was a record in the world - 10 million. Salaries, too, it was the highest - 2.2 million net per year. This investment money immediately justified itself. Simultaneously Gullitom Berlusconi bought and Rijkaard, but for much less money. So the two friends, Ruud, and Frank, were reunited again. Another acquisition Berlusconi was Marco Van Basten. But his first season at Milan (1987/1988) is almost gone: Due to injury, he played very little. But Gullit led him to the highest level - played, we can say, for two. He single-handedly tore Napoli with Maradona - the current champion of the country (4:1). Following the referendum of 1987, journalists found him the best player in Europe. Milan brought hockey to victory and won his first Scudetto for 10 years. A summer 1988 marked the triumph of "orange" for European championship. Of the final match of the USSR - Holland everything is always a supergol Van Basten. But before the gates Dasaeva struck Gullit, and too cool. As it happened: Erwin Koeman was resuscitated torn attack the Dutch translation of the ball through the entire field from left to right on Van Basten, . one's head in center otpasoval, . where in the liberated zone (defenders left, . making the "offside") ran Gullit and, . vigorously shaking his lion's mane, . thrust ball under the crossbar,
. Until now avoided injury Gulita side. But the fall of 1988, when it seriously damaged his knee, began a protracted band within which Rood permanently operated and treated.

April 19, 1989 AC Milan has one of his most memorable matches, defeating the "Real" - 5:0 in response Cup semi-final of Champions. All Dutch trio - Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard - distinguished by once. But Gullit with sprained sore knee and had to immediately lie down on the table to the surgeon. The operation he underwent on April 21. Before the final match with FC Steaua stayed a month and three days - the term for which was not possible to find condition acceptable for return to the field. However, Gullit found the strength and went out May 24 on the field of Barcelona "Camp Nou". Without getting completely healthy, almost limping, but came. It is strictly forbidden to do so, but he insisted. Steaua was defeated - 4:0. Gullit, as Van Basten made a "double" and played so well that his state of health as something he could not remember. "I have five minutes after the beginning realized that we will win - he said. - We played very well. We really were too brilliant ". This combination - "too brilliant" - has become a boon for journalists, and many newspapers carried it into the headlines. But ignoring the recommendations of the doctors would still auknulos, and immediately. Auknulos nearly a year of wandering in the medical chain of command. From June 1989 till April 1990 On Gullit on the field did not appear, he made two more operations. In Milan no longer believed that it will regain its former strength, and thinking about finding his successor. As such saw Gheorghe Hagi, who was then playing for Real. Match that Gullit has proved that it is too early to bury, became the next Champions Cup final - against Benfica.

The second consecutive time he has managed the day of the main match of the season, being in a disassembled state, to forget their problems and lead the team to victory. AC Milan won - 1:0 by Grandmaster grazing Gulita, which enabled Rijkaard to leave alone. Next was the World Cup in Italy, which showed that one leg pulled down a star on the moral and strong-willed can pull, but the whole tournament - no chance. 'Orange' had to leave the championship without a medal. The next major tournament - Euro 92 - Holland, and Gulitu in particular, managed to gain revenge for 1990 in Germany. Ruud wholly and completely "swallowed" his guardian, Michael Frontseka, and his team won a landslide victory - 3:1. By playing Dutch team was the strongest in the championship, but dropped out of the fight in the semifinals, losing to the Danes a series of penalties in the match, which came up not one but two stars: Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp and Dane Peter Schmeichel. Meanwhile, in Milan was a change of coach - a place Sacchi, who headed the "skvadru Azzurro", took Fabio Capello. And most of all affected by this change Gullit. From the freedom of creativity, which gave him Sacchi, no trace. New coach thrust him into the Procrustean bed of their schemes, forcing him to act on the position of right midfield, where Gullit looked pretty ridiculous. He understood that. In addition, in Milan surged foreign legion - up to six people, provided that the match could vote for only three.

