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Biography DIDI
photo DIDI
Born October 8, 1928.
Country Brazil.
Position Midfielder
Clubs: 1945-1946 Americano, 1946 Leysoes, 1946-1950 Madureira, 1950-1956 Fluminense, Botafogo 1956-1958, 1958-1960 Real Madrid (Spain), 1960-1962, Botafogo, Sцёo Paulo, 1962-1964.
Achievements: World Champion-1958, 1962.
The first match in the team: April 6, 1952 against Mexico (2:0).
Last match in the national team: June 17, 1962 against Austria (3:1).
Per team has 73 matches and scored 20 goals.


Thanks to this man, the term "dry leaf has become an integral part of football vocabulary. In Brazil, the home of the most exquisite virtuoso ball, and before knew what it was - folha seca. In Europe, this masterpiece first met at the Swedish World Cup 1958. This happened in the semi-final, Brazil - France. At the 39 th minute Didi slowly moved the ball forward, his partners ran helter-skelter, trying to free itself from French defender. Te - for them, confident that now onward transmission. For a moment Didi left alone. And then he, while the gate is 25 meters, struck. The blow seems to be too direct, that he presented a serious threat to the goalkeeper Abbes.

. Abbes lunged toward the ball, but he suddenly seemed to hit the invisible barrier, and changed direction before reaching the astonished keeper, went exactly in the upper left corner
. Observers immediately noticed that Didi gave the ball spinning simultaneously in two planes - horizontal and vertical, and that gave him a flight similar to the flight leaves, raised by the wind.



At the World Championships in 1958 Valdira Pereira, or simply Didi, was named one of the brightest stars in the Brazil
. When they began to determine the best player of the tournament, opinions were divided: some more thrilled Pele, others were fascinated by the skill of Didi. Meanwhile, if the first was only 17 years old, the second - almost 30. It was at that age, he received worldwide recognition. Swedish mundial was not the first in his career. Didi went with the team in 1954 in Switzerland, where the Brazilians do not have earned fame and even more so, have earned the glory of fighting men by staging a brawl involving all players in the quarter finals losing to Hungary (2:4).

. Theoretically, he could take part in the World Cup 1950, which was held in his homeland
. He entered the history of the stadium "Maracana", which was built specially for this championship. June 15, 1950 th most giant planet stadium inaugurated. In honor of a friendly match teams of Rio and Sao Paulo. That's Didi was the author of the first ball, beaten by "Marakane.

And in general he was already a fairly well-known player in his country. He was not lucky "with only color. He still found a period of racial discrimination, which took place in the national soccer in the first half of the twentieth century. The rich and powerful clubs, as a rule, avoided credited to his black boys, though very talented, preferring white. Because of this, Didi spent more energy than whites of his colleagues, to have to break into the elite. Only in the same 1950 he managed to settle in Fluminense.

Against the precepts of

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the game Didi - its slowness. If he had come incognito to arrange even the most unimportant club, he would not have - he simply would not pass the test on high-speed data. Already in the 50 years prescribed canons midfield to cover vast distances from one gate to the other. Zito - another player of the legendary Brazilian national team of the time behind the figures "2" in the scheme of 4-2-4 - was just such a midfielder, speed and endurance. But Didi, who was to him a couple, acted contrary to the canons. He rushed forward and never left far behind. He knew that the fight in the speed he did not win. At times it seemed that he just stands in the middle of the field. But standing (or rather, choose the position) Didi so that all the ball from the defense came to him, but to the attacker - from him. He looked like a spider, which has spread a web.

Of course, the opponents tried to cover up, and keep doing it with all diligence and zeal. But managed badly: for Didi, if he got the ball, obstacles no longer existed. As a rule, having before us a looming opponent, he cut a blow sent the ball on the arc for his partner's back. And the dribble, and stop the ball, and its processing, and transfer over any distance - all Didi served artistically.

Nobody was checking how many times the Brazilian World Cup-58 were killed with transmission Didi. And if you count the amount will be released very solid. No web broadcasts, which wove this wizard would have been unthinkable harmony and understanding in a brilliant performance "selesao". In the Swedish fields Didi brought the embodiment of football wisdom.

In "Real" did not "stick

Immediately after the World Cup-58 it had bought the richest club of the time - Real Madrid. However, proper use of it there is not found, he spent two years on the bench protorchal. Why did it happen? The first reason was the extreme jealousy Di Stefano, who was the unquestioned leader of the team, not tolerate anyone who could make it in this competition, and tried to dispel potential competitors. Of course, to say here and the extraordinary originality Didi. He was one of those who can fully realize their talents only in their native environment.

