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LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich

( Football referee)

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Biography LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich
photo LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich
Nikolay Latyshev Gavrilivich - 22/11/1913 - 18/02/1999. Referee FIFA (his first of the Soviet judges awarded the title - 1952), Judge of all-union category (1941). He played for club teams Electrozavod "," Stalinist ", Moscow" Dynamo "- 1932 - 42. As arbitrator in the field in the top league - 1940 - 1963 - has about 200 matches. Seven times tried USSR Cup finals (1947, 1948, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1957 - a record among the arbitrators). Judged matches OI-52 (Hungary - Romania), . OI-56 (Yugoslavia - India, . Bulgaria - India), . FM-58 (Sweden - Mexico, . Wales - Hungary), . FM-62 (Italy - Switzerland, . England - Argentina, . Hungary - Czechoslovakia, . Final - Brazil - Czechoslovakia, . for which he was awarded the "Golden whistle FIFA"),
. Member of the Judicial Committee of FIFA - 1962 - 1984 (with a break), awarded the FIFA Order of Merit (1987). Chairman of the All-Union panel of judges - 1949 - 73 19 / 9 - 83. He taught at the Moscow Institute ctankoctpoitelnom - 1947 - 87, Ph.D., was an assistant professor of the department "Technology of mechanical engineering". Awarded the Labor Red Banner and Honor.

Golden trill Nikolay Latyshev

Gone from the life of Nikolai Latyshev, football referee legend.

"The very beginning of his on the field with the ball in his hands had circulated the audience, instilling confidence. He invigorated deliberately depicting athletic-front pohodochku, and not shy, willing to show himself thus "invisible", as taught by judicial procedure. He walked with a straight back, head high, a man who knows his own worth, as if pre-view of his claiming to hold it fails, all the tricks and pitfalls he knows. This lecture is an experienced teacher, not allowing a single indulge risible, hitroglazym students. And he is met by silence and respect ... "

. So wrote about Nikolai Gavrilovich Latysheva master of football journalism Lev Filatov.

. Once we have recently talked with Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich, . and my question, . happened if he had ever conflicts with Latyshev on the field, . even surprised: "Why are you, . is an intelligent, . only the correct person, . and his authority as a judge was simply undeniable ",
. We remembered we had a funny story he loved to tell myself Latyshev. It was in the romantic days of football when the match Dynamo and the capital of Spartak Moscow judge arbitrator, and no one is not caused not so much a sense of protest, and even doubts about the objectivity of the "man in black". So, Latyshev spent playing these teams, but before the meeting asked Spartacists give him a spare hour in case it suddenly refuses stopwatch. Issued a watch Nicholas Dementieva, not only an excellent player, but a well-known prankster and joker. During the game, "Spartacus" scores a goal, but it will not count Latyshev, fixing offside ". Dementiev, seeing this, ran up to him and with a ferocious air shouting: "Give it time! .." Latyshev laughed heartily, Dementiev after he burst into laughter, too. On that note we parted.

Latyshev - the only judge in the world, which removed from the field of Lev Yashin. I remember that the situation during the final of the Cup of the USSR in 1955 between Dynamo Moscow and CSKA Moscow, who watched over time as a simple fan. CSKA were 2:1, the first half ended, and at this point half of the field Dynamo Latyshev recorded abuse by CSKA Moscow, and forward Vladimir Agapov army continued to move the ball toward the gate Dynamo. Yashin ran to meet him, pointing gestures, that the game is stopped: do not waste time, they say, time ... Agapov, he decided to make a joke or something, pretending that he did not hear a whistle, pushed the ball past Yashin and rushed to the goal line. Yashin enraged, caught up with him and with his hands shoved in the back. And it was then that there was another whistle Nikolai Latyshev, after which he proposed to leave the field Yashin. Then, still no red, no yellow cards were not, and the audience did not immediately understand that Dynamo goalkeeper removed, because immediately ended the first half, and all the players were pulled in the locker room. And only when the team appeared on the field after the break, it became clear that in the Dynamo no Yashin. While replacement is not permitted, and place in the gate took Dynamo midfielder Eugene Baikov. Surprisingly, he was for 45 minutes did not miss a single ball into own goal, and the match and ended with the score 2:1 in favor of CSKA.

. "The next day - later recalled Yashin, - I saw a special issue of the Dynamo" free kick "with a caricature, which I was portrayed in the boxing gloves, and the verses read:" The Cup was supposed to be our
. Yes summed Comrade Yashin ". This issue of the bulletin and this match stand in front of me, as a lesson for life. "

Seven Cup finals of the USSR, far more than any other referee, Nikolai Latyshev held. There was, however, in his life and the eighth finals, which, alas, in the record of the judge was not included: in 1951, the match CSKA - Team Kalinin. There were two army group, and got the upper hand over big-name - 2:1. Kalinin team, however, filed a protest, believing that Latyshev incorrectly identified offside "when she scored the second goal. Today such protests are not something that is not considered, but not accepted. And then ... Film stock has recorded that the judge was right not tallied a goal kalinintsev. But the Minister intervened in the matter of the Armed Forces of the USSR, Marshal Vasilevsky, because both teams were military. His highest recommendation to re-play the match of the USSR Sports Committee granted, and a second game already tried another arbitrator. A match, incidentally, ended with the same score - 2:1 in favor of CSKA.

