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Uwe Seeler

( football player)

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Biography Uwe Seeler
photo Uwe Seeler
Born Nov. 5, 1936 in Hamburg.
Country Germany.
Position Striker
Height 170 cm
Weight 74 kg
Clubs: Hamburg (1944-72), Cork Celtic (1978).
Team: 72 matches and scored 43 ball.
Honors: Recipient of the highest order of the Federal Republic of Merit, the champion of Germany (1960), Cup Germany (1963), the best football of Germany (1960, 1964, 1970).


The whole life of our hero was associated with football. In recognition Uwe, chasing the ball, he became from that moment, when he learned to run. No wonder, his father - a working port Erkin Seeler was the idol of the townspeople-gamburzhan. He played 57 times for the national team in Hamburg, and also served on the national team of trade unions in Germany. In 1933, the so-called "Working the Olympics" in Vienna, he became the top scorer, scoring 13 goals from 19-year, and a team of Hungary shipped all seven heads of the German. True, the team won Seeler's father could not - in the final the Germans lost to the Austrians - 2:3. In the late 30 Herr Erkin played for Hamburg, fought on the fronts of the Second World War and, according to some information gleaned from the Soviet press, put the head somewhere in Stalingrad. However, in reality Seeler dad lived to a ripe old age, and in the 60 years led the club from the suburbs of Hamburg, Altona, speaking in the second regional league.

Papa's boots for long gathered dust in the closet. The first example of their eldest son Erwin - Dieter, who was older Uwe four years and whose Seeler, Jr. considered his direct teacher. Uwe always like a shadow followed him, carrying a sports bag with the ammunition for training and matches - my brother soon became a player "Hamburg" - and simultaneously studied the science of football. In a heavy post-war period in the war-ravaged Hamburg was difficult to find a place for training, so the 10-year-old Uwe and his comrades, when the fell out a few hours to spare, go with the ball on any vacant lot. But it turned out not very often - to feed his family, Seeler had to quit school and look for jobs in the shipping office. But football still remains the main and favorite pastime Seeler. Although often Uwe had to step on the throat of his own song - to save the only shoes he Razuvaev and stood at the gate. Unknown reliably - with the older brother, Dad, or solicit football scouts independently came to the young talent. But soon the little scorer offered to do in junior school soccer club SV Hamburg, and incidentally to perform utility work on the stadium. And then, and another young player managed full. He scored a few goals in every match, but rest of football affairs, watched over the purity of first team players' uniforms, watering the lawn, cleaned the rostrum, and all the stadium premises.

. This Uwe Seeler football career began in 1953
. In a large football, he entered through a small gate of the international youth tournament in Viareggio, which defended the colors of youth Hamburg. Italian experts immediately drew attention to the fearless youngster, who tirelessly rushed to the gate of rival. Gathering of blowing stage - his performance in the youth national team in the UEFA tournament, held in Liege. There Uwe scored 12 out of 20 heads of Germany's national team (of which three Argentine peers), but, as is the case with his father two decades earlier, the Cup sailed on the team Seeler. At the end of the German team played with the Spaniards 2:2, but was taken into account the total goals scored and goals conceded, which proved to be better at their opponent.


You are the youngest, first try!

Uwe has not turned seventeen, when he was introduced to the main part of the club
. The most conservative estimate, . before his debut in "Hamburg" (August 15, 1953 against the "GцІttingen") in the junior teams of the club Seeler had almost a thousand games and chop 1332 goal! This strong, . thick and stocky guy with blue eyes and hair the color of flax has been extremely assertive footballer! He made his way to the most solid barrier, . completing breakthroughs cannon blows,
. Then he got the nickname "Tank" and "Bulldozer" - for its Tara Reid to the gates of the enemy, for the courage and energy in duel with rivals. For West Germany Seeler opened Josef Gerberger and Fritz Walter. "Zapp Sly Fox" was already trying to find a replacement for the aging, and tolsteyuschego ladyaschego with the sporting regime Helmut Rahn. By the way, not only for him. The then German team had a very experimental composition - people have come and gone, but a great coach groped for new combinations. Zeeper was one of the few who came to the team to stay ... Some believe that Gerberger first drew attention to Dieter, but the mother of the brothers, who attended the first meeting of the coach with his eldest son, exclaimed: "You should certainly start to look at our little brother!".

