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Dalglish Kenneth

( football player)

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Biography Dalglish Kenneth
photo Dalglish Kenneth
Born March 4, 1951.
Country Scotland.
Position Striker
Clubs: Glasgow United (1967-1969), Kemberlond United (1968), Celtic Glasgow (all Scotland) (1970-1978, 204 matches, 112 goals), Liverpool (1978-1986, 355 games, 118 goals),.
. Titles: Champions Cup 1978, . 1981, . 1984, . Champions Cup finalist 1985, . European Super Cup 1977, . Scottish Champion 1972, . 1973, . 1974, . 1977, . Champion of England 1979, . 1980, . 1982, . 1983, . 1984, . 1986, . Scottish Cup 1972, . 1974, . 1975, . 1977, . Cup England 1986, . English League Cup 1981, . 1982, . 1983, . 1984, . The best footballer in Scotland 1974, . Best footballer England 1978, . 1983, . Member of 1974 FIFA World Cup, . 1978, . 1982, . in 1985-1991 coached Liverpool, . Blackburn Rovers (October 1991-May 1995), . Newcastle United, . Champion of England 1986, . 1988, . 1990, . 1995, . Cup England 1986, . 1989,
Team 1971-1986: Held 102 matches and scored 30 goals.
The first match for the national team: 10 November 1971 against Belgium (1:0).
Last match for the national team: 12 November 1986 against Luxembourg (3:0).

PROTESTANTS among Catholics

If you ask the fans Liverpool, whom he considers the best player in the club of all time, most likely to get the answer: Kenny Dalglish. Before him there was another idol, which all went crazy - Kevin Keegan. And Dalglish to acquire "red" in 1977, just as a replacement Kiganu. Initially thankless task - to replace departed idol. But Dalglish could not just pay off fan-made skepticism, not simply to replace Keegan - he has eclipsed his. And in popularity, and the trophy, with the help of his earned. The number of tournaments in which Dalglish won as a player and as a coach - with Liverpool and before that with Celtic - can not infect. Judge for yourself: only one league titles to his credit 13. And if you want we can count, and 15 (talking about the first two seasons in the big football Dalglish when he was only in isolated cases out on the field). Of the 13 full-length is 10, he won as a football player, 2 - as playing coach of Liverpool (1988.1990) and one - as a mentor Blackburn (1995).

But it was still the rest of the sea - three Cup champions, four Scottish Cup, three FA Cups, a rare series of four consecutive victories in the Carling Cup and so on. Dalglish, incidentally, the only footballer in history, became full, so to speak, a knight in England and in Scotland. That is, and there, and there he won all three major national competitions - Cup, World Cup and Carling Cup.

. In this unprecedented set of trophies involuntarily bewilderment - why Dalglish did not get up in the stories in a row with the brightest luminaries, and is situated some distance
. International fame it really lags far behind that which he acquired in his Britain.

This stems from the very unfortunate statement by the Scottish team at the world championships. And in 1974, and in 1978, and in 1982, when Dalglish was in its composition, it is not passed beyond the first stage, and sometimes not without shame. Negative series has continued to Mundiale 1986, where Alex Ferguson, the then coach of Scots, too, wanted to take the 35-year-old Kenny. But injury prevented.

Partial compensation Dalglish became at once the two records, which he still owns: he held for Scotland the most matches (102) and scored the most goals (30). However, the second record Kenny shares with Denis Law.

. The most glorious page in the team performances Dalglish, perhaps, is the victory over the English at Wembley (2:1) in 1977, allowed the Scots to win is not in Bose The late British Championship
. Kenny scored the winning goal. And this match was characterized by the fact that the "tartan army" - a lot of boisterous Scottish fans - ran on the field of Wembley and scoffed at him savagely, turning, in particular, the gate to a pile of scrap metal.

