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Gary Winston Lineker

( football player)

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Biography Gary Winston Lineker
photo Gary Winston Lineker
Born November 30, 1960 in Lekshestere (England).
Country England.
Position forward (started out as a right edge, but in the first season turned into a pure center forward-scorer).
. Height 177 cm
. Weight 74 kg
. Club career:
. Leicester: November 1979 - July 1985, 187 games, 95 goals
. Everton: July 1985 - July 1986, bought for 800 000 pounds, 41 match, 30 goals,
. Barcelona: July 1986 - July 1989, bought for 2 500 000 pounds, 99 games, 44 goals,
. Tottenham Hotspur: July 1989 - July 1992, bought for 1 200 000 pounds, 105 games, 67 goals
. Nagoya Grampus Eight: July 1992 - 1994, bought for 900 000 pounds,
. He graduated from a career because of multiple injuries
England squad: 80 matches, 48 goals (1984 - 1992)
. Member CHE-88, FM-86 (5 games, 6 goals), FM-90 (7 games, 4 goals), CHE-92
. Titles: best football of England - 1986, 1991, top scorer FM-86 - the golden boot winner, winner of the Spanish Cup - 1988, Cup Winners Cup - 1989, winner of the FA Cup - 1991

"I am a modest, humble, modest, shy through, I like a homeless dog that cast out, cut and cast. That I from the top and right up to the most toe. This is all the girlfriends in the district say.

For me there is only one England team - the team Bobby Robson, the team of my childhood ... Team legendary keeper Peter Shilton and a great captain Bryan Robson, Team Psycho and Gazza, John Barnes' team I was Chris Waddle. Team of Gary Lineker - the last hero of the last British England ... I stayed in a rosy childhood, when Gary was opening and one of the legends FM-86. Then, for me, football was interrupted in Kiev Dynamo team and the Union, which, in principle, was the same Kiev 'Dynamo'. FIFA World Cup in Mexico - my children's tears: 'My God - I thought - what about our great guys managed to lose some Belgians? " I at that time and something this country did not know. "

Bobby Robson's England squad ... Team, . play traditional British football and at the same time meets all the requirements of modern football: athleticism, . speed, . attack flanks, . priority transmission length when deploying attack actions and, . course, . spirit, . spirit of severe male fight until the last minute 'struggling',
. Ivica Osim, coach of Yugoslavia World Cup 90: "Bobby Robson has prepared the team, which showed the combination, attractive, tempo football, while maintaining fidelity to the traditional British style - forceful and uncompromising '. And Gary Lineker personified his playing all of these features: beautifully played the head, the situation could be like a typical British Center attack - rammed and yurkim, maneuver forward, able to slip through the most dense screens of the enemy. Had a good speed, like a jerk get rid of a guardian to enter the space and break the gate. Not shied away from routine work and. Gary was an excellent generalist, slinging itself apart from the work of the bombardier and functions raspasovschika. In a manner reminiscent of the great game of Gary Bomber der Nation, Gerd Muller, the forward, who with his play reflected all the salt, all the pragmatism of the attacker: 'It does not matter, as has been hammered the ball, though, I'm sorry, rear end. If only he crossed the goal line '. No vypendrezha no game on the public. Indeed, in the end, the current public requires only the result, the victorious outcome, held him balls. So, the vast majority of goals scored or Gary after a successful game in advance, or on the finishing. Something that helps a flair for Lineker was excellent.

Gary Lineker ... A true gentleman both on the football field, and beyond. Bobby Charlton 80. Gary did not spend time talking to the arbitrator for clarification of relations with the enemy. He cherished every minute of the match, afraid to spend it in the empty, no decisive arguments. He silently walked forward and scored, scored, scored ... At the same time, Gary was not a 'dancer', he could play in the fight for the ball hard, but always correctly. Last Hero last British England. And no one surprising that it was Gary, along with Bobby Robson received the prize Fair PLAY for his team's World Cup-90. And in 1991, FIFA awarded the individual prize Lineker 'Fair Play'. In everyday life, Gary is a simple, humble guy, a faithful husband and loving father. And great producers. Humility - one of the distinguishing features Lineker. Becoming a superstar and a legend of football, Gary genuinely surprised when he said this: 'I, of course, very difficult to see a legend, especially in companies with Pele and Maradona'. Born on this humble November 30, 1960 in a modest English city of Leicester, in a modest family of a merchant vegetables. Remember to / f. 'The House That Swift Built "and the police, who from life to life was at the prison on the market? So Leicester Lineker from generation to generation pritorgovyvali potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables at the central market town. Even with five years of Gary woke up at four in the morning and grimly pushing a cart with cabbage on the market. Who knows, maybe now would be Gary stood behind the counter, prophetic stentorian voice: 'Come, people - your garden!', If not for football. Patsanenkom Gary was small and frail, but as said a British journalist Eric Linklater: "Football will make of you man!.. And on the chest you will grow hair! "

