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Biography Zico
photo Zico
Born March 3, 1953 in Rio de Janeiro
Country Brazil
. Position Striker
. Clubs: Flamengo (Brazil) (1967-1983, 1985-1989, 1047 games, 729 goals), Udinese (Italy) (1983-1985, 40 games, 21 goals), Sumitomo (Japan) (1991-1993), Kashima Antlers (1993/1994).
. In March 1990-April 1991 was the sports minister of Brazil
. Titles: Champion of Brazil 1980, . 1982, . 1983, . 1987, . Champion "league Carioca" 1974, . 1978, . 1979, . 1981, . 1986, . Top scorer 1978 Brazilian championships, . 1979, . 1982, . Copa Libertadores 1981, . Intercontinental Cup 1981, . The best football player in South America 1977, . 1981, . 1982, . The best footballer the world 1983 version of "World soccer", . The best footballer of the Italian League 1984, . Member of the World Championships 1978 (3rd winner), . 1982, . 1986.,
. According to the IFFHS occupies the 7 th best soccer players in South America of the twentieth century
Team 1973-1986: Held 82 matches and scored 68 goals.

Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico). Born March 3, 1953 in Rio de Janeiro. First goal scored in the official game in the nursery school "Flamengo" in 1967. He made his debut in professional team, Flamengo in 1971 and already next season became the champion of Rio de Janeiro. The first match for the national team of Brazil held in 1976 in the framework of the international tournament dedicated to 200 anniversary of the o6razovaniya U.S.. From 1976 till 1989 for the national team played 94 matches, which scored 68 goals. In structure "Flamengo" has 730 matches and scored 508 goals. In 1991 he continued his career football player in Japan, which then worked as a coach.

In football, apparently, one of the king for all time - Pele. Of those brightest talent to it is closer, Zico. Not accidentally called him the White Pele.

Zico first entered the field in the red-black T-shirt "Flamengo" in 14 years. It was, of course, not an adult, and youth team. But in her debutant homely kind of stood out - a few teeth knocked out, . foot wheel, . slouching, . one shoulder higher than the other, . Yes, and the growth of a total 155 cm, with 37 kilograms of weight! Seeing him, . then-coach "FLA" Fleitas Solish said: "boy knows how to play, . but with such a "physics" nothing good will come of it. ",

. Poor Senor Fleitas! He did not know that a verdict of those whom Brazil through the entire decade Adam called the White Pele
. Tom, who is destined to be held in "Flamengo" long 18 seasons and 508 balls to become clogged leading scorer in club history. After hang up his boots king of football, Zico was the most outstanding football player in Brazil. "He could do on the field all" - so succinctly characterize his Didi, the world champion in 1958 and 1962. Indeed, for Zico no secrets on the green lawn. He prudently designed the attack, shoots possessed magical dribbling, scoring goals - left and right, head, chest, shoulder, blows through a. "This is not only hand hammered" - likes to joke a former scorer.

However, naively believing that the football talent Zico - only God's gift. To prove the lady Fleitas, that he was wrong, Arthur worked up a sweat in the gym, building up the muscles. Not every adult could withstand such pressure, but he endure. "He could throw any occupation, go take vitamins and start" swinging "- recalls brother Zico Antunes. As a result of heavy exercise in a year's debut of "Flamengo" (1971) Zico has already weighed 66 pounds and has grown to 172 centimeters. However, defenders, he was never afraid, boldly went to stroke. Maybe that is why even with the youth team latched on to him the nickname Rooster.

Of course, over time Cockerel would add not only in weight. Already in the third after the debut season Zico has won a t-shirt with the number 10, became the champion of the State of Rio de Janeiro and chop for the year, 49 goals, thereby setting the highest achievement in history, "Flamengo". In 1976, the coach of Brazil Brandцёo Oswald invited the leader of "FLA" at an international tournament, dedicated to 200 anniversary of the United States, after which Zico subscribed to the national team.

. Coaches, players, and the whole torsidu bribed in Zico very professional attitude
. He always practiced with abandon, strictly comply with the regime. If he and battered by critics, it was only because of his long regarded player in its field, since most animals, he really hammered on the "Marakane". However, Zico and dispel this myth, when in 1982 he became a member of "Flamengo" champion Brazil and spent several crucial goals in a foreign field, in particular, to make a memorable hat-trick in the semifinal match with the "Guarani" in the city of Campinas.

. But Zico memorable football fans not only bombardirskimi qualities
. Many experts noted his unique vision of the field and the ability to give a precise pass to tens of meters forward. Penalty in his performance - a special theme. When "Flamengo, Brazil's national team, or was entitled to a free-kick from distance in 20 - 22 meters torsida invariably begin to make noise in anticipation of the forthcoming Room, because it was tantamount to a penalty.

. Statisticians estimate that Zico has implemented a career 80 percent penalty designated near the penalty area rivals
. All these goals were the result of hard work in training. When the others went to the locker room, Rooster remained on the field, sometimes making up to a hundred strokes of the standard provisions. "Best example for future generations of Brazilian players and can not be," - says former coach tetrakampeonov Mario Zagalo.

. In the 83-m, where Zico is meeting to go to Udinese, many tried to dissuade him from a trip to Italy, arguing its position that it was better to be the first guy in the village than the last one in the city
. But the White Pele did not hit the face in the dirt already in the debut season, becoming the second from 19 balls after Michel Platini sniper series A.

Two years later he returned to his native Zico "Flamengo, where he had to survive the real drama. In the championship match of the State of Rio de Janeiro defender Bangu "Marcio Nunes struck him a terrible injury, which no longer allow Zico played in full force. "He went to the World Cup in Mexico just because of the love of football. And, of course, because of its persistent nature, "- shows the then Brazil coach Tele Santana. In the preparatory period Zico got up before everybody and clock did not go out of the Gym. In Mexico, he went mostly for the replacement, as well as not fully recovered from injury. Instead of pity, football god has prepared his faithful servant, the sad end. In the quarterfinal match against the French Zico left the field for 20 minutes before the end of normal time, the very first touch the ball dropped into the breach Branco, who was shot down in the penalty area. Penalties, of course, entrusted to beat Zico - master of standards, which only twice in his career when he missed the point of impact with. Alas, Rooster was unable to outwit the Bats, and post-match series of 11-meter Brazil lost.

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Zico, photo, biography
Zico, photo, biography Zico  football player, photo, biography
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