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Dino Zoff

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Dino Zoff
photo Dino Zoff
Born February 28, 1942.
Country Italy.
Position Goalkeeper
Club: Udinese, Mantova, Napoli, Juventus.
. Honors as a player: six-time champion Italy, two-time Cup winner Italy, winner of the UEFA Cup (1976/77), European champion (1968), world champion (1982).
. Achievements as coach: Cup holder Italy, winner of the UEFA Cup (1989 / 90), vice-champion of Europe (2000).
. He was awarded the Golden Order of FIFA

In Italy, more than award-winning goalkeeper than Dino Zoff, simply does not exist. His life was everything: the ups and downs, successes and disappointments. On a gaming career, like Zoff, the dream of many, but to repeat the path of the great Dino nobody has yet managed. February 28, 2002 great goalkeeper is 60 years old.

Now Zoff holds the position of vice president of Lazio, and more rarely can find his name in news reporting of news agencies. Although, it would seem, most recently, his coaching career was in turmoil might.

And it all began with a small town in northern Italy - Mariano del Friuli. There, 28 February 1942 and was born on the future of Italian football legend. Already on the 15-year-old Dino gathered to see many breeders, among whom were representatives of such great clubs like Juventus and Inter. As part of the last visited the famous Giuseppe Meazza, whose name is now named the stadium in Milan. But then the young star of "rejected".

In 19 years Zoff received the first invitation from a professional team. This club became Udinese, where Dino spent only two seasons. The first match in Serie A newcomer team held February 24, 1961 against Fiorentina, and immediately got five goals in their gates. Having played just four match, Zoff in no way able to help your club. The following season, Udinese had to act in Serie B, where Dino's had all the matches in the "basis".

But for a long time to wallow in the second division Dino was not destined. He returned to Serie A in the "Mantova", which later played four seasons. Nothing remarkable in these years in the career of goalkeeper did not happen, unless the departure and return of the team back in the top division. But in my personal life came Zoff fact that deserves special attention: Dino and his darling Anna decided to sanctify their relationship legal marriage.

In 1967, Zoff had to move to AC Milan, but eventually found himself in "Napoli". During the time spent in Naples, in the life of Dino have been many significant events that will soon become history. April 20, 1968 Zoff held the first match of the Italian national team. The debut fell on a European Championship quarterfinal game against Bulgaria, which Skuadra Adeurra defeated with the score 2:0. Then Zoff defended the gate against Italy three more matches, so that his team became European champion. This was the first title of a famous goalkeeper, but not the last. Two years Zoff became a member of the World Cup in Mexico, but to enter the field when he was not destined - gates Italians entire tournament defended Albertozi. After a Napoli five seasons, and having gained silver and bronze medals in Serie A, Dino, in 1972, moved to Juventus. Within three years, the Turin club was trying to get a legendary goalie, and it was later revealed, it is composed of "black and white" Zoff ended his playing career.

. In the first season for Juventus Dino, who at that time, celebrated for 30 years, got his first Scudetto
. Over 11 years of performing in the Old Signoret Zoff six times, became the champion of Italy, has twice won the National Cup and won the UEFA Cup. Interestingly, the Juventus season 1972/73 and 1982/83 before he was., During his stay Zoff "in the box, never fell in Serie A following a third place, what great merit" Super Dino "as they called him in Italy.

. Playing for "Juventus, Zoff visited three more world championships
. In 1974, Dino has already played "a basis". But the Italians did not help, they are not even able to leave the group. At the next World Cup, the 78-m in Argentina, the Italian team took fourth place, but still was severely criticized. And the largest portion was the goalkeeper. Dino Zoff was accused of being slow, was called "old" and "unfit". But the goalie did not get involved in demolition and in 1982 in Spain proved to all that truly is the best. At the age of 40 years, Dino Zoff became world champion. All in all, in world forums, the legend of Italian football has played in 17 games, thus breaking many records. May 29, 1983 "Super Dino" held its final, 112 th game for the national team of Italy, thereby setting a record among Italian soccer players.

Three years after the end of playing career Zoff stepped onto the path of coaching. The first of his "experience" was the youth team, which he led the Olympic Games in Seoul. But go to him there was not destined to: Zoff simply could not refuse the offer to lead Juventus, which spent 11 seasons as a player.

. But coach Juventus "Dino was just two seasons, for which only managed to win the Italian Cup and UEFA Cup
. From him waiting for more ...

The fate Zoff linked with Lazio, when in 1990/91 season, has signed a contract with the Romans. First, the Italian was the head coach, and then moved to the presidency, offered him Sergio Kranotti. During the time spent on the coaching bench, the capital club, Dino managed to bring Lazio in leaders Kalchiev.

July 21, 1998 in a biography Zoff was filled, another page. Italy's record-breaker on the number of played matches for the national team agreed to lead the national team. It happened before the qualifying tournaments on the European Championship 2000. Zoff his team into a European forum, but it is so much criticism that only a morally strong man could stand under such a squall. Protective model, which preferred Zoff manager, many did not like, so during his stay at the helm of the legendary national team goalkeeper managed to amass a lot of opponents. Yet Zoff stubbornly went to his goal, and only circumstances prevented him from becoming the champion of Europe and as a coach. However, even the successful performance of the Italians, have reached the final and gave it a dramatic match of the French, are not spared from criticism Zoff. At this time world and European champion could not resist, and after Silvio Berlusconi, who accused the Dino in the wrong tactics, selected for the finals, left.

. Next was the third place with Lazio in the Italian championship and three games next season, after which Zoff went into shadow, becoming vice-president of the Club of Rome.

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Dino Zoff, photo, biography
Dino Zoff, photo, biography Dino Zoff  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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