. With enhanced power and thanks to an awful job in training children, . and after the youth team and the 'Leicester City', . Lineker has evolved from a caller that did a terrible laugh scallywag forward (in the best years of combat, Gary weight was 79 kg at 177 cm height), . not departing from the field without the ball slaughtered,
. (His parents are so fond of football, which moved to another house, only to the future star was closer to go to school, where he had his own football and not rugby team. - Ed.) Gary Lineker was 19 when he first appeared in the basis of 'Leicester'. At this age, players are divided into promising players and just. Gary was 'just a player' small club, . which for nearly a century of its history (founded in 1884) was content to, . what, . pobarahtavshis in high places, . flew to lower, . from which heroically chosen ago, . to go out again ..,
. The highest achievements in 'Leicester City' in the English first division occur at the end of 20-x's: in 1938, 'Foxes' were third, a year later only a point separated them from the champion 'Shu'. Four times 'Leicester' played in the FA Cup final but was invariably broken. Suitable for beginner soccer club (made in the English cup tournaments and the confident performance in the current account for the championship at the end of the 90's and 2000, and, therefore, to have no relationship Lineker. - Ed.). Prominent players are usually not detained, or leaving at a young age (Shilton, Lineker, Heskey), or doigryvaya in the 'Fox' in front of the pension (Rowley). The only exception was the great Gordon Banks, who won the world championship-66 and while being collar 'Leicester City'.

'I always lacked confidence in himself - recalls Gary - especially in the beginning of my career'. That is prevented Lineker quickly reveal. By its peak, he walked slowly. Only in 1984, aged 23 and a half years, Gary has received the first call to the national team: "I was scared to death ... Who am I compared to the national team players? And when he arrived, he felt even worse '. Wise Bobby Robson has decided not to put Gary on the terrified first match (against Wales), giving time to get used to the idea that he is now a player team. Debut Lineker took place three weeks later, on May 26 in Glasgow in the match with the Scots (1:1).

Inspired by Gary beautifully spent the next season, winning with forward Chelsea Kerry Dixon dispute scorers (28 goals). Becoming clear that the level of 'Leicester' Lineker outgrown (finally ц-o), and 'Everton', one of the then grants, lays out for him 800 thousand pounds. Gary again scared half to death. 'Everton' 80 ... Club, . equal fought for the championship with the great and powerful 'Liverpool', . Club, . confident victory in the drawing of the HEC-85 (in the semifinals defeated 'Bavaria' - 0:0, . 3:1, . in the final of the Viennese 'Rapid' - 3:1), . Club, . who had a part of players Wales (Southall, . defenders Ratcliffe and Van den Hauv), . Scotland (Graeme Sharp and Andy Gray), . Ireland (Kevin Sheedy), . England (Stephen, . Stevens, . Reid, . Breysuell)!.,
. My God, how much is light years removed it from 'Everton' our days!

