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Cesare Maldini

( Footballer, central defender)

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Biography Cesare Maldini
photo Cesare Maldini
Born February 5, 1932 in Trieste.
Country Italy.
Position Central defender
Height 182 cm
Weight 76 kg
Clubs: until 1954 AK Triestina, 1954-66 - AC Milan (347 matches, 30 goals), 1966-67 - Torino (33, 0).
Team 1960-63 - 14 matches against Italy.

During his football heyday Cesare Maldini was considered one of the best central defenders of European football. He is very competently played positionally heavily looked in the air combat. Despite high growth, was extremely light, movable soccer player - a pillar of defense "AC Milan and Italian national team early 60-ies. The club if necessary to successfully play on the right flank of the defense or midfield. In the team acted as a sweeper or stoppers.

In 13 seasons at Milan suffered with the team and the ups and downs. The culmination of a football career, Maldini was winning the European Cup in 1963, which was awarded to him as captain.

. For Azzurri Maldini had spent a lot of matches, but managed to become a party to the WC-62 (2 match) and the European Cup-64
. His unquestioned authority in Skuadre Azzurro "allowed him to quickly become a captain.

Coaching activities Maldini least multifaceted. For five years he worked as a second coach Milan. Then he was one of the assistants "commissar Technique (as in Italy, called the head coach). In particular, in gold for the Italian team in 1982 helped Enzo Bearzot. Then he worked in the Olympic and youth team in Italy (U-21), three times he brought her to the title of champion of Europe.

In December 1996, Cesare Maldini led Italy squad. Compared with its predecessor, Arrigo Sacchi - lover of pompous phrases like "athletic pressure", . "psychological motivation", . tactical concept - Signor Cesare expressed himself much easier, . communicate with the players, it is sometimes too soft, . not always keep a distance,
. As expressed one of the Italian newspaper: "He reminds a plate with cut slices of bread and sausages after the dishes with delicious delicacies."

. While on a perfect polarity of views and approaches, Maldini has not renounced players who played for Sacchi
. Italians with difficulty, but made it to the FM-98, passing through the sieve of the playoffs, which was trumped the team of Russia. However, in the fields of France lost in the quarterfinals after a penalty shoot-out owners mundialya - future world champions. Despite the fact that in France, Italy squad not suffered a single defeat, Maldini was forced to resign - because of "Skuadry adzury" at home waiting for a much more successful performance. However, one way or Maldini responsible for the failure of national team? Probably, he did everything he could. Looked solid defense, . badly acted attack, . but defetsit class midfield players (in the Italian series "A" game most teams determined Midfielders-foreigners) has led to th, . that even in games against weak opponents knowingly Italian team made it possible contender for a long time to control the game.,

. For some time, Maldini has dropped out of sight, faithfully served by Milan on the sidelines, and truly returned to work only in the middle of the season 2000/01, when in the midst of the championship took a while his native Milan
. But before the new season was forced to cede the post of Fatih Terim.

. It seemed time to rest, relax with your family - in Cesare Maldini and Mary Louise, six adult children: daughter Monica, Donatella, Valentine and his sons Paolo, Alessandro, Perchezare
. Four of them, like his father, devoted themselves to sport. Paolo - current captain and perpetual defender of "Milan" - needs no introduction, is rather famous in Italy as a footballer and Pierchezare. Good progress made in basketball, Alessandro and Donatella. All Maldini, headed by the Pope lived in Milan and change their place of residence did not intend. Grandchildren were growing up: "Here all our family going at the same table, - said the head of the family. - We are very friendly and can not live without it.

And suddenly move Maldini Sr.. But what! Rumors about his intentions to pull in somewhere to go long. Maldini is predicted to Libya, then to Tunisia, then somewhere else. But over the ocean! In Paraguay! Later an official entry Maldini in chief coach of Paraguay. Sam Signor Cesare attribute it to his son Paolo - they say, is he coming forth this idea:

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Cesare Maldini, photo, biography
Cesare Maldini, photo, biography Cesare Maldini  Footballer, central defender, photo, biography
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