He is eagerly waiting for "mustering", ie return to Brazil. And it was held in the spring of 1960-th. Real agreed to release him back where he left - in the "Botafogo". Contract Didi was purchased for $ 27 $ 500. "Botafogo" was then a stellar team: leader of the defense it was Nilton Santos, and played in the attack Garrincha, Zagallo and Quarentinha.

. In 1962, the World Cup in Chile, Didi once again showed its highest class, and together with his comrades joined the rank of "bikampeonov" that is two-time champions
. The final match against the Czechs (3:1), he said goodbye to "selesao.


Career Didi player smoothly flowed into a career coach Didi. In 1964 he was invited to work in Peru, in the club Sporting Cristal ". Quite quickly he made him the leader of the national football and the players in your team. That his success is predestined that the leaders of the Peruvian soccer was stopped on its selection as the coach before the start of the qualifying round for the World Cup 1970. He was given broad powers and to prepare the team, and in terms of its configuration. I must say that the Peru team enjoyed while standing very mediocre team, no matter what major is not claimed to. In the qualifying group she was to play with Bolivia and Argentina, and if Bolivians were the same rank with the Peruvians, that the victory over the Argentines did not dare to dream, even optimists.

Didi started its operations sleeves rolled. First, he established a team of disciplined, mindful of the fact that it was she who at one time was the key to great victories against Brazil. Didi was forced to make unpopular among fans of action, dismissed several top players such as captain-defender Campos.

Second point, which should bring up, was pretty bad physical readiness of Peruvian soccer. At that time, teams belonged to the fashionable new regular unit - a physical training instructor. Didi has not remained aloof from the dictates of time.

Activities Didi did not immediately met with understanding from fans. Coaching Corps Peru first saw it in the sidearms. Blaming and newspapers: "Just think, our team coached a stranger!"

The first two friendly matches wards Didi lost (both Brazilians - 1:2 and 2:3). And although the results were more honorable, given that the team was still quite crude, Didi blamed almost treason and made baiting.

. Only iron nerves and quiet nature enabled him to not slip and continue to follow the plan we
. And the results were striking: with Argentines managed to play a draw / away win at home. Peruvians won first place in the group and went to Mexico instead.

There ascent team Peru continued: she sure gets into the quarterfinals, with the Bulgarians won 3:2, giving the course - 0:2. That's where the affected physical training!

Team Didi showed not only great results, but also entertaining, attacking football. Even with the Brazilians in the quarterfinals, he dared to play against his countrymen in an open football. And the Peruvians for a long time, competed with Pele and the company on an equal! Only in the final stages of the match the higher class of Brazil said, and she won - 4:2. Not a "surrender" match or "treason" was not even mentioned. Work Didi the post as coach of Peru was estimated in the most glowing terms, and since then his name in this country is surrounded by a halo of honor and respect. It was the strongest team of all time.

In Argentina, tortured him to death BUREAUCRACY

It would seem that after the success of the Mexican doubt qualifications Didi coach no one could be. Nothing of the sort! After the World Cup in 1970, he accepted the offer of Argentina River Plate. For a short time he revived the team, shook it and brought in the first place in the championship. And suddenly he was told that he has no right to lead a team. The fact is that in Argentina there was a provision that the leadership of premier division clubs could only specialists who have the appropriate certificate. Such a rule was introduced to "improve the professionalism of coaches.

All the arguments of "River Plate", which Didi-de does not need any papers, have not had the federation of. Federation was left indifferent to an honorary degree to which Didi was awarded after the FM-70 for access to the quarterfinals.

. The situation has reached senility: staying actually coach Rivera, he had no right to enter the locker room to the players during the match had to sit in the stands.

. The very least Didi graduated yet some courses and obtained the necessary "ksivu"
. And in Argentina, he also performed at. And here he managed to breathe new life into the musty atmosphere of national football.

Argentine Football Club at the time was a pitiful sight: the overreliance defensive schemes and brutality turned away visitors. Didi promised to remedy the situation and kept his word. His "River" back to the style, raduyuschemu Eyes fan, played open, technical and aggressive. U "Rivera" immediately found followers. Jumped dramatically impact the championship, but for her, and attendance.

After "River Plate" Didi worked with the Turkish Fenerbahce, Saudi Arabia national team and Brazilian "Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro.

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