. Gerberger long watched, monitored, instructing the young man, until, finally, is not invited to a friendly match with France
. In a duel held in Hanover, Seeler had to cross your arms with an experienced and cool player of the French Defense Robert Zhonke. The defeat was impressive - 1:3, but debutant received advance praise from the coach portion: "We lost the match, but found the full forward. It is a ball woven from the muscles, energy and passion, will go far. "

Then at Wembley West Germany ceded to the British, and with the same score, and Seeler was reliably prihvachen two of Bill - Wright and Slater. Note that the only German goal was scored with the transfer of our hero: Seeler away from Billy Wright and katnul ball left extreme team of Germany Beck. And he really beat Staniforta and grassroots blow struck England keeper Williams. Also on the account Seeler one good pass to the left and struck with an acute angle, which is not easily picked up Williams.

Then came the defeat of Italy in Stuttgart (1:2) and from Holland to Dusseldorf (1:2). Defenders Rino Ferrario, and Kees van der Hart, considered in those days, "impassable" and beat them with even and assertive, but straight games, while the usual young forward, was impossible. Uwe never once and failed to score, and Gerberger decided to give him a break. Well, in 18 years can not become a mature and wise football player. This was the stage of career, Uwe, when he saw before him nothing but the gate rival. But very soon, under the guidance of experienced mentors Gunter Mallmann, who worked with the "Hamburg" and Zapp Gerbergera Seeler in the national team played in the present. He learned how to connect to the attack and break from the flanks, become more nimble and flexible, finally began to see the whole field. At the same time in all its glory bloomed its main advantage: the ability to strike with great force and accuracy of the gate, moreover, from any position - sometimes the most incredible positions, often using a dizzying jumps. During these attacks, and called him "Acrobats", his jumping was very impressive!

Uwe tirelessly fought for every ball and never acknowledged himself beaten. With its excellent start-jerk he is always at a fraction of a second faster than the enemy. Besides, . Seeler have had another indispensable virtue: he did not shy from the fight for the ball with the most ferocious guardian! Contrary, . He varied his game well, . that was totally incomprehensible, . that followed in the next moment - feint, . Speed dribbling, . accurate transmission of the partner or sighting shots.,


Although lying, though standing

Soon the name Seeler thundered outside West Germany
. But in 1957, with nearly befallen trouble. From excessive physical activity at Seeler has begun, scientists say language, degeneration of the vertebrae. Football for a few months was prescribed complete rest. Although all ended relatively well, Uwe for this time disastrously gaining weight. Meanwhile, the approaching World Cup, in which West Germany had to defend the championship title. Gerberger at your own risk attracted to the practice football collection. But the first day Seeler has received from his comrades on the offensive team the nickname "fat boy". Uwe is so upset that he packed his bags and went home. To return the fugitive, Gerberger Walter rushed after him, in Hamburg. In the team, he was returned, but a collection of nicknames Seeler supplemented by another one.

. Start-58 World Cup matches held Seeler bad - on account of his two goals in the group matches, but in the semifinal against Sweden he was obviously not enough physics, and in comforting the finals for the third place he had not participated
. But by typing the form, gave two magnificent season. In 1960, his Hamburg became the champion, and Seeler won third place in the referendum "France Football" to determine the best footballer in Europe. He continued to play regularly in the team, but in 1962 in the fields of Chile in the next world championship team Germany played much worse (losing in the quarterfinals of Yugoslavia), than in Sweden, although Seeler again twice distinguished goals ...