. The second reason why Kenny did not get beyond the foggy Albion that recognition, which deserved, was long forced isolation Liverpool, caused by events in 1985
. But it's the end of 80 years, the accepted the British view, "red" under the guidance of player-coach Dalglish showed the most powerful football for the club's history. We can only regret that Europe had not seen him.

Dalglish combined a talent and the bombardier, and raspasovschika. But the main feature of his firm, which has become a byword - is his phenomenal ability to secrete the ball housing. Scratch balloon from under his feet was simply impossible. David O'Leary, . which many times had to play against him, . described his manner in the following words: "Kenny so bent over the ball, . so raskoryachival feet and elbows advanced, . that which side to him or come over, . always brought him back ",
. Due to this characteristic Dalglish could indefinitely hold the ball, waiting for the most convenient moment for Paz, and then he would roll his his partner so that could only substitute leg.

. Two super clubs of Glasgow rather harshly on the players chose their own religion: Protestant (unless of course they came to class) was a place only in the Rangers, Catholics - only in the "Celtic"
. Dalglish, as befits a native of the Protestant family, wanted to get in "Jersey". But the trouble is, no one there did not call. Kenny was trying to get to the English club West Ham, Liverpool (!), But also without success. Ironically, were ready to take him only: "Celtic.

Kenny teenager was not easy to force myself to go into the service of those whom he considered "the enemy". It was the whole story, as it signed with the first (as yet non-professional) contract in the summer of 1967. Celtic had sent him to the house of Sean Fallon, assistant to the famous coach of the club by Jock Steen. Fallon arrived at his car, in which sat his wife and three young children. Day for them was special - the anniversary of the wedding, and an exemplary Catholic family had planned to mention it in the Lutheran church. How naive to think Fallon's visit to Dalglish will take minutes of 5-10, no more. How much, in fact, need to put the signature, the more so that everything was for discussion? No such luck. Only three days later, tired, covered with perspiration Fallon last appeared in the doorway. What curse not only showered on him: you are such-and-so, made the children suffer from hunger because of some Protestant. Family holiday was hopelessly frustrated, and instead of a wedding anniversary is not just get a divorce.

But be that as it may, Celtic got Dalglish, and for the sake of cost to suffer. The first two years, Kenny has a farm-club called "Kambernold". In 1969 he returned and was transferred from the students in the professionals. Two years it took him to enter the main part. Turning point in this sense was for him controlling the match with Kilmarnock (7:2) - absolutely ordinary in the preseason, except that Dalglish scored six goals. This waterfall finally persuaded Jock Steen: a guy has matured.

This was the golden age of Celtic, it's time his zenith when he won nine consecutive championship and once (in 1967) climbed to the European Olympus. Dalglish had a hand in the last three World Cup championship of the nine. Especially he failed sezon-72/73, in which he scored a total of 41 goal. In sezone-75/76 he was appointed to the champion, but the year turned out horrible: Steen was almost killed in a car crash, was treated for many months, and Celtic, as a consequence, for the first time in 12 years has not won a major trophy.

. The following season, Steen returned to his duties and returned the club lost ground: were won and the championship and Cup
. But Dalglish had already firmly set sights on care: he felt that this stage of his career has bottomed out. With such a "Celtic" was no longer possible to win on the European scene, and Kenny wanted more.



Summer of 1977, Liverpool was searching for a successor to Kevin Kiganu, . who had just played a major role in the victorious final (3:1) with gladbahskoy Cup champions Borussia, . but it was sold to Hamburg,
. The most suitable candidate was Dalglish. As mentioned above, in due time "red" had a chance to get it for nothing, but missed. Shankly, the great Bill Shankly, excellent breeder, in the case of a rare Dalglish admitted to a mistake, which had to fix his successor, Bob Paisley. But when it is already 440 thousand pounds, which was at that time a record for a British soccer sum. In this regard, the press did not fail to recall that just six years earlier, when the modest "Skentorp" asked Liverpool for Keegan's 35 thousand, Shankly said: "Yes this is robbery in broad daylight!"

