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Juergen Klinsmann

( Footballer)

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Biography Juergen Klinsmann
photo Juergen Klinsmann
Born: July 30, 1964. in Gayzlingene.
Height 184 cm, weight 76 kg.
Hobbies: meeting friends, listening to music.
Favorite clothes: jeans and a sweater
Marital status: married to his long-term girlfriend, American Centerfolds Debbie Hing.
Foreign languages: French, English, Italian, German.
Favorite vacation spot: the United States.
Earned money invested in real estate. Purchase of shares considered a risky.
Favorite car: Volkswagen (Beetle) sample 1967, the Porsche 911.
Excellent playing head. For this ability and received prozvishe skipjack. Cool has hit with both feet.
Throughout their careers had come into conflict with Lothar Matthцєus, because of what I had to leave Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga for which has 65 appearances and scored 31 goals. But the most shocking fact that the Kaiser Franz (Franz Beckenbauer), does not allow to Jurgen Klinsmann farewell match at home!

. He played for the clubs: SK Gingen (1972-1975 gg.), . SK Gayzlingen (1975-1978 gg.), . Stuttgarter Kickers (1978-1984 gg.), . VfB Stuttgart (1984-1989 gg.), . Inter Milan (1989-1992gg.), . Monaco (1992-1994 gg.), . Tottenham Hotspur (1994-1995 gg.), . Bayern Munich (1995-1997 gg.), . Sampdoria Genoa (1997-1998 gg.), . Tottenham Hotspur (1998-1999 gg.),
There are currently lives in Los Angeles (USA).
For Germany's national team has conducted over 100 games, scored about 50 goals! Debut in 1987. in the match against Brazil
. Titles: World Champion 1990, . Vice-champion of Europe in 1992, . European Champion 1996, . Best Footballer of the Year (Germany - 1989, . 1994., . England - 1995), . Cup Winners' Cup as part of Inter in 1991 and Bayern Munich in 1996, . top scorer in the Bundesliga in 1988,
. Silver medalist Cup Winners Cup in 1992 consisting of Monaco and the UEFA Cup in 1989 consisting of Stuttgart. Champion Germany 1984 (Stuttgart).

Young Klinsmann years were associated not only with football, what with the bread. His parents owned a bakery not far from Stuttgart, and although the football talent Jurgen manifested in childhood, his father insisted on the teaching profession baker. It was a kind of insurance in case football career was formed poorly or early end due to injury. Jц?rgen worked for two years at the family business, got up half past three in the morning and "plowed" daily 14 hours. However, he not only learned how to bake buns, but preobrel hobby. And today, when the celebrity guests at home, he did not hesitate, rolls up their sleeves and help parents to bake bread. Before the World Cup-94 he is to everyone's delight the family cap and put on baking in honor of the upcoming event with his own dough for bread, which was wildly popular among buyers. But the profession of baker Jц?rgen did not have to earn a living.

Football brought him enough money to, not needing, to live to a ripe old age. Even in his youth Jurgen Klinsmann was a football sensation. In nine years in one game he scored 16 goals! In four years playing for Gayzlingen - from 10 to 14 years - Jurgen scored 254 goals. Press named him the new Gerd Muller. When the family moved to Stuttgart, he was faced with a choice - to remain in the old team or go to one of the clubs in Stuttgart. Footballer remained true to the old club and even a half years practicing in Gayzlingene, despite the fact that four times a week he had to leave the house. - I wanted to play with friends and could not leave them to their fate, - he recalls. Only in the age of 16 Jurgen finally joined Stuttgarter Kickers. Over the next three years in 61 game football has scored 22 goals. And in 19 years, he moved to Stuttgart. From that moment began his career as a professional football player.

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Juergen Klinsmann, photo, biography
Juergen Klinsmann, photo, biography Juergen Klinsmann  Footballer, photo, biography
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