This time, Gary took fright did not last long, because on the verge of a fantastic season of 1985-86, a season that has become truly the best in their careers forward. He becomes the leader of the 'Everton', . painlessly by replacing idol 'Goodison Park' Andy Gray, . wins, . already personally, . competition snipers first division, . chop 30 goals (he added 10 more in cup games), . proclaimed the best player in England as a version of journalists, . and Release Players, . gaining a place in the team based,
. However, all successful last season, Gary was unable to name. First, he never managed to debut in European competition - came into effect on disqualification of English clubs. Secondly, 'Everton' could have collected two points in the title race with a 'Liverpool' and, indeed, blown to its neighbors and the eternal enemies of the part-time Cup Final - 1:3. But ahead of Mexico was: 'Mexico! It has changed my life '. Robson was looking carefully at the place of departed striker Kevin Keegan. He tried the same age Mickey Mouse and Francis Mariner, young Barnes, Beardsley, Dixon and Heytli, until it finally chose Lineker. 'I found what I was searching for! - Exclaimed Robson. - Lineker - technically, a quick striker who plays in modern football. And the main thing - it Pouding player! ". Plans coach were threatened when, in his first sparring match on predmeksikanskih charges Gary received a serious injury - a closed fracture of the wrist of his left hand. But the coach believed in the player's speech could not be about how to exclude from the application Lineker. At the same time, stubbornly refused 'FIFochka', which managed to sell on until shortly before starting the fight with the Portuguese. When Gary went out on the field of the stadium 'Teknolohiko' in Monterrey, his left hand was hidden in a special elastic bandage, which replaced the plaster. Portugal - England. Gary spoiling for a fight, playing aggressively, but the 'port' defense led by keeper Bento act calmly and accurately. And for 15 minutes before the end of the match Carlos Manuel holds the only goal. England - Morocco. This was not the day Lineker, glittering another footballer - Moroccan goalkeeper Badou Zaki. 0:0. England - Poland. Before the last match in England last group. The storm of criticism. Looking for goals. Need victory. And the British have played! The Poles are discouraged, the founders rejected conventional roofing, making a bet on high-speed game with an emphasis on penetrating lumbagos from the flanks into the penalty on Lineker. 9-minute - Gary closes backache blow under the crossbar from outside goalie. 14-minute - again backache for Lineker and again a goal! 34-I - the same. Gary makes a hat-trick and displays the team in the playoffs! Forgive the cliche, but in the morning woke up famous Lineker. England - Paraguay. Benefit continues! Gary it's fast, non-standard movements over and over again baffles the defense of South Americans, exhausting it to the limit. 31-minute. Longitudinal pass Steve Hodge, a ball from Gary, another spurt, completely zonked Paraguayans knocked Lineker, but he continues to struggle, there is the first time to the ball and hammering it into the gate Fernandez. After 25 minutes the defenders, concentrating all his attention on the 'top ten' Englishmen, yawn Beardsley - 2:0. At the end of the match clever Glenn Hoddle gives a subtle pass the course Gary - more business for small. Small does not disappoint. 3:0! Everything! Dry oars, or rather, 'rozpryagayte horses', Amigos! Argentina - England. Quarterfinals. 'Divine hand' and the divine slalom Maradona. Playmaking Brits crushed completely. Gary rushes ahead without sense. Too late to go to replace John Barnes, who was able to organize at least some kontrigru and built a goal. His lean to the right, Lineker beats the defender of the fight in the air and his head sent the ball into the net. England, offended at the judge and admiration for Maradona, is sent home.

Mexico 'one-armed striker brings world-wide fame and' Golden Boot '- a prize better scorer. 'Everton' overwhelmed with offers to sell Lineker. But the last word by Gary: "Of course I like it here, but, you know, want to play in European competition '. 'Barca' right there with six million 'green' in your pocket. Liverpultsy make good money. Catalans coach Terry Venables is not averse to create a 'Barcelona' British colony and a pair of Gary buys from Mark Hughes 'MJ'. Initially, in Spain at Lineker everything went like clockwork: goals, enthusiasm and expertise inchas. Gary, in turn, delighted with the Catalonian. And then another and 'France Football' on the basis of 1986 declares English striker player? 2 in Europe (62 points). In front of a jet Belanov (84).

But ever since could not continue - heavy knee injury Lineker kicks off the rails. Operation - skipping matches - the loss of form. Inchas began whistling, and Josep Nunez to look askance. Still, Gary helps 'Barcelona' in the 1987-88 season to grab a cup of Spain, more difficult to calculate - in the example reigns supreme 'Real', headed by Hugo Sanchez, 'Buzzard' Emilio Butragueno and Michel. Euro-88, the painful memories for Gary Lineker. After the injury did not manage to collect the form, start again hammer. This happens. Catastrophic luck. In games against the Irish and Dutch Gary smears from improbable positions, losing 3-4 hundred percent since. In the game with a 'vehicle Lobanovskiy' He closed tightly Kuznetsov and Khidiyatullin (oh, what a couple we had in the middle! "The English says:" Such a Lineker was not for his entire career.)