. Dalglish immediately reasoned those who poured crocodile tears "Mighty little mouse" Kiganu
. Just seven minutes it took to open an account Gholam for Liverpool in an away match of the first round with Middlesbrough. In the first home he again scored - Newcastle. Then Liverpool played against European Supercup against Hamburg. And here's the whole Otpad - 6:0 at Anfield! In favor of Liverpool, of course. Comparison of "who is a mother of history is valuable," Dalglish or Keegan has issued eloquent nowhere.

Kenny first season at Liverpool crowned his triumphal gate in the bare Club Brugge in the Champions Cup final (1:0). This, as well as 30 killed his balls, finally drew a line under the debate, which of the two superstars better.

. Paisley relegate the post of coach of Liverpool's Joe Feganu, but he stayed on it for long, resigned immediately after the tragic Cup Champions 1985 "Eisele"
. To be the next coach? Management of the club goes on an unusual step: it gives the reins Dalglish, the current player. This was the first such experiment in the history of the club, which hitherto did not know a single player-coach. Moreover, violated the principle of continuity, which at Liverpool for a long time followed by: new coach, became an assistant the previous one.

. Liverpool went on breaking tradition, and again in doubt, whether Dalglish cope with such a serious burden
. The answer he gave no less bright than they were in 1977. "Reds" won the championship, with a golden goal against Chelsea scored by none other than the coach himself, chasing. And after that took precedence over their compatriots from Everton in the cup final - 3:2. Make double or failed Shankly or Paisley, or Feganu. Dalglish, he resigned on the first try! No wonder that when determining the best coach, the other candidates simply did not exist.

Because it got really wise and prudent coach. The money raised from the sale Rush to Juventus, he bought the John Barnes of Watford and Peter Beardsley at Newcastle. Together with previously acquired by John Aldridge got a devastating combination. Liverpool FC repeated the record "Leeds" - 29 consecutive matches without defeat and won a clear advantage chempionat-87/88.


It is often called the darling of fortune. But one thing it can not be accurately recorded in the lucky ones: Dalglish was destined to become an eyewitness of the three biggest tragedies in the history of British football. In 1971, 66 people died in the crush of fans at the derby glazgovianskom. Kenny did not play that day, sitting on a bench and from there watched this whole nightmare. Then there was "Eisel". And then, in 1989, "Hillsborough" with 96 victims. Behavior Dalglish in the days following this tragedy, it was difficult to assess the words. It was as if one was ready to take on all the grief experienced by families of the killed and injured. He and his wife traveled to so many funerals, to as much as was physically possible. He did not leave the hospital where victims were treated, he spent hours, day and night telephone conversation with relatives of the victims, without denying or in a single call. It never did not conduct themselves in such situations, no one football, and already one of the Dalglish would be enough to be treated with great appreciation.

. February 21, 1991, the day after the fabulous cup derby with Everton (4:4), he unexpectedly announced the resignation of
. "I feel that my head is about to burst into pieces," - he said at a press conference.

. Dalgleish later admitted that a few months it will be enough to "recharge batteries" and that he was ready to return in the summer of the same in 1991
. But the post of coach has already taken his old friend Graeme Souness, and he had to stand in the way he thought it tactless. Perhaps nothing Kenny schepetilnichal: as it turned out, Souness has successfully ruined everything he had built.

: We went to the fashion for withholding goods from the location where the legendary players played. If so, then Liverpool's high time to send in a museum "seven" - the number of Keegan and Dalglish. Incidentally, when the summer passed Jari Litmanen at Liverpool, he asked for a seventh number, under which appeared his idol Dalglish. Learning that he was busy, the Finn said: "Well, then give me something that contains the number 7". He was awarded the 37 th.

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Dalglish Kenneth, photo, biography
Dalglish Kenneth, photo, biography Dalglish Kenneth  football player, photo, biography
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