. Partner Seeler on team Karl-Heinz Shnelpinger was genuinely shocked by his ability to move toward the goal in the shortest way: "When Uwe rushes to the gate, it seems, no one can keep
. He sees the gate and only the gate. It seems that barring his way the enemy does not exist: it is so easy to bypass. We, the defenders, for his ghosts ". One of the partners Seeler said: "Uwe crush any wall, if he knows that after her rival's gates". Long-term guardian of the gates of Germany's national team and club Borussia (Dortmund) and Eintracht Frankfurt (Frankfurt), Hans Tilkovski argued that even lying on the ground Uwe is no less dangerous than in the upright. "One day - says the goalkeeper - Seeler and I both jumped for the ball riding, collided in the air and fell, but Uwe was able to reach me quickly with his foot to the ball and pushed it into the gate. Over Seeler need eyes and the eyes and especially when you want to play ball with defender. He is an expert on the interception of these goals ". About Seeler said then that he was in life, and on the field all the time in motion, elusive as mercury, and goes straight to the goal, whether it's business career or gates of the enemy.

. In the course of football speeches Seeler the specialty in the production of building materials and served in a large Hamburg firm
. For professional football in Germany was legalized only in 1963, and before that time, "Hamburg tank got in the club miserable twelve pounds a week. In this regard Seeler always said that his position in the business, it is not obliged to football. But his success in a business career certainly would not be so significant, if not the fame, which he established himself as a footballer.


Hamburg forever

In the early 60's Seeler proposed an extremely lucrative contract, . and in the role of the employer acted Inter Milan, . headed Helenio Herrera (Italians offered "Hamburg" half a million marks, . in those days ..,
. Ah, that over time have been!). Seeler was close to that line, but Gerberger, find out about the contacts with "black and blue" club, organized a soccer player position representative of the Adidas brand in the north of Germany. Armed with a counting machine, Seeler quickly came to the conclusion that the meaning of going to Italy there. Then he dialed the phone number Gerbergera and said into the phone just two words: "I'm staying". In the 60's slogan "Owe!" thundered over the stands, even in cases where the match took place without his participation. After refusing to play in the Inter, . and then in the "Real" (royal club seriously thinking about the recruitment of German football, as a successor to the Alfredo Di Stefano) Seeler no longer represented his football career outside of Hamburg and the national team, . where he is forty times the output of the field as captain,
. For a long time Seeler kept record for the number of matches in the final tournament of world championships. Period football speeches Seeler, German football historians have dubbed the "Era Uwe". As in the near future, Beckenbauer, Seeler entered the history of German football, as the famous Captain bundestima. for while it certainly does not look like a refined and sophisticated "Kaiser" Franz, next to which everyone feels distance. Seeler with the worker-peasant manners was "its in the board". He used to call "Our Uwe.

Seeler has always been a model of exemplary athlete. He neither drank nor smoked, conscientious about training sessions - although the Communist party enters (or NSDAP)! His incredible ability to quickly restore power, he explained it was a strict sports regime. Therefore injury dumped him rarely. During his 20-year career he has missed due to various injuries and a half years. Not so much.

But in 1965 his future career again and again just before the World Cup was in doubt because of severe injuries - Achilles tendon rupture. Seeler did not give up! After a highly complex operation to transplant portions of the tendon with healthy feet, the fracture and a long period of rehabilitation he resumed training. Six months later, Uwe already out on the field and in the match with Sweden, scored the decisive goal, which enabled West Germany to book tickets for the trip to England for the final of world championship. And in the matches on the British continent was one of the best - the second place German team to witness. Germany captain approached the 30-year life abroad and lost some speed qualities, managed to rebuild his game, leading to a defenders and freeing up space for rapid jerks midfielder. But at the first opportunity was eager to spearhead. In the famous final against England when the score was 2:3 in extra time Seeler not use a single time haggard-looking West Germany - he reached for the ball after discounts Haller, . and soon the future Sir Hurst made my own hat-trick and finally bury the opponent.,