Black days ... 'I feel like closing my eyes - the whole world goes to war, I' (this is not Lineker, is Choi). Nuц¦ez dismisses Venables, the place which comes Cruyff. 'Flying Dutchman' does not hide his dislike for Lineker and his game. Gary is playing less and less. Kroiff attempted (quite unsuccessfully) to exchange it in the 'Milan' to his favorite Marco Van Basten. 'Barcelona' won the HEC-89. Gary played in the finals and helps break the 'Sampdoria' Vialli and Mancini - 2:0. But scores. 'All! Enough. Tired. Dostali. The dream was realized - so he Eurocup. And now - home, home, home ... And Terry Venables strongly calls in 'Tottenham', Kroiff does not contradict the. Gary goes. But - this is a true gentleman! - Not a word bad about the Dutch mentor, Nunez and 'Barcelona'. Not only that: 'We are with Michelle (his wife Lineker) warmly recall the three years he spent in Catalonia'.

'Tottenham Hotspur'. Amazing club - a lot of stars, nemeryannom ambitions, but few titles. Typical king without a kingdom. Two championship titles, eight FA Cups for more than a century - is not enough for a super clubs! But Gary was full of hope to implement even one of his dream - to become a champion. Together with his favorite coach Venables and partners in the team, Paul Gascoigne and Gary Mzbbattom. Alas ... (Before the season fans 'Tottenham' is really prepared to fight for first place. Sostavchik was in fact one of the strongest in England - Lineker, Gazza, Waddle. But hurried to the President's proposal Marseilles 'Marseille' Bernard Tapie sell Waddle. First, the president refused Spurs Irving Scholar. Tapie added. When it comes to 5 million. pounds - at the time, I remember, from midfield only Gullit was worth the price - surrendered Scholar. Moreover, financial problems have beset club with 'White Hart Lane' ... Soon they will lead to the fact that the club changed its owner - an era of Alan Sugar. - Ed.)

In season 1989-90 Lineker finally scored its usual form (although he started his shaky or the motions. - Ed.). He is the third time among the best scorers (24 goals in 38 games) and helps 'Daredevil' to jump up on the pedestal (only because superfinishu - 8 wins in 10 matches. 3rd place, 7 points gap from the 'Aston Villa', 16 (!) - From 'Liverpool'), and the team - to win the ticket to the World Cup in Italy (2 goals).

Italy-90 ... Swan song team Robson. 'We can win the World Cup that anyone may say, but whatever the eventual result - I'm leaving' - that was the meaning of utterances coach. The British came to the tournament well prepared both physically and psychologically. Starting with a creak, they gradually dispersed it, and only managed to stop them 'Panzer' Kaiser Franz in a duet with 'her honor Lady Luck'. England - Ireland. Principal meeting. Irish, swollen their perennial enemies of CHE-88, and now were full of daring thoughts, but already on the 8 th minute of Gary, popping one on one with Bonner, a blow to the right opened an account. In the second half former partner Lineker for 'Everton' Kevin Sheedy said accurate blow. Equal, in general, game. Holland - England. Painted nicheyka. Grandmaster. Although the arbitrator Petrovich and should deduct goal Waddle (Chris struck a direct free kick, but the fact of the matter is that the ball towards the goal hurt standing in the wall Dutchman), but the judges at the championship bungle badly. After two rounds of all four teams are absolutely identical performance. England - Egypt. Excellent team was among the Egyptians: disciplined, tactically, but somehow squeezed, whether that.

Cruiserweight Match. Opponents do not spare each other - in one of the collision split the eyebrow Mark Wright. But the British spirit!.. Filing Gazza left corner. The ball soars Wright and bandaged bloody head hammering a goal! Ah-ah-ah! England in the 1 / 8. Belgium - England. Merry game. Canceled net goal Barnes in response to the bar easandalil ball Ceulemans, and then Scifo. And, finally, the 119-minute. Brilliant pass Gascoigne and illumination Platt. 1:0! And again - a-ah! Cameroon - England. That anyone who played a fun and relaxed, so that Cameroon. But 'indomitable lions' yet tamed, Lineker with Gazza. For seven minutes before the end of normal time when the score was 2:1 in favor of the Africans, when it seemed that no British rescue and they will not be spared, Paul throws into break, Gary, to knock in the 'Carnot Maidan'. Penalties. Lineker - N'Kono - 2:2. Over-time. And again pass Gascoigne, Gary spurt, ending 11-meter. Lineker merciless. England in the semi! For the first time since 1966 th! England - Germany. The game of nerves. Stupid goal Brehme-Parker and a masterpiece Lineker. 80-minute. Paul Parker after that stupid bounce frantically rushes forward. His shelter from the right flank almost from the center line. Ahead only 'dozens' of British and four German Beg. Gary is not engaged in a hopeless struggle, but prudently leaves aside. Defender unsuccessfully played head (copy discounts Cannavaro on Wiltord in the memorable final of Euro 2000). After the canopy Parker the ball hit the ground and this somehow completely disoriented Germanic trio - Berthold, especially Augentalera Kohler, who was simply obliged to play on the removal. In the end, if someone from the defenders and touched the ball, then the purely nominal. Gary thigh while moonlight ball and away from opponents, and then deals with fourteen feet smashing blow to the right far corner of the gate Illgner. Ten goals in World Cup final tournaments - Grandmaster norm (senior master). Penalty shootout. The game of nerves. Gary performed his hit perfectly ... Psycho and Waddle - little tragedies of the great games ... Tears of Paul Gascoigne ... Italy - England. And who needs these 'consolation finals'?

