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Oliver Kahn

( Footballer)

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Biography Oliver Kahn
photo Oliver Kahn
Born 15.06.1969g. In football hit by father. Rolf Kahn was not a great player, spent in the Bundesliga all, 11 matches, but became known as the coach of children team "Karlsruhe". It took the first steps and little Oliver. Retiring six children distinguished giant diligence and perseverance. But the biggest force Oli spent to correct the main defect - malocclusion due to advanced jaw, his speech was incomprehensible to others, which led to much ridicule, but gradually he managed to correct diction. Up to 17 years, Oliver played for the youth team. With 18 years of age was admitted to third goalkeeper in the main team, but immediately became the # 2 and sat in the reserves in the main goalkeeper - Alexandra Famully. Nightmare debut a year later - Famulla received a red card and was disqualified for 3 games.

Kahn was the rightful owner of "framework" and in 3 games, put his "record" missing 9 goals and quarreled with fans. Almost was expelled, but was saved by the lack of applicants for backup Famully. Three years of sitting on the bench - the consequences of the series of three games. The next chance to give after a mediocre game Famully a 90 year against Bochum, where he missed the 2 stupid ball and was replaced by a channel, he did not miss your chance, never missing more than one ball, but his team won. Since then, Kahn became the main goalkeeper of the team. From 92 years of his mate was Sergei Kiriakov. In his memoirs the best match Oli held for "Karlsruhe" in the 93/94 season in the UEFA Cup against Valencia, . losing the first game in the away 1:3, . home, . with boldness, . recaptured Kahn, . the Spaniards had not the slightest chance and the "Karlsruhe" won 7:0,
. Consequence of this was the invitation of Qana in recognition of the team and the goalkeeper in Germany. Also in 94 пЁп+п¦я¬ Kahn was invited to the "Bavaria" and signed a contract 1.07.1994. Team with which his name is now synonymous

. With its exuberant disposition Kahn quickly damaged relations with fans earned the nickname: "Gorilla," "Vampire," "Bulldog" and others, and these nicknames give the fans and journalists in the team as it is called Oli (with the accent on first syllable)
. Visitors also Oli disaccustoms of nicknames very original way, when it was called "Gorilla", the fans obkidyvali his bananas, Kang coolly caught one of the bananas, cleaned it and ate it. Paradoxically, . But until recently, Kahn was the most unloved player fans "Bavaria" had contributed to this peculiar behavior on the field: for 90 minutes teammates can hear the entire stock of German profanity, . very tough playing on the outputs (which cost only a blow straight leg Herrlihu), . failure to derive Bulldog from itself - have been bitten Timo Lange and Andreas MцTller,
. Oli was a lot calmer after the marriage with Simone, with whom they met for 14 years and the birth of his daughter Katharina-Maria.

. Deserves respect collection of trophies collected by Kahn in the Bayern:
. Champion Germany 1997, 1999-2000.
. -Cup Germany 1998, 2000.
. League-Cup in Germany 1997-99.
. -Winner of the Champions League 2001.
. UEFA-Cup 1996.
. -Intercontinental Cup 2001.

. In the national team in Germany since 1994
. Was the third number on the FM-94, the second World Cup-98. Forgive me fans Cana, but the first team in the box he was following the voluntary withdrawal Clos, who declared that focuses on the club's career and the statements Andreas KцTpke. Since then, Kahn is synonymous with reliability goalkeeper, stopped one step from the golden ball in 2001. Let's see what will happen in 2002.

. Other titles:
. Vice-champion 2002.
. Party CHE-1996, FM-1998, CHE-2000.
. -Winner of the Silver Ball 2001.
. -The best goalkeeper in Germany last decade.

. Strokes to the Portrait: Kang the only known German goalkeeper, who has not observed downtrodden opponent's ball into the goal, in February 2002 in the match against Energie he tried to fix it
. If you run 6:0 in favor "Bavarian" was assigned a penalty kick in the gates Piplitsy, Kahn struck so clumsily that when Piplitsa caught the ball, he laughed, in spite of 6 goals conceded, and Kahn became an object of derision of the German press for some time. Ended up promising the club's president Franz Beckenbauer that Kahn would not take no for their cause.

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  • Valera for Oliver Kahn
  • here forgot to say that Kahn was the best player in World Cup 2002
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    Oliver Kahn, photo, biography
    Oliver Kahn, photo, biography Oliver Kahn  Footballer, photo, biography
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