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Kumalo Ronald

( Footballer defender)

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Biography Kumalo Ronald
photo Kumalo Ronald
Born March 21, 1963 in Zandame (province of North Holland).
. Country: Netherlands.
. Position: Defender.
. Most resulting defender in the history of world football: in 745 official matches scored 252 ball.

. He started playing in the 'Helpmane', Groningen (1968-71), 'GRK Groningen' (1971-79), 'Groningen' (1979).
. Held:
. In the championships of the Netherlands and Spain: 533 games, 193 goals (more)
. In the Dutch Cup: 32 matches, 14 goals
. In the Spanish Cup: 19 matches, 6 goals
. Total national cups: 51 match, 20 goals
. In the international club competitions: 83 games, 25 goals --
. (including in European competition: 81 game, 24 goals)
. Team:
. Dutch team: 78 matches (34 of them - as captain), 14 goals
. Debut in National Team: April 27, 1983 against Sweden (0:3)
. Last match in the team: July 9, 1994 against Brazil (2:3)
. Personal achievements:
. European Champion: 1988
. Champions Cup Winner: 1988, 1992;
. European Supercup: 1992
. Champions League Cup finalist: 1994, Cup Winners' Cup: 1991
. Champion of Holland: 1985, 1987, 1988.1989
. Spain: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
. Dutch Cup winners: 1986, 1988, 1989, the Spanish Cup: 1990; Spanish Supercup: 1991, 1992, 1994
. Best footballer Holland: 1987, 1988

. Ronald Koeman - the owner, perhaps the most devastating attack in the entire football history
. In addition, he - the owner of 'eternal' record of performance among the defenders.


Kumano - one of the most famous football dynasties. Father Martin, founder of the dynasty, played professionally for the Amsterdam 'Blau-Wit'. Blue and white (because translated this name), now non-existent, while performed in strong national division. The summer of 1963, Martin Koeman moved to 'Groningen', also from the club 'eredivizie'. When he made the move to a new habitat, he already had two tiny sons - Ronald, whose age was a matter of months, and Erwin, and a half years older.

. Family Kumans and was chosen Groningen, a city in north-eastern part of the Netherlands, for later life
. Both sons took over his father's love for the leather ball and came to the local club 'Helpman' when the eldest was seven and the youngest five years. Three years later they moved to the rival camp with 'Helpmanom' GRK (stands for the Royal Factory of Groningen). The motif of the transition consisted in the fact that they had a CI of us the ability to play in the winter, because this club has its own room. For the Netherlands, where winters are quite cold, the presence of indoor space - an insignificant factor.
Football genes could not but. Erwin and Ronald absorbed not only the love of the game, but the talent. Thus nature has made them very similar to the face, but everything else - completely different. Erwin different dimensions are not too powerful, it elegantly turned with the ball, prefers to operate the left foot and participate in the creative phase of the game. The younger brother is tucked away his waist in terms of physique, monsters in this Nordic hero. He was right-handed, more relied on the remarkable silushku and used as a bulwark of defense.

. The brothers could not pass 'Groningen' - the most powerful club of the city, especially since their father, once a speaker in its ranks, got there in the position of the second coach
. And if Martin Cumana, he became the high point of career, then his sons obviously going to go much further. That's just the way they quickly dispersed. When Erwin made a proposal 'PSV Eindhoven', Ronald has not had time to debut for the club team home. He played for the youth of the. In every game of his celebrated as the best player, and to transcend age level, he, too, it was not. At the age of 17 he started playing in matches 'eredivizie'. It is interesting that in one of the first such outputs brothers came together against each other. PSV came to visit 'Groningen', which in that season (1980/81) fought for the preservation of places in the elite and desperately in need of glasses. Ronald has played in the day when no matter how inspired and helped 'Groningen' win - 2:0, unwittingly violating brotherly subordination.

. The following season, junior Koeman for the first time shook all for an incredible defender, especially located in the still very green (18 years) age, number of goals - 15
. Since then, Ronald will make this number almost the norm for themselves.

April 27, 1983 coach of the Netherlands Kees Rayvers enabled debut both Kumani simultaneously. Erwin took place in the midline, Ronald - in the center of defense. The first pancake came out lumpy - 'Orange' were vchistuyu replayed in his Utrecht Sweden (0:3). Nevertheless, their positions have not lost brothers. I, . besides, . have an opportunity to feel pride, . that their name was in the record of the Dutch national team's most popular: their father, also said in the 'Orange', . though only once, . April 20, 1964 in Amsterdam, with the Austrians (1:1),


'Golden rain' 1988 th

Speech against Sweden was the first and the last one for Ronald, when he represented the "Groningen"
. Then his path lay in the 'Ajax', which gathered a very promising group of young players. In season 1983/84, Ronald Koeman, playing, as usual, in the back of the line, was third with 9 balls on the impact player on the team after Marco van Basten (23) and Gerald Vanenburg (12).