Season 1990-91. 'Tottenham' falls in the league (10-th place), but takes the FA Cup. Final to Nottingham Forest on the 'Wembley' (2:1) actually broke the career Gazza - severe trauma, after which Paul had not played to his strength.

At the helm of national team is Graham Taylor. Gary gets the captain's armband main team of the country after the departure of Bryan Robson. In season 1991/92, when Lineker almost single-handedly saved the 'Tottenham' from the departure of the first division and keep it for svezheuchrezhdennoy Premier League, Gary pursued not only injury, literally plagued him earlier in the season. Very seriously - leukemia! - Ill eldest son Lineker ... The fact that the father still manages to show routinely the highest class of games, lifted him out of the ordinary idols of the crowd at some unattainable height - now Lineker in England could forgive everything!

The next season was typical for Lineker. 'Spurs' crashed at the bottom of the fixture list (15 th), was an unsuccessful attempt to seize and Cup Winners' Cup (defeated in 1 / 4 of' Feyenoord '- 0:1 and 0:0). Gary also shone: 28 goals in the championship (only in the last round it to one goal ahead gunner Ian Wright) and just 35 in 50 matches of the season for the club, . great game for the team (it was his fantastic strike in the fall by himself for 13 minutes before the end of the meeting with the Poles allowed equal the score and led the British in the final of the Euro-92),
. At the end of the season, Gary recognizes the best player on the England version of the 'pen hyenas and jackals rotating machines'.

. Before the start of European championship in Sweden Lineker signed a two-year contract with Japanese club 'Nagoya Grampus Eight' and announced the completion of his playing career, team
. 'Apchestvennost' in addition to the title of champion of Europe expect from Gary beat Bobby Charlton's record of performance. Sir Bobby in games for the national team has scored 47 goals, with Gary was 46. But all this did not come true: England did not leave the group and its main striker did not score a single ball. But proved to be a good assistant - in most cases it is with its broadcasts and set up the few critical moments, which were British, it was with his pasa was scored the only goal team (to be precise pass from the right flank. Platt could only get into the wing gate). And Graham Taylor replaced Lineker in the middle of the second half the decisive match with the hosts of the tournament when the score was 1:1 for Alan Smith. British lost. Gary left the field ... Flinging in the direction of Pierce captain ... Left the field, not scoring ... With his departure ended the era of the last British England (after the failure of the Euro all the mentors will blindly take a course on the 'Europeanisation' team. What came of it, we all have seen). I was crying ... However, Gary was leaving and piece of my childhood ...

Jimmy Greaves, the world champion in 1966 and 'The Great forged': 'replacement Lineker: - the wrong move Taylor. Although Gary and lost his grip, he still remained the only one able to score. There are players who can score, even when everything around badly. Lineker is one of those '.

Gary Lineker: 'I think what happened in Sweden more hurt Taylor than me ... But it was so long ago, and I placable. He was a good man, and we talked for some time after. I am not angry at him ... Some probably think that I am sorry that did not beat the record of Bobby Charlton. They are very much mistaken. I still can not believe I scored one goal less than Charlton. Who am I compared to him? '.

After finishing his playing career in Japan, Gary returned to his homeland. I have received from the hands of Queen's Order of the British Empire. He is now a football commentator on the BBC, a great host of the 'Match Day'. To get on the air with Lineker was honored any celebrity, and not just football. 'I still think that sooner or later I will expose'.

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Gary Winston Lineker, photo, biography
Gary Winston Lineker, photo, biography Gary Winston Lineker  football player, photo, biography
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