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Eduard Malofeev

( Footballer)

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Biography Eduard Malofeev
photo Eduard Malofeev
Born 02.06.1942 in Krasnoyarsk (USSR, Russia).
Country Belarus.
Clubs: Avangard Kolomna (1960), Spartak Moscow (1961-62), Dynamo Minsk (1963-72).
In the championships of the USSR: has 254 matches and scored 100 goals.

Eduard Malofeev was the highest opinion about football and believed not that the duty and happiness to give himself to the game. His talent as a striker was more emotional, heart, than physical - favorable external data has not been marked. And blow he had a vague, high strength, and clever it was difficult to call this rumyanoschekogo, bright-eyed robust fellow with a slightly crooked legs. He famously rolled out of Kolomna in Moscow in "Spartacus", but, unfortunately for himself, in the early sixties there were waiting for the new stuffing and Netto, enter it in no hurry to part with a light heart and let go to Minsk "Dynamo". And it turned out, . It soon became clear, . unfortunately "Spartacus", . Who after four years of this have not seen among the winners, . and Malofeev in his first season in Minsk, has scored 23 goals! Grievances he harbored, and still gladly repeats, . that owes much to the club Spartak, . Starostin, . Simonyan, . Dementieva ...,

. Although I have a long association with people of football, but the pounds of salt with them did not eat: the journalist has a special vantage point, he and his characters in an embrace not go
. Yet, my observation is enough to say: the majority, at best most people football simple.

They are on everyone's mind, play themselves. They fight, run the risk every time they do not know what will end the play, who will overcome all they have is vzapravdu, all irreversible and irreparable. And we know in advance - these are the rules of the game, . they have absorbed from childhood, . - That trick in vain, . pitfalls, . whims, . is nothing to rely on the pity and condescension, . be meted out in strict accordance with the, . that bothered, . not sparing himself, . so, . that have managed to beat the enemy the slightest, . which, . be honest, . no worse,
. And everything happens in front of millions of eyes! And if there is ambiguity, television immediately suggested a slow repetition. And the audience sees through: not one of the ball on the field, but any spiritual movement.

Open Lessons football, outdoor and its people. And how could it be otherwise when the football comes straight from childhood to love, with glowing eyes! How Malofeev rolled out of Kolomna in "Spartacus". Neither the questionnaire nor the coattails do not help "get a job". The game itself is rejected not only incapable, but also cowardly, lazy, drinkers, selfish people - those who are not liking strict football fraternity. Sometimes the seizure occurs later than it should be. Nursing, pity, hope ... But going on.

Malofeev endowed with a really perfect for football simplicity. He played in the team average hands, but with such diligence as if from every match depended all his life. One hundred and easily achieved his goals not just. When that happened, he told his comrades bowed his head and called them by name: Mustygin, Adam, On-galnikov - all praised to the skies, and insisted that without him so much for anything not to score. And he said that he had to slaughter, we had to be in top physical condition and in good spirits. No extraordinary bombardirskih subtleties and secrets he does not ascribe. "High spirits"! This was said very sincerely. If I were asked how scoring Malofeev, I probably would have replied that he inserts the ball into the goal feeding.

That somehow left with the impression. With the ball, he was with or without the ball, he was drawn, tend to the gate, as if he is there something dropped and is looking. It's so openly dreamed of an attack that he was going, just to not leave, do not throw one in the clutch.

So Malofeev coach, all at the same Minsk Dynamo, the team has an average hand. Well, bothered and walked with her from the first league to a higher - not so nevidal. In the major league Minskers ought to behave sensibly, quietly and modestly, valuing the place. Nothing of the sort! They, . It soon became clear, . have no time to, . and claims, . so what - at the championship! And we were able to verify, . that Malofeev his life in football continues at the same high note, . he is still in good spirits - chest forward and rushes to the gate.,

. Done in one day, . as coach of champions, . figure, . LETA all at once, . it at every opportunity would start talking about "sincerity football" (an epithet he picked up), . implying that the affinity and unity with the audience, . fair fight in every game, . desire of players to spend on the field all, . that they have a soul,
. He rejected the hunt for tournament points and the illicit secret ways, cowardly, damaging division games to the stadium to "his" and "alien".

On the moral categories, said in a loud voice the young coach. And everyone saw that the game of his team in a purely football respects in accordance with the best examples: intelligent, fast, athletic, strong. But he apparently took it for granted, a matter strictly professional, for today's state of mind and morals in our society, football not so essential.

. Save with boyish ingenuousness years, Malofeev, received the champion podium could not have been sounding the alarm, seeing that in the infinitely dear to his heart soccer snake creeps predatory poaching.

. Statutory Fedotovsky hundred balls Malofeeva were paying the debt the club, its shelters, and football, its acknowledged
. And as a coach, now I team, he apparently intends to continue to pay with football at face value.

Coach of the forwards, the young, in fact only began. And, looking at him, is not drawn to say that necessarily a good coach, perhaps above all, be honest! Before the players. Before football, in front of audience. Needless to say, Little feev this is not the only nor the first. But he is extraordinarily timely reminded of a stove supposed to dance to people of his profession, the people in whose hands the welfare of football.

. Let the football in our time is moving closer to science, let them do more and more difficult - it is naive to the objectives of their own, as intended, to the eternal quest - playing, winning
. If you deprive him of this simplicity, visibility will remain, a fiction, deception.

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