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Michael Laudrup

( football player)

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Biography Michael Laudrup
photo Michael Laudrup
Born June 15, 1964.
Country Denmark
. Position Striker
. Clubs: Brondby (Denmark) (1974-1980, . 1981-1983), . KB Copenhagen (Denmark) (1980-1981), . Lazio (Italy) (1983-1985), . Juventus (Italy) (1985-1989), . Barcelona (Spain) (1989-1994), . Real Madrid (Spain) (1994-1996), . Vissel Kobe (Japan) (1997), . Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands) (1997-1998, . 21 games, . 11 goals),
. Titles: Winner of the Champions League 1992, . European Super Cup 1992, . UEFA Cup 1985, . Intercontinental Cup 1985, . Cup Winners' Cup Finalist 1991, . Champion of Italy 1986, . Champion of Spain 1991-1995, . Champion Holland 1998, . Cup of Spain 1990, . Dutch Cup 1998, . The best footballer of Denmark 1982, . 1985, . The best footballer of Spain 1990, . Member of 1986 FIFA World Cup, . 1998, . 1984 European Championship semi-finalist,
Team 1982-1998: Held 104 matches and scored 37 goals.


Family Laudrup is much like a family Kumans, . whose head was at one time quite famous (in the national framework), football player, he produced the two sons, . managed to achieve in this field even more, . international fame,
. Founder football dynasty Laudrup - Finn Laudrup - attacking midfielder plan; 60-70-ies he played 22 times for the national team of Denmark. Michael's mother and Brian, too, was not alien to sport: it defended the honor of the country in handball. The eldest son, Michael, was born, when the Finn was only 19 years old. Junior - five years later, while abroad in Vienna: while Finn played for the local "Wiener Shportklub.

. The analogy with Kumani has its continuation: Michael Laudrup began his journey in the big football with the club BrTndby IF, who led, hang up his boots, his father
. And then Finn Laudrup became a counselor of his son and, . can say, . his manager, . benefit pretty soon almost all the rich European clubs thirst to get Michael to his, . and suggestions made wise by experience of a loved one have been very even way.,

. At BrTndby "Michael came in 14 years, when the club was not even a trace of the reputation he acquired in the 80-ies
. In 1980 he rented "Copenhagen", then returned to BrTndby IF, where at age 17 became the main player of. In the 18 th anniversary of his birth, June 15, 1982, Michael made his debut in the national team and scored the only goal of the Danes lost the match against Norway (1:2).



In those days, when Michael came into the national team in the world press dubbed him "the Danish phenomenon"
. The Danes, who had previously occupied, as a rule, the last or next to last place in the qualifying groups, World and European championships, suddenly ahead of everyone, including the British, in the cycle for the Euro-84. "Pioneers of football" had been defeated at home 1:0, and the outcome of this fight predetermined birth sensation: at the final tournament in France instead of the team went to England national team of Denmark.

. The team, . led by the German Sepp Piontek, . played a highly technical and physically well prepared players - Simonsen, . Lerby, . Arnesen, . Jesper Olsen, . Elkyaer: But the most talked about Michael Laudrup, . who in his 19 years of a bright meteor flashed on the European scene,
. In the first seven games for the national team he scored nine goals. After that (passed the summer of 1983) phone in the house was torn Laudrup calls from scouts and breeders. Father and son, on reflection, opted for Juventus. But because of the "Bianconeri had already been the star, the young man was sent to a two-year rent in Lazio.

At the Euro-84, the Danes saw the main rivals of the French in the fight for European title. Until they reach the final was not destined to - prevent the failure of post-match penalties in the game with Spain, but the general expectations are not deceived. Denmark squad sample mid 80-ies, professing entertaining, attacking football, went down in history as one of the most exciting teams that have ever appeared on the football horizon.

From Danes waited feats at the World Cup-86. And at first they confirmed the predictions, . won all three matches in the group and especially pleased by his playing in the match with Uruguay (6:1), . which became the personal benefit performance Laudrup, . make three helps and zabivshego one goal after a beautiful solo passage,
. Mikael so often and with such apparent ease could proparyvat alone defend the Uruguayans that rival seemed weakling, it is unclear as to the fallen mundial. Meanwhile, it probably was not the case: in the three remaining games, championship Uruguay missed all three goals, an average of one per game.

. And then Denmark itself wrecked by the Spaniards (1:5), once again surprised everyone, but now with a minus sign
. Probably not without its pernicious influence of the Mexican heat, but be that as it may, Laudrup and the company had a very early build veshchichki - after 1 / 8 finals.

The next major tournament Euro-88, we have seen the agony of a great team. Laudrup was the only one out of all the famous Danish galaxy, who was in his prime. All the other "grown old and long past its peak.

A similar process, incidentally, at the same time and held at Juventus, where Laudrup was suddenly alone after a brilliant master gone, headed by Michel Platini. He failed to become the leader of a new generation of "Old Siniora," and was sold in 1989 in Barcelona.


Is no accident, he hit it in the "Bars". It has already worked as Johan Cruyff, who saw in Laudrup, is striking in its elegance and absolute vision of the field, a kind of continuation of himself. Michael was replaced in the blue-garnet favorite local public and Gary Lineker was one of the cornerstones created Cruyff "Dream Team". Performing team manager features, Laudrup word to the wise maneuvers Chiki Begiristain and Hristo Stoichkova. They say that it struck a chord with caustic remarks are addressed to him. Michael supported Briand, and in 1990 the brothers said that until MTller-Nielsen is in power, their feet in the team will not.

A year later, Brian changed his mind and returned. He decided that this kind of conflict - not a reason to resign ourselves to the best years in voluntary isolation. Elder brother continued to persist. He failed to convince even as Denmark suddenly, two weeks before the Euro-92, was among the finalists, which was by the way it was taken away from Yugoslavia.