. In 1970, the 34-year-old Seeler took part in his fourth World Cup
. And only a year ago, he announced the completion of the presentations for the national team, but then changed his mind. And made the most that there is no significant contribution to winning the prize place! Will lose speed and its once (very, very long time) with luxurious hair moved forward in the midfield, . and he coped well with the role of playmaker, . while managing to score goals,
. So, as it did in the quarterfinal match against England, won by the Germans with a 3:2. Shortly before the end of normal time when the score was 1:2 Schnellinger knocked out by the British returned the ball in the penalty area, where was Seeler, seemed securely covered with a Lie. The German stood with his back to the gate of the opponent, but powerfully jumping, managed to send the ball back of the head of an intricate trajectory accurately in the back just nominated from the gate keeper. And Lee, who could not think of such a situation can cause such a good ball, and England keeper Bonetti only carried the ball glances ... David Downing in his book "The best of enemies" on the football confrontation England and Germany, philosophically notes: "16 years in the national team have not been for Seeler gift!. And in extra time will be a decisive blow in the summer of Mueller-blank (after surges Lera).

Note that Uwe was always famous for the ability to score the necessary goals - both in 66-m Spaniards, both in the same 70-m Morocco ... But under the defeat he is usually not signed. Why?

In comforting finale to a large extent thanks to the dedicated game Seeler Germans celebrated the success of the match with Uruguay. The only goal was scored with the direct participation of Captain. Seeler once again outplayed tall guardians and dropped the ball on his head Gerd Mueller (thanks largely to cool transfers his captain Muller with ten goals was the top scorer mundialya), . which in turn threw the ball under attack dismal Wolfgang Overath.,

. But, in the finals of the European Championship in Seeler play and failed
. Only under the curtain of his career he was successful goal in a European championship qualifying match at the gate-68 national team of Yugoslavia (87 th minute after a blow by Uwe became final - 3:1 in favor of Germany). But because of his team did not come out, having failed in the final match to beat visiting team Albania. Seeler in the match did not take part ... A triumph for 72-second, as already stated, occurred after the completion of the era of the great center forward.


More one happy

When it is time to say goodbye to football (the accursed Achilles still tormented by Uwe, . hopes will not give up and hang the boots), . Seeler was, . to put it mildly, . rather secured man,
. Overly cautious and prudent investment of the money earned in homes, garages, petrol stations, land, even in the venture capital sewing shirts multiplied top scorer West Germany 50-60-ies. Now the firm "Uwe Seeler Moden" - a chain of stores, which are actively traded Adidas products - is thriving. We have already seen the material about Oliver Qana that versatile and complete happiness of genius (God is with them, with the spoils of the first hand. Ask Seeler, strongly whether he is now suffering!) - A rare case. It seems that among the German players such condition occurs fairly often - Kang, Beckenbauer, Matthaus ... Literally anyone nor take it!

Here's our hero, who devotes all his spare time to his family - his wife and three daughters Ilke Helle, Frauke and Kerstin (class hat-trick, is not it?) - And never goes against her will. Although parenting Uwe basically did not participate, saying that such work will deal only if a son. Only once Seeler went against their women - 95-m, he agreed to lead as president of his native Hamburg, which is undergoing yet another crisis. For two and a half years Seeler not achieved absolutely nothing. Despite the wildly marked 60 years of Uwe, which walked the entire city, headed by the mayor and all the well-known veterans from the Fritz Walter to "Kaiser" Franz, the team still played so-so. Moreover, in early 1998 against the president and his two companions began an official investigation into the case on tax evasion. Attempts of the authorities did not result in anything criminal, but pretty zaturkanny criticism in the press ( "When Seeler, the president we play on the order of less than Seeler soccer players!") Uwe realized the truth wife and resigned. How sadly notes the official history of Hamburg, "as President Seeler not find an equally loyal and faithful companions, both in the national team". Well, okay, it does not hurt, it had to be - the image of his presidency Seeler virtually no harm, and 65 years of legend, it was noted even more fun than the previous anniversary!

. In general, the grandfather still very even zinger! One immediately comes to mind: a long, long after Seeler (marked game "Hamburg" - team of the world) over the German stadiums sounded "Uwe! Uwe!
. Usually, after another hapless striker not to implement suitable moment. Until now, the German veteran fans remember this fearless striker, . famous for its acrobatics and deadly force by blows from both legs and distressed, . that this striker is now desperately short of the current team of Germany,
. And we add: "... and the entire world football.

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