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Kazimierz Grski

( Footballer, coach)

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Biography Kazimierz Grski
photo Kazimierz Grski
Born March 2, 1921 in Lvov (then Poland).
Country Poland.

Outstanding coach. Under his leadership, the Polish national team has achieved almost all: she became the champion of OI-72, 3rd prize winner FM-74 and the runner-OI-76. In a pan Kazimierz when he was a footballer playing in the late 30's in the attack Lviv clubs "Charney" and "Dynamo" (territory of Western Ukraine were then part of Poland). From 1945 to 1951, defended the colors of Warsaw "Legii". June 26, 1948 only once played in the national team of Poland (the debut was sverhneudachnym - 0:8 from the national team of Denmark in Copenhagen). Finished playing, coached all the same "Lehi", then the LCS (Lodz). In May 1971 led the national team.

He was called "the eternal optimist and darling of destiny". But the successes of his team came through wise tactics and talent strategy chosen coach, supported by routine work and the ability to use the best quality of players. Olympic success of the Poles for two goals to "mundialya" (victory in the finals of the Hungarian national team - 2:1. That's part of the national team of Poland: Kostka, . Neck, . Szymanowski, . Gorgon, . Ostafinski, . Chmikevich, . Paint, . Dein, . Mashchik, . Szymczak, . Sholtysik, . Kmechik, . Marx, . Lubanski, . Gadoha, . Jarosik, . Lato, . Gout) has not attracted much attention of the world soccer community (for football tournaments in the OI at the time took seriously the only countries of the socialist camp),
. Seriously talking about Poles during the qualifying tournament when they beat England at home and at Wembley thanks to a brilliant play of goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski defended draw. As a result, the World Cup in Germany instead of England went to the Poles.

Team Gursky did not really have weaknesses, it is recognized all professionals. Mentor team managed to raise the most talented generation of footballers in the history of Poland. The most prominent of its representatives, except the goalkeeper, was a central defender Jerzy Gorgon, the dispatcher Kazimierz Dein, captain Wlodzimierz Lubanski and a trio of forwards - Grzegorz Lato, Robert Gadoha and Andrzej Szarmach. The Polish team was young (average age of players was 24 years) and perky, played beautifully and efficiently. After taking the second stage, a place behind the future world champions - West Germany (the fate of vouchers in the finals decided to meet Germans and Poles, which was held at the muddy - and it is an understatement! - From the rain field. Wards Gursky lost its ability to capture the gate Mayer, but Gerd Mueller did not miss), the Polish team in the match for 3rd place team trumped Brazil (1:0).

. After the Olympics-76, where the Polish team lost in the final match of the GDR national team - 1:3, Gursky left the team and switched to a club coaching career
. He has worked with clubs in Greece, Kastoria (Cup countries. 1980), Olympiakos (Greece-81 champion) and AEK. In the 80 years was president of the Football Federation of Poland.

For a huge contribution to the development of football and in honor of the anniversary (80 years), FIFA awarded the Pan Gursky his special award.

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Kazimierz Grski, photo, biography
Kazimierz Grski, photo, biography Kazimierz Grski  Footballer, coach, photo, biography
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