Gullit has been more frequently exposed to the three superfluous, and by the summer of 1993 suddenly became clear that the player has become a burden for the club. He very much wanted to buy the "Bavaria", and Rood initially did not object to this. But shortly before the signing of the Accord, still refused. The whole thing was in his girlfriend Christine Pensions: even spent two days in a house manager for Bayern Uli Hoeness, where the pair was given a royal reception, she led the ore to back down. It Gullit was in Sampdoria. Few expect that this transition would lead to a surge which has turned out as a result. He immediately made it clear that he can do on the field all that he wants. Again Freedom literally inspired Gulita. All season he has inspired, in one breath. Zabil 15 goals, made Sampdoria won the Cup of Italy, and in the final Genoese have left no stone unturned "Ancona" - 6:1. Ore recognized the best player in Serie A for 1994. Sampdoria duty to "Milan" a persistent rivalry for the title, and even briefly ousted him from the top line. This happened after a spectacular duel of two full-time clubs in Genoa, where Sampdoria lost, but thanks to a goal from Gulita at the last minute prevailed - 3:2. Interestingly, this was the first defeat Milan in the series. And for 765 days! Indicative was the reaction of Berlusconi. "Gazzetta dello Sport" on the next day came out with his words in the headline: "I'm sorry, Ruud, I made a blunder:" Before the Bullet "Milan" finally realized that he felt written off giants are able to come out in full splendor. He felt remorse for what wrong with him -. In short, Berlusconi waited with impatience the opening of transfer in the summer season of 1994, to return Gulita. But his decision was rather impulsive. The wishes of one master to see the pearl, put on your finger, was not enough.

Capello was more that needs to be considered. Capello was in the halo of the winner - by the time he won three championships in a row, and it gave him carte blanche. And his attitude to Gulitu not changed. He has already built a game around Boban and Saviд?eviд?. And again had to wait for next transfer season - in November 1994 th. Gullit asked for his favorite Sampdoria - "freedom". And the second time it showed itself in all his glory. In the summer of 1995-th it was followed by an offer from Chelsea. So tempting, do not accept it was impossible. After many years of playing the attacking midfield role, he returned to the place of Liberia, which has mastered in his younger years in "Feenorde". In 1996, playing Chelsea manager Glenn Hoddle left to work in England, and his position entrusted the Gulitu. That first step has initiated the purchase of Gianluca Vialli, and then with the London club won the FA Cup, and in early 1998 unexpectedly left Chelsea, and cited, as reasons why "excessive tiredness from work. Short break, Gullit headed Newcastle, but the case went to the new club matter and Gullit left, left to go back! ...


Rood - musician!

In his youth, Gullit was playing the guitar and even at one time led the rock band - the truth, . far the most popular, . and this is his passion did not last too dolgo.Odnako cause quite different,
. In 1988. Ruud with one another and the same star of the Dutch national team Frank Rijkaard rested after winning the European Championships in Germany. Gullit decided to go on a visit to one of those of his old friend, with whom he once went on stage and who never went to go solo, but not earned her much success. As usual, remember former, from the soul pobrenchali - and went. Ruud and could not imagine that all this is recorded on tape. Cocaine friend immediately realized what profit can be extracted from the record, and soon released a record of not representing any musical value of musical Exercise. The calculation was accurate: the plate, which are sung at the zenith of football glory Gullit and Rijkaard, sold to the cheers, and an enterprising publisher literally get rich. Although the great Dutch players have not received their share, they have shown magnanimity and claims are not presented.

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  • Marco for Hull Ruud
  • "AC Milan won - 1:0 by Grandmaster grazing Gulita, which enabled Rijkaard to leave alone." That pass gave Marco van Basten! Correct the error, pliz!
  • Marco for Hull Ruud
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    Hull Ruud, photo, biography
    Hull Ruud, photo, biography Hull Ruud  Footballer, midfielder, striker, photo, biography
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