Had a Latysheva another rare case in practice. On the 67 th minute of the national championship in 1961 between Dinamo Tbilisi and Yerevan "Spartacus" when the score was 3:1 in favor of the guests, he stopped the game after it flew from the stands on the field as we love to talk about foreign objects. The audience thought that at one point the ball crossed the goal line, Yerevan, and Latyshev take the opposite view. Bureau of the Football Federation of USSR admitted his actions right and credited Dinamo Tbilisi defeat.

. Nikolay Latyshev met the future president of FIFA Stanley Rose in 1945 during a tour of the Moscow Dynamo in Britain, where he was general secretary of the English Football Association and FIFA judge with experience
. Latysheva then appointed to judge the match Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow. Mikhail I. Yakushin, to train at that time, Dinamo, told me with a laugh, like Rose, inviting him and Latyshev, showed in practice, as is customary in England to combat, in particular, the shocks are allowed and which are not. Rose said Yakushin, I thought for sure that we do not know the rules, but soon realized that it is not.

Latyshev, meanwhile successfully held a match Arsenal - Dynamo, which took place in thick fog and brought victory to our players - 4:3. Rose praised his skill and remember. In any case, the apex of the judicial career Latysheva comes at a time when FIFA was headed by Stanley Rose. It is, of course, about refereeing the World Cup finals in 1962 between the national teams of Brazil and Czechoslovakia.

The Brazilians then won 3:1, the second time in a row became champions of the world, and Nikolai Latyshev was awarded the "Golden Whistle". After the meeting masseur Brazilians traditionally stole the ball, which took place match, and Latyshev consolation was presented with another - with the signatures of world champions. Judging him rated highly, Czechoslovak fans, however, believed that in one episode, he could and help their team by appointing a 11-meter at the gate of Brazilians. Same Nikita Simonyan says, . they are all together back from Chile and during landing in Prague on local customs and border guards with some reproach, saying: "Comrade Latyshev, . How can this be? "means: we, . Mol, . Friends of the socialist camp, . and could take this into account,
. Sam Simonian, who watched the finale, believes that Latvians had his impeccable. No any claims he was not expressed.

Here I found the book of the famous Czechoslovakian footballer Josef Masopust, who opened an account in the final with the Brazilians. Here's what he said about the episode: "When you run 1:2 Jelinek strong beats, and the ball reflects the hand Djalma Santos, standing in the penalty area. Brazilian defenders for a moment, and we shouted: "Hand!" But the Soviet arbitrator Latyshev showed that we continue to play ( "The classic case: not found a hand ball and the ball - hand. - Said to me many years later Latyshev, answering the question, what happened in Chile. - OK). Evening at a banquet Swiss referee Dienst with a conspiratorial views leaned towards me and said: "Latyshev, holding his hand on his neck. This meant that, in his opinion, Latyshev us "strangled."

Gottfried Dienst was one of those who claimed to officiate the final in 1962. At the next World Cup in England, he has still his, . and then the finale was marked by scandal: in the additional time when the score was 2:2 Dienst, after consultation with Tofik Bakhramov, . skillfully transferring all the responsibility on him, . credited the third ball of the British in the gate West Germany, . which still causes controversy,
. Recently, with the help of modern technology have proved even that that goal was not. Apparently, Dienst was experienced schemer. In 1968 he judged the final match of the European Championships in Rome between the national teams of Italy and Yugoslavia. The game ended in a draw - 1:1. Dienst openly criticized the fact that he was tried by the Italians, for which he was removed from the replay, in which the hosts won 2:0.

Never and no one could bring a claim of bias Latyshev. This is the case when such could not be, because this could be never.

Nicholas Gavrilovich many years was a member of the judiciary committee of FIFA. He was respected throughout the world. It so happened that he wrote a report for the "Football" on the world championship semi-final match in 1966 between West Germany and the Soviet Union, losing our team - 1:2. After that game in the media unfolded in our campaign against the Italian judge Lobello, who blamed all mortal sins, in particular, in the unjust removal from the field Chislenko. Yet Latyshev in that report is already written about this episode is: "Just before the break, Judge Lobello removed from the field Chislenko, who lost the duel, deliberately struck in the leg Held, moreover, at a time when he was without the ball. The other decision the judge, of course, could not accept ". They say that after reading this, one of the assistants Brezhnev said: "And if the Soviet people Latyshev?" Nicholas Gavrilovich had to endure after this many unpleasant days.

. Nikolay Latyshev was a model of a football judge, a knight without fear and reproach
. In a recent interview he said: "We, the judges, the confidence, which now seems hopelessly lost)."

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LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich, photo, biography
LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich, photo, biography LATVIANS Nicholas Gavrilovich  Football referee, photo, biography
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