. What happened next, you know very well: time unyavshy pride Bryant was crowned with the laurels of the winner, and Michael, who could all together in the warm rays of the glorious victory, he was biting his elbows with anger
. In the end, and he, too, gave up and went with Moeller-Nielsen on the world. His return was held in 1993 in the world championship qualifying match with Lithuania.

However, the laurels Mikael enough in the "Barcelona". Not only that Cruyff made out of Barcelona's most spectacular and powerful attacking team in the world, so it is also terribly unlucky. Of the four consecutive league titles (1991-94), three "Bars" inherited "to little fool" - at the expense of competitors misfires (twice it was a "Real" and once Deportivo La Coruna) at the very last day. In 1992, Catalonia in the first and so far last time, won the Champions Cup. Sezon-91/92 Laudrup generally played at a level that some in Spain have long not seen. If he played at the Euro, "Golden Ball" as if it would. (However, even without the euro, he still pulled on the prize, and all wondered why he was then again given Van Basten).

Everything was going fine until the "Barcelona" shining victuals three superstars - Laudrup, Koeman and Stoichkov. Problems began in sezone-93/94, when in addition to them bought Romario. Four of them have become closely, because the rules on the field at the same time could be only three legionary. And yet each of the four deserved place in the "basis".

What? Cruyff in order not to offend anyone, put into effect the principle of rotation: Legionnaires were allowed in the reserve at a time. Winter Laudrup missed a month because of injury, and when recovered, began to notice that the coach lets him much more often than would be expected to do, guided by this principle. Began resentment, recriminations. Michael argued that a player of his level should not be stuck in the reserve, and was, of course, human. Johan said in response (and, apparently, not without reason) that Laudrup nedorabatyvaet. (A few years later in an interview Cruyff was asked: why in our time do not appear on players level of Pele, . Beckenbauer and his own? The Dutchman gave an interesting answer: the greatest, . Mol, . only appear in the "hungry" times, . the "fed" as they can not expect,
. Only the need to tear the veins, providing themselves and their families with dignity, forcing people to mobilize all its capabilities. When this is not necessary when the next lot of temptations - he is not able to exhaustively realize themselves. And it Laudrup he therefore gave the example of. None of the players the past two decades, said Johan, did not have such enormous potential, as Michael, and he was born 20 years earlier, of him they would have Cruyff. But what to do? Laudrup was not lucky with the time.)

Michael was offended and left. Even a letter signed by 20 thousand fans of "Barcelona", he was not deterred. And he is not just left, and went to the "Real", that is gone over to the camp of the main enemy. This in Catalonia, as you know, do not forgive. Luis Figo here presented heinous grabber. And Laudrup when he first arrived at "Camp Nou" in the white form of "Real", hundreds of thousands greeted the stadium chanting "Judas!" Judas! "

It was better not to irritate. In Madrid "superklasiko" Michael has played so enthusiastically that "Transformers" crushed "Bars" 5:0, taking revenge for their defeat at the same time a year ago exactly the same score. And in general sezon-94/95 was by the amazing Michael. Laudrup returned to its highest level and was the author of a good half assists the Royal Club, which with such a leader finally broke the hegemony of the "Barca" and won the title. For a Dane it was the fifth title in a row, and he became co-owner of record, which established several players, Real Madrid, led by Butragueo and Michel in the years 1986-90, when the Madrid continuously for five years, won the league.

. Ended with the Spanish part of the career Laudrup fact that it chose the best legionnaire championship for the past quarter century
. After that he played only two years - went on a business trip to Japan (many were surprised, . when he accepted the offer "Vissel Kobe (second division), . Laudrup but hinted, . there he took away more than a large sum), . and finally became the champion of the Netherlands Ajax,
. Goodbye to a great football World Cup, Michael France. Farewell "performance" was a success: perhaps never duo brothers Laudrup not be combined so great as to mundiale-98. Denmark, under their leadership became a quarterfinalist.


M & M

Immediately after the Euro-2000, . where, . is known, . Danes failed, . losing all three matches with a total difference of 0-8, . Michael Laudrup returned to the team as an assistant coach - Morten Olsen,
. Couple, . which is called M & M, . had long experience working together in various capacities, . always Olsen, . which for a dozen years older than, . predominate in the duet: he was a captain in the team, . when they played together for her, . and coach Laudrup in Ajax.,

. By signing the contract, Michael said that he and Morton - a special understanding and that they both share the same idea of attacking football
. "I could calmly wait for a year or two or three, but such work does not offer twice, and I thought to myself: now or never" - he said.

. Qualifying 2002 World Cup M & M went brilliantly: a team of Denmark took first place in the group, ahead of strong Czechs
. Simultaneously with the end Mundialya Laudrup have come to an end the current contract with the team, and he recently announced that it will not renew, even though he was invited to stay for one more cycle. What he will do next, he does not know yet, but Olsen regretted its decision to.

In May of 2001, three years after Laudrup left Ajax, in this club scandal. Tax Administration found that two of the players wages are paid under the guise of compensatory transfer payments, are not taxed, resulting in the state treasury was underpaid about two million dollars.

. These two were Shota Arveladze and Michael Laudrup
. Both of them bought the club in 1997. Shota and Archil his brother and CFO Ajax Maarten Oldenhof were arrested and questioned. Laudrup avoid this, because he was in Denmark, to prepare for qualifying games with the Czech Republic and Malta. Any he denies his guilt: "In fact, as my agents make transfer deals, no one knows me a lot, - said Michael .- This includes the agreement between Vissel" and "Ajax". But I personally have nothing to hide, my conscience is clear.

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