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Eric Canton

( Footballer)

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Biography Eric Canton
photo Eric Canton
Eric Cantona was born in Marseille, May 24, 1966. In May 81, he began playing for Auxerre (Auxerre), and for 82 he became the junior national team player French. All 1984, he served in the French army. After that, he was leased by the second division club Martigues, a year later he returned to Auxerre, where he spent the season 86/87. His playing for Auxerre drew attention as the coach of the national team and coach for players under 21 years. 12 - 87, he played the first match for the French team against a team from Germany, Cantona scored a goal, but the French lost 1.2. In 1988, the national team of players under 21 years, Eric wins European Championship. In June 88, he signed a contract with Olympique Marseille (Olympique-Marseille) for the then record in France amount to 3.9 million dollars, it was a transition in his childhood dream team. Shortly thereafter, he was suspended from games for the national team, despite a public apology for the insults to coach Henri Michel (Henri Michel).

Additional difficulties appeared in Eric after a friendly match against Torpedo Moscow (January 89) when he threw in the hearts of his shirt in protest against his replacement. Since then, he was in Marseilles in "limbo" state. It was later leased by the club Girondins-Bordeaux and in July 89 signed a contract with the club Montpellier-Herault. At the end of the season 89/90 years Canton wins with Montpellier, France Cup and then immediately invited into the team under its new coach Michel Platini (Michel Platini). At the end of his stay in Montpellier, he had a fight in the locker room with the assistant team. In the summer of 90, Eric returns to Marseilles and became a significant figure in the star of Olympique. His achievements in the Olympic were suspended for three months (in October 90 years) due to knee ligament injuries. At the end of the season, and having failed to win a place in Marseille on Eric goes to the club Nimes-Olimpique for $ 1.7 million. Being a team captain, Canton is again facing his forehead with football authorities. Being remote from the field, he throws the ball into the judge and then called on the disciplinary committee. The Commission sentenced him to one month suspension, but Eric has increased it to two months, calling the committee members look like idiots. Deciding that had enough, he ripped up his contract with the club in December 91, declared that goes on vacation. Later, he becomes convinced that a good idea to play in England and then starts to negotiate with Sheffield (Sheffield Wednesday). But the leadership of the club, apparently, was reluctant to sign a contract with him without a trial period, after which they parted.

31 +- 92 + Leeds (Leeds United) makes a bold step and sign a contract with Eric. His debut in England on 8 February in a match against Oldham (Oldham), and on 29 February, he scores his first goal against Luton Town. By April, Cantona became the idol of the Leeds fans at matches and they always sang songs in support of. Eric became a cult figure after having helped Leeds to become the champion of England in 92, and scored a hat-trick in the match for the Charity Shield against Liverpool. Surprisingly, firmly taking place in Leeds on and being at the peak of popularity he had 27 ++- 92 years for 1 million goes to Manchester United. His debut came in a friendly match, . the fiftieth anniversary of the legend of the Portuguese Benfica (Benfica) Eusebio (Eusebio), . a debut in the League did not come to the match with Manchester City, . that on December 6, 92 +, . Cantona came to replace, . and Manchester United won 2.1,
. His first goal for United, he held December 19 in the no man's (1-1) game against Chelsea. The arrival of Eric revived team and she won the 92/93 for the first time in 26 years. At that time, Eric became the first player who has consistently won two championships with two different teams. The following season, Manchester United and Cantona once again became champions, and in addition won the League Cup.

In the season 93/94 from 18 balls, he became United's top scorer and scored another 2 penalties in the League Cup final against Chelsea, which Manchester United won 4-0. In the same 94, the Association of Professional Footballers (Profesional Footballers Association) named him Player of the Year in England. Despite this, all the successes of Eric marred his disciplinary action. In the match against Leeds, he spat at fans of the club and received a fine of $ 1000. Being removed in Chemionov League match against Galatasaray (Galatasaray), he called the judge a crook and got into a fight with the Turkish police, after which he was suspended from participating in European competition for 4 games. In the 93/94 season he made anti-record, after having been twice removed within 4 days in the matches against Swindon Town and Arsenal, having pyatimatchevuyu disqualification. The most famous of his escapades occurred 25 +- 95, in a match against Crystal Palace, . in response to a stream of racist chants from the Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons (Matthew Simmons) Cantona jumped over the advertising board and kicked Simons foot,
. This event is filled, the first and not only the headlines of the week. Management Manchester United announced that Eric will be penalized to the maximum amount specified in his contract, and will miss all the matches for the team until the end of the season. Criticism of the Cantons rushed from all sides, journalists, players and commentators believed that only a lifetime disqualification would be appropriate punishment for Eric.

In February, the Commission extended the punishment of the English League and the Frenchman was excommunicated from all matches until September 96, and fined him 10 thousand. FIFA (FIFA), in turn raspostranila this punishment to all international matches, and the French Federation stripped him of his duties captain. In March a court sentenced him to two weeks in prison, but after rumors began that Cantona is not dangerous to society, a judge commuted the sentence in which Eric has 120 hours of community service. Manchester United retained their faith in the lost star and in March 95, requested a new three-year contract to Eric. During his enforced vacation on the French Martinique (Martinique) with his pregnant wife, Cantona attacked a reporter from ITN, which violated the strict French law on privacy. Eric returned to the Club 1 +-- 96 years, in a match against Liverpool he made the pass and the help he kicked the ball, the game ended in a draw 2.2. Cantona will soon regain its former shape and until the end of the season was the team captain.

The victory over Middlesbrough in the last match of the season has made Manchester United the champions, and a few days, Eric as the captain led United to the field in the final match of the League Cup against Liverpool. Goal cantons on 86 minutes brought United a second double in two years and made the Frenchman the first captain-foreigner to win the Cup. In the 95/96 season, Cantona was named the best player in England 'Association football journalists, so he became the second player in United (after J. Besta) since 1968, who won this prestigious award. Despite his game that season, he was not invited to the national team, although many of the persistently demanded. Erected in the rank of genius in England and became a cult player to Old Trafford, in France, he has remained the image of the "bad guy". In the 95/96 season, Cantona had 106 matches, plus one option for replacement, and scored a 53 ball. The next season was marked by the fact that Eric, along with United winning their fourth championship of England. About a week after the end of the season he announced his retirement from football. Since then, he returned with his family to France and went into business not related to football.

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Eric Canton, photo, biography
Eric Canton, photo, biography Eric Canton  Footballer, photo, biography
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