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Ricardo ZAMORA

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Ricardo ZAMORA
photo Ricardo ZAMORA
Born January 21, 1901
Died 09 п+п¦я-я-п¦ 1978 пЁп+п¦п¦
Country Spain
Position Goalkeeper
Clubs: Espanyol 1915-1919, 1922-1931, 1919-1922 Barcelona, Real Madrid 1931-1936, Nizza "Olimpigue" 1936-1938.
Spain squad 46 games.
Achievements: Champion of Spain 1932.1933 years, Cup Spain 1920, 1929, 1934, 1936, he was, from 1920 to 1936. was the goalkeeper of Spain and held in its composition of 46 games, a silver medalist OI 1920.
Also participated in the OI 1924. and FM 1934.
After football career, switched to coaching.
Coached Atletico Madrid, Madrid, Espanyol, "Vigo", "Malaga", and in 1942 and 1952. and Spain.
Also engage in journalistic activities.

Ricardo was born in a family physician. Parents no doubt that in future he would support a family tradition. However, the choice made nature. Giving Zamora tall (185cm) long, grasping hands, easily, jumping ability and a fantastic response, she identified him a place in the gate. The young man did not resist. He served destined heavens work so efficiently, that soon attracted the attention of coaches Barcelona Hispaniola and was invited to the team. Ricardo was the fifteenth year. At sixteen he had already made his debut as part of Hispaniola, and no where else, but in Madrid, against the very "Real". How was baptism of fire "fledgling" can be judged by the result-4: 0 in favor of "Hispaniola" After three years, took another debut, this time in the national team of Spain. And in a match where a Liability: from Denmark at the Olympics in Anterverpene. As in Madrid, Ricardo newly emerged "unscathed" - 1:0. Much later, in response to a reporter's question about his best match, Zamora said: "Clearly, the match with Denmark at the Olympics in 1920. I defended myself as the devil. On that day, I surpassed himself. I did not think capable of such a game ". Many of those who were lucky enough to see in Zamora, prederzhivalis different opinion. And there were quite a few options. They recalled, for example him play in Budapest with the Hungarian national team, won by the Spaniards with a 1:0. Let's listen to a journalist who wrote a report about the match: "A strong blow from close range Molnar Zamora reflected in an incredible roll, but the ball, hitting his leg in the Spanish defender srikoshetiroval in the opposite corner. No goalkeeper in the world could be in this situation to save the gate. None, except for Zamora. As he was already on the ground, managed to jump up and to re-roll to get that ball, only God knows ... Within a fraction of 90 minutes, goalkeeper Spaniards fought off the incessant attacks of the hosts and did it so artistically, with such brilliance that after the game 40 thousand spectators followed him with a standing ovation.

And how can forget his incredible game in Lisbon against Portugal. Seeing the futility of attempts to take the hosts gate impenetrable Zamora, a judge appointed penaoti. Portuguese striker struck powerfully, in the corner. "Go-o-ol!" - It roared rostrum. Then he settled. The ball fell out of the gate. It is in the hot embrace of the Spanish goalkeeper.

Well, unless you can forget the World Cup quarterfinal match with the future champions - the Italians, and especially all the heroic game Zamora. A broken arm, the goalkeeper of the Spaniards continued to defend himself as a lion, and kept his team a draw. And after the game landed in the hospital. On his courage and dedication certificate, ten fractures of hands and feet. This is the result of the goalie Ricardo Zamora. Could tell more about the match in 1929 against England, the first losers in the continent. A "buried" their Zamora and his brilliant, incredible game. Or a meeting with the Austrians, or ... But everything comes to an end. Coming to an end and the legendary career of a great master. He waited for a chance to go nicely. As a true artist, he zheal leave the scene unnoticed, or not whazzup Lord, get the bird.

And the occasion presented. Fate took care of worthy wires of his chosen. June 21, 1936 a final of the Spanish Cup. Real Madrid CF played with Barcelona. Word of our hero.

"We were 2:1. Remained to play three minutes. And then someone like lightning "shot" from five meters. I pulled into a string at the last moment and hit the ball with his left hand. What was going on in the stands! I like я-п+я-п¦п+п¦п+я-п¦, took the field on his hands. That night I sat in the car and said to myself: good-bye football! Dream come true. I wanted to go to the top of the world ".

However, after that he played a little in France, but in the eyes of the Spaniards of their idol, remained forever triumph. Over time, the names of great men are overgrown with legends. They are passed from generation to generation. An interesting dialogue took place between the two Spanish lad who had never seen Zamora. - He does not miss a single goal - claimed one. - True, - said another. - One goal, he missed. But then shot himself.

Such tales have earned. They can talk only about the people - the legends. Zamora - one of them.

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Ricardo ZAMORA, photo, biography
Ricardo ZAMORA, photo, biography Ricardo ZAMORA  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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