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Paolo Maldini

( Footballer)

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The only unconquered tops symbol of Italian football Paolo Maldini - a "gold" World Cup. With AC Milan also won the legendary defender of all that was possible ...


"Journalists often think only of remis"

Perhaps, . precisely Role Maldini prevent him in time to receive the "Golden Ball" (the prize "France Football" the best player of the continent), or "Diamond Ball" (prize FIFA best football player of the planet),
. No matter how admired the game Paolo, but the attack of the strikers always get the lion's share of rave reviews. It happened in the 95-m. Remembers goleador Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov: 'I had to award prizes to the best football player in FIFA. On the sidelines saying that it should receive Paolo. And I was very surprised when it turned out that the first recognized George Weah, and Maldini was the second. Just a second! "

Himself Maldini then almost did not show his disappointment. He said that Weah was really the best, but for him these trophies are not ends in themselves. Even later, he dropped with some bitterness: "Overly zealous journalists often think only of the downtrodden remis.

However, the farmers pay tribute pen. According to numerous polls and charts that accompanied the arrival of the new millennium, the Italian press unequivocally recognized Paolo Maldini the best defender of the century. A prestigious "World Soccer" admitted the same Paolo best in the world.

Remembering former adversaries, Maldini said: "I had a chance to play against the outstanding players: Platini, Zico, Careca, Matthaus ... But the best of them bore the name of Diego Armando Maradona. Argentinian was a real nightmare for all the defenders. I was attracted by the enthusiasm Weah, I admired Batistuta, admired the genius Michel Platini and unlucky (in terms of health) Van Basten. But Maradona is number one, all the rest - behind! "

Maldini himself fifteen years ago showed that game, which makes demands on modern football. Speaking at the nominally left-back position, he essentially controlled the entire edge, connected to the attacks, could play in central defense. All these years, Paolo, as a modest and demanding of themselves, never reduced the bar, while remaining professional to the bone.

Maldini - a charismatic figure for his club. Unquestioned authority on the field and outside it, and what should be a real captain. And that he has inherited ...

"I was born with Kalchiev IN BLOOD"

June 26, 1968 in the family Cesare Maldini finally born boy. Later, Paolo will have two younger brothers - Alessandro and Pier Cesare. But the fate of the older extinct was sealed. After all, happy father owned the captain's armband Milan and was the first Italian who raised over his head the European Cup.

Here is what says on this subject, Paolo: "At my family's unique relationship with football. My father was one of the best defenders in the world. So I was born with Kalchiev in blood. My first football memories are connected with the school. There I noticed the existence of only one type of sport. And I have never had any doubt in the choice of his hobbies. After one of my games with my friends father said that I have a good style. Like many other guys, I started in the youth team of Milan. And after a while the game was the work ... "

Debut Maldini junior high football in the light of Italy was held on Jan. 20, 1985. Then, in his biography of the football will be a lot of outstanding events. But on the first match in Serie A, Paolo always remembered with awe: "During my career I played a lot of exciting fights. But his debut in a T-shirt "Milan" I will always remember. On that day, our coach Nils Liedholm called me, a 16-year-old boy at the match against Udinese Calcio. It may even be contrary to the opinion of other players. Quite unexpectedly, I had to go to replace injured Batistini. I was overwhelmed by emotions. First, the fear hit, or rather - jim-jams. I remember walking rain, the game was kind of muddy and ugly. I had to concentrate, to show themselves to advantage. But gradually, my feelings have grown into an indescribable joy. "

Although the next occurrence in the first team, Paolo had to wait six months, is already in the new season Maldini became a player "framework". In the prime of your favorite club and its superstars. One of them was Franco Baresi, Maldini from which later inherited the captain's armband and the role of leader. Paolo has ceased to be simply "the son of his famous father". Football surname (famiglia - to Italian. "Family") has received a worthy successor.

"At first I did not like to hear - they say, of course, is the son of Cesare Maldini himself - says Paolo. - But then used. Yes, and ridiculous to respond to such attacks. Honestly and conscientiously do their work, with due diligence to devote themselves to work - that's our family motto.

