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Demin Vladimir

( Footballer)

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Biography Demin Vladimir
photo Demin Vladimir
Born 10/03/1921
Country USSR.
Clubs: Spartak (1939-43), CDKA (1944-52, 1954), Team Kalinin (1952), MVO (1953).
In the championships of the USSR: has 196 matches and scored 83 goals.

The old football and leave the words. "Beck", "center-Ruff," "Inside" - anachronisms. There are new - "stopper", "Liberia", "midfield player". "Winger" now they say they are still there, but it is difficult to guarantee that persist. Most of the play in the line of attack is now just "forwards", move across the field as it suits them. But the word "kraek not hear. This delicate items especially honored extreme-forwards short, elusive as mercury balls, sturdy as borovichki, masters speed of the ball, which was instructed to tie the attack. Now, sitting at the TV, we are now and again we hear reproaches commentators: "And the flanks, let". Remarks reasonable. No game on the flanks of the gate is formed something like a traffic jam - the movement of sealing, the attacks have become monotone. In a well-organized team on the edge of the field burst alternately midfielders and defenders, becoming for some time extreme forwards. In the old as football, when the staff consisted of five, then four attackers, the flanks are not empty, there always were the master of his craft, including a particularly notable, visitors enjoy the constant sympathy "Regional Committee". Sympathy arose from the paradoxical confrontation: the strong, tall defender assailed with the ball as a kid and would play with his laughter and passed. Such "Regional Committee" were tbilisets G. Dzhedzhelava, kievlyanin AM Goncharenko, Moscow Dynamo Ilyin and V. Trofimov, BA Spartacist Tatushin "Regional Committee", left, and was armeets Vladimir Demin.

. When Demin (football people called him Demoy) led the ball-forward, it is not a cat playing with a mouse, a mouse with a cat
. And people were waiting impatiently when the ball gets to Deme, to enjoy the fight - the seriousness and gravity of which flavor humor, Demin luck, its rolling out, went under the kind of applause. Without the ball he is in comparison with others, be on the field, could not make an impression. Ran last in a chain, a funny fat man. With the ball, he merged. They are two inseparable beads together suddenly developed such speed that it was not clear whether Dema driving the ball or he, too round, rolling, pulling forward.

. With five strikers meant that the extreme as soon as possible send the ball in the middle, bottom or top, and there are effective insider and frontline
. Meanwhile left "kraek" CDKA - Club: scored a hundred goals.

Forwards coach CDKA on a plan B. Arkadieva did not share in the slaughter and to ensure their game significantly deviated from the then dominant standards. Tactical principles of the army in the attack were "changing places in the line of attack" and "game of one-touch". These principles allow the team to play always just quickly, without wasting time in vain, and with constant geometric surprises that caught opponents off guard. The secret of long achievements CDKA was not the only, . that the red shirts were great masters, . but also in, . that the team game was designed with the coach ahead of time, . was in those years, innovative, . and anticipating the future and the future rate of free movement of players,
. Then you could hear: "Lucky Arkadieva. With such players as not to win? ". But I think, . especially now, . when before the eyes of many examples, . as other coaches do absolutely not sought, . having before it the strongest players, . others, . received no better, . thanks to his directing ability to create interesting team, . that the "lucky" then no one Arkadieva, . and players and, . caught under him.,

. Later, the leaders of the army club, apparently guided by the version of "good luck with the players, tried to call under its banners of many, already well-established themselves
. But the team never managed to rise to more acquired under coach Arkadieva.

Demin was a typical "Regional Committee" of those times. But, I am sure, would not take place in the Club, if it had not experienced the beneficial impact of coaching. He was inimitable in obygryshe on the left, gently fold the partners, but he hit the gate on the left, changed locations and provide it in the center and then right, and struck out. So "kraek" it was not simple, was able to slip out from their place, out on the tiles, asking riddles attached to his keepers, in some episodes look forward familiar to us today.

. These different "chicks nest" Arkadieva, they were inseparable, all the while it was clear, came easily
. Outwardly, of course, easily. The clarity and ease loyal external signs of true craftsmanship, and made the five attackers beauty and pride of those years.

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Demin Vladimir, photo, biography
Demin Vladimir, photo, biography Demin Vladimir  Footballer, photo, biography
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