. Glory of the impact of Cumana, where the incredible power combined with a target (the fruit
. many years of hard training), has spread far
. In 1986, PSV invited him to her, and in 'Eindhoven' he revealed his quality even more completely. Kumani amazingly managed to combine incongruous, seemingly, the role of. As chief of the defensive line, he closed up almost the main scorer. Only Wim Kieft, Dutch national team striker, scored more than its. For three seasons spent in the PSV, Koeman scored in the championship only 51 (!) Ball. With such a master of all trades, PSV did not know the competition, twice in a row, making a golden double. And in 1988, when the club won the Champions Cup, and does double transformed into a hat-trick.

Koeman admitted two consecutive Player of the Year in Holland. Helped him in 'Eindhoven' Eric Gerets and a whole crew of Danes - Jan Heintze, SцTren Lerby, Frank Arnesen and Ivar Nielsen. Headed that team Guus Hiddink.
. Interestingly, at a time when Ronald Koeman won the Champions Cup, Ervin, speaking for the Belgian 'Mechelen', won the parallel trophy - Cup Winners' Cup.

. Like eight years ago, the brothers again came out on the field against each other in the fundamental duel - superkubkovoy
. Ervi well managed upsides for the defeat of the old: on aggregate 'Mechelen' prevailed - 3:2.
. But it was early in the next, in 1989, and then, in 1988, the stunning string of successes Ronald Koeman, it seemed, would last forever
. 'Golden rain' continued at the European Championships, where the red-haired, freckled Roni has proved reliable Liberia (Ervin had acted at the same time, the position of the left hava).


Warrioir, uterevshy nose attacker

In 1989, Ronald came time to try their hand abroad
. Johan Cruyff invited him to 'Barcelona'. Again he was lucky with coach. Like Hiddink, Cruyff, averting Kumani role of free counsel in every way encouraged his raids in the direction of the gate rival. His crowning blow was the notorious and feared for the Spanish goalkeeper.

The first match in Cumana 'example divison' ended badly: September 2, 1989 'Barca' lost 'Valladolid' 0:2. But then he broke out and ended the season with 14 goals in the asset. Only one player team - Julio Salinas - scored more, and then only one ball.
. Catalan 'Dream Team' for four consecutive years did not let go of his hands championship title, . and apex of this golden period - and for 'Barca', . and Cumana personally - was the day May 20, 1992, . when additional time at the London Wembley Cup final champion was defeated by 'Napoli',
. Only and decisive goal against Genoa scored a hit with a penalty kick by Ronald Koeman.

In season 1994/95 the first signs of impending old age football. Increasingly, 32-year-old Roni began to give rivals in speed, more often he had to listen to 'assaults' against Cruyff. The differences between them have continued at the negotiating table - during the debate on the extension of the contract. Cruyff agreed to extend only a year, Ronald (or rather, his father Martin, who became his manager) required at least two. Had failed, Koeman left 'Leopard' and the last two years of his career spent at home in the 'Feyenoord'. He remained true to himself, scoring the last two years 19 goals. Due to its 'iron' constitution, red-haired Dutch Terminator plowing 17 seasons straight, in one breath and with almost no injuries. Only in the 1990/91 season he was forced to miss several weeks because of damage, and it is not very serious.

Koeman brought the number of animals slaughtered in the championships of the Netherlands and Spain to 193. Do you know many strikers who can boast of two hundred or so balls? The whole history of Soviet football has put forward only one such player - Oleg Blokhin. Existing same players showing such performance, throughout the world now be typed no more than a dozen. All of them - forwards, but Koeman was a defender!

His stunning record and will be beaten if, then very slowly. In the list of most precast defense players of all time he rises above all others at a safe distance. Closest to him, Daniel Passarella distinguished 'only' 134 times.
After a career Koeman went on coaching pathway. He started with the role of assistant: helping first mentor 'Orange' Hiddink at the World Cup in France, then Louis Van Galya in 'Barcelona'. In December 1999, the Ronald tired assist, he left the 'Leopard' to the beginning of 2000 to adopt their own 'Vitesse' from Arnhem. Despite the fact that the club faced serious financial difficulties, the work Cumana evaluated only in positive terms. He was found more amenable to coaching than with former partners and Gullitom Rijkaard's team, who stepped on this path before him. This view is only to consolidate after Koeman came in 2001 working in 'Ajax'. He breathed new life into popular Amsterdam club, which runs to win the championship title.

Also very well made in the Champions League.
Contract head coach at Cumana expires in 2004. Rumored 'Barcelona' with the joy she saw him as the head coach, he, like, too, not against:

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Kumalo Ronald, photo, biography
Kumalo Ronald, photo, biography Kumalo Ronald  Footballer defender, photo, biography
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