My father sold themselves with their feet


Paolo, forget "MILAN"! "

After the legal activity Bosman ruling football borders were swept away, soccer has become more cosmopolitan
. And in light of this particularly impressive club patriotism Paolo Maldini. Absorbent from childhood culture of Milan, the Italian is not allowed and thought: change it with another team. But in the late 90's Maldini could become the most expensive player in the world. Rich Manchester United invited the Italians to an impressive sum for those times $ 60 million. But it is not seduced by a football player, and above all bosses "Milan". His name Maldini and the other Manchester club - Manchester City. But not just anybody, but the leader of the popular British rock band Oasis Noel Gallagher. Musician is an avid and passionate fan bolelytsikom Paolo. Must see, with what reverence Gallagher (himself - the idol of millions!) Given to him by wearing a T-shirt with the number "3" on the back, which he considers one of its most precious relics. Once the name Maldini received a message from Noel and his brother Liam ta: "Paolo, forget Milan and move us in Manchester. We want to see you in the "City". We will pay your transfer, and you can play in our group! "

. But the modest English club, while writhing in the first division, could hardly hope for such condescension stars Kalchiev, but still resides at the peak of his career.


"I envy the players were - They saw the Beatles

Proposal leaders "Oasis" about making music together with a footballer - not curtsy
. Maldini passion for music is well known long.

"I love the most diverse music - from rock to rap lung - divided Paolo. - My interest in this area is extremely wide - at 360 degrees. If I had to choose, say, five discs, to take them on a desert island, I would be in a quandary. In my collection of CDs, most British artists. Including the "Oasis" and even "Spice Girls". And I envy the players of the past generation. They had an opportunity to see and hear "live" the legendary Beatles.

At one time, Maldini even led a music program with DJ Ringo on the Italian "Radio 105". This is how Paolo recalls: "My DJ experiments have shocked some people, but many liked. However, after the birth of his son Christian, I had a serious talk with his wife Adriana. She insisted that free time I gave the child. So that music is now nothing more than a leisure activity ". Soon he appeared and the second little boy - Daniel. According to soccer, the children give him the most vivid experiences in life. Even with the incomparable emotions on the field. By the way, Paolo does not exclude that some of them will continue the glorious tradition of football kind Maldini: "Christian, for example, was born on the day when" Skuadra Azzurro, carried the championship match of the European. Maybe a sign of fate ... "

If such a definition at all applicable to professional football player, it really became a homebody, Paolo. This can not but rejoice Adrian. No wonder, because her husband is considered one of the most attractive football of the world. His image adorned more than one calendar, and the fans all over the world consider it a duty to hang in the room poster mordashka Paolo. A well-known model Linda Evangelista to drag bald Barthez regularly attend matches with Maldini. I argued that the eyes Paulo - the most beautiful in the world.

In the home environment, Paolo rest of your favorite games. His house is not often hear talk about football. Defender recognized that even during lunch with his father and mother, such conversations do not happen often. But if they start, Paolo prefers to speak okolofutbolnye themes rather than on tactics, and gaming principles or other purely professional matters.



So, mundial in Japan and Korea will be the fourth for Paolo
. And with youthful enthusiasm spoiling for a fight. Maldini remains unsatisfied. In the 90-m at the World Cup in Italy, he stopped a step away from finals and bronze medals Skuadry Azzurro "then considered a failure. Within four years, "Heaven squadron, reached the same to the finals, but the fatal errors in the penalty shoot-out once again left without representatives of the Apennines the first place. And in the 98-m in France in the same situation again, the Italian national team lost in the quarterfinals future champions - the French.

These achievements at major football tournaments would be proud of any player. But Maldini.

There have Paolo is also another incentive. Record-breaker of his country by the number of performances for the national team (122 matches on 24.05.02) can break the record Lothar Matthцгus. In the case of successful promotion of the tournament the way Maldini can block the achievement of the Germans on the number of games played in the World Cup finals. In Matthaus of 25, with Paolo - until 19. And there, look, and a set of medals won will be complete: the "bronze" and "silver" added the long-awaited "Gold". Today Maldini takes the first step to it. Italy squad play their opening match World Cup 2002 - with Ecuador.

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