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LABRUNA Angel Amadeo

( football player)

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Biography LABRUNA Angel Amadeo
photo LABRUNA Angel Amadeo
Born September 26, 1918
. Died Sept. 19, 1983
. Country Argentina
. Position Striker
. Clubs: River Plate (Argentina) (1930-1959, . 515 matches, . 292 goals in the championship, . and all for the club held in 1150 matches and scored 475 goals), . "Rampla Juniors Montevideo (Uruguay) (1960, . 16 matches, . 3 goals), . Rangers Talca (Chile) (1961), . "Club AtlцLtico Platense (Argentina), . Green Gross "(Chile),
. Titles:
. Player
. -9-times champion Argentina
. -Top scorer Argentina 1943, 1945
. South American Champion 1946, 1947, 1955, 1957
. -Member of World Cup 1958.
. Coach
. -Coached clubs of Argentina
. -C "River Plate" was 7-times champion Argentina
. -Copa Libertadores 1986
. -He was the head of the Argentine soccer federation
Team 1942-1958: held 36 matches and scored 17 goals.

Do not go away, not take another nationality, so little known in Europe. He has always been faithful to only one club - "River", even if you had to go away from it. Perhaps no one did for the club so much and did not devote his whole life from birth to death. He was the subject of discussions and on the field and off. Nobody remained indifferent to him, his or loved, or hated.

Angel Amadeo Labruna was born in a family of Italians. His father is not too pleased that his son plays football because he wanted to he followed in his footsteps, and not lose time, gonyaya ball in the yard. I must say, at some point Labruna succumbed and left the mestyachkovoy team that played in 6-th division. But in 1934 he still chose the sport, and even began to earn the first money: to 25 pesos per game in the club 4th Division.

. In fact, in the "River", he began playing by chance: come for the autograph of his idol Bernabe Ferreira, and stayed a long time, because the June 18, 1939 made his debut against Estudyantes "
. During his second appearance on October 15, Labruna scored the first of his 292 goals for the River.

Beginning 40's - the golden years for "Rivera" and for Labruny. The team, which played Moreno, Pedernera, Muц¦oz, Loustau, he was far from the last. Of the 240 heads "Rivera" in this period, 115 in the account Labruny. In general, when he went out on the field all expected that he will score.

Another stroke to the portrait: Labruna - an outspoken admirer of his club and as an ardent opponent of Boca Juniors. He became the top scorer in superklasiko and pinned to the gate "ksenesis" 16 balls. And he used to, going out to play "Bombonere, pinch the nose, showing as it does not matter smacks of the eternal enemy" Rivera ". Fans of "Boka" is also very fond of him.

However, as time went on, had to finish his career Labrune football. He left the River ", koglda he was 41. Two seasons playing in other clubs, and then tried his hand at business, but in all his endeavors failed. "I hoted away from football, but did not realize that football - is life". So Labruna became a coach. And his teams always won: the "Club AtlцLtico Platense" and "Defensores" and "Talleres", and, finally, "River Plate", which he re-taught to win after 18 "black" years. Under his command were Juan Jose Lopez, Reinaldo Merlo and Beto Alonso, the latter received his 10-th number and to some extent his successor.

Angel Labruna died Sept. 19, 1983. His son Omar Labruna works in "River."

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LABRUNA Angel Amadeo, photo, biography
LABRUNA Angel Amadeo, photo, biography LABRUNA Angel Amadeo  football player, photo, biography
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