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Lothar Matthus

( Footballer, midfielder, defender)

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Biography Lothar Matthus
photo Lothar Matthus
Country: Germany
. Position: Midfield player.
. Held: In the first championship of Germany, Italy and the U.S. 595 matches, 161 gol
. In the Cup of Germany: 57 games, 18 goals
. In the Italian Cup: 17 games, 7 goals
. European appearances 98 games, 17 goals
. Germany squad: 150 games (74 as captain), 23 goals
. First leg: May 14, 1980 Holland 3:2
. Last match: June 20, 2000 Portugal 0:3
. Achievements:
. Team:
. -World Champion 1990
. European Champion 1980
. Vice-champion 1982, 1986
. -The winner of the UEFA Cup: 1991, 1996
. -Champions Cup finalist: 1987, 1999
. Champion Germany: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000
. Champion Italy 1989
. -Cup Germany 1986, 1998
. Super-Germany 1987, 1994
. -Germanskoy League Cup 1997, 1998, 1999
. Personal:
. -Best Footballer of the world 1990, 1991
. -European Footballer of 1990
. 2 nd European Footballer 1991
. -Best Footballer of Germany 1990, 1999
. The only player in history, participated in five world championships.

. They say that a person's name prednachertyvaet his fate
. Perhaps in this lies the secret of the rare sporting longevity Matthus. After all, his name (Mattheus) - a Latinized version of the English names of Matthews (Matthews) - football 'longevity' number one. Matthaus has played at the highest level for more than two decades and has established a number of unique achievements. He - the only outfield player, who spoke at five world championships. The only one who participated in six cycles of European Championships. Record-holder for the number of matches (25) at world championships. And the number of matches (150) for the team in general has no equal in Europe.


Complex 'dwarf'

The Bavarian city of Erlangen, . which was born Lothar, . located near Hertsoenauraha - City, . which are based the two world-famous companies, . producing sports equipment and ammunition,
. Much of the surrounding population covered by this business, and family Matthaus is no exception.

Heinz Lothar's father worked in this field for almost 40 years, mother of Katharina - almost 30, her brother, Wolfgang - 20 years of experience. Lothar, however, went the other way. In addition to football, he acquired a specialty designer and decorator of interiors. Acquired by the way, at the insistence of parents who believed that one skill to handle the ball in the life of little. But I want him to design ever - the big question. Lothar has long turned into a sort of 'coach among the players'. Rather, his playing career smoothly flow into coaching. It's his business.

Matthaus also began to play in Hertsogenaurahe, in the club that bears the same name. It is said that he was very capricious and disobedient child, which is why he refused to take in different teenage teams.

. Often Lothar hysterics mother Catarina, although she also helped him work off attacks, acting as the goalkeeper on the front lawn
. 'Mom, why do you bore me so small and weak? " - He burst into tears, returning from school. Complex 'dwarf' was it very strong, and Lothar tried all sorts of exercises to increase their growth. In this he is not very succeeded, bringing it only to 172 cm. But the 'physics', he developed a more than excellent.

Matthaus appearance in the Bundesliga in 1979. He was 18 when he took to his menhengladbahskaya 'Borussia'. His talent was noticed quickly, and he soon got to the note to the coach Yuppu Dervallyu. In the spring of 1980 the first 'Borussia' reached the UEFA Cup final, where her opponent was another German club - 'Eintracht' from Frankfurt. Matthaus scored one of three balls gladbahtsev, but on aggregate victory still went to 'Eintracht Frankfurt'.

We can not say that the emergence of wunderkind perceived to cheer. Insufferable character immediately made itself felt. Police caught him when he drove the car in a drunken state, and denied driver's license for eight months. Then he broke the regime in the national team, returning to the camp after midnight and made a squabble with Dervallem.
Despite his defiant behavior, Dervall included Matthaus of the entry list
to participate at the European Championships in 1980. I turned just in case, relegating him to the most distant place on the bench. But fate had a chance to Lothar. In the second round match with Holland was injured veteran Bernd Dietz. The account was already 3:0, and the Germans, it would seem, could already be sure about the outcome of the bout.

And then instead Dietz goes Matthus and earns a penalty kick in his own goal. Dutch cut the gap, then the clog is a goal. In general, West Germany squad barely lam. A teenager on the field no longer goes. 'Gold' wards Dervallya win without him. So that's funny debut Matthaus has turned the national team.

'Strange' blunders

Another unpleasant curiosity accompanied him to the next important moment of his career. In 1984, Matthaus moved from 'Borussia' in 'Bavaria', with the upcoming transition had been known long before the end of the season.

These clubs have become rivals in Cup final. The playing time did not reveal the winner - 1:1, and it took to break through a series of penalties. 'Borussia' lost series. I think, who have not scored a crucial 11-meter? How to order - Matthus. Has struck 'in milk'. He staff penaltist his club. History has turned very nasty, although open to anyone in the desire to please the new owners are not blamed.

Curiously, something similar happened again 15 years later. In the Cup final in Germany in 1999 'Bavaria' meets 'Werder', and the score after 120 minutes of play was the same - 1:1. Again Matthaus allowed the decisive blunder that led to the defeat of his club, this time 'Bavaria'. 'Do Lothar gathered to go to' Werder '? " - Ironic when German fans.

. In the 80 years of the observers, while recognizing its high class, noted, however, its main drawback: at crucial moments, when the glow of becoming an extremely high Matthaus suddenly dissolved, became invisible
. Reasons to reproach him for it arises repeatedly. In 1987, it attacked the main criticism for the failure in the Champions Cup final with the 'Port', when Munichites, leading to account for a quarter of an hour, still produced a victory from the hands.

. At the World Championships in 1986 in Mexico for the first time he has established himself as a superstar
. In the first six games of his only praised. New final with Argentina, his game in general unsatisfactory.
Is well known. Franz Beckenbauer, who led West Germany, decided to use it as a catalyst Maradona.
Main objective - not to give Maradona score - Lothar fulfilled. But at what cost? All three goals in the gate Schumacher were the result of his miscalculations. First hit the ball after Matthaus knocked Maradona and to the side gate of the German was appointed as a penalty. In the second and third cases, Lothar was unable to block Diego, where he displays the decisive blow Valdano and Burruchaga.


Beckenbauer made him a true leader

Mexican failure is not shaken, however, faith in the Kaiser Franz Matthaus
. It was he who first saw in him the makings of a leader. The fact is that in 1986 West Germany suffered just because of the absence of a genuine leader, what was Maradona in Argentine. Yes, it actually never was since the very Beckenbauer - the player. A fine player - manager in the middle of the field, able to create a game in Germany does not appear even longer. The last such important figures were Overath and Netzer.
Matthaus took years to pull this level. And not without convictions by Beckenbauer. Approximately six months before the next World Cup, in 1990, he invited him to his home in Kitzb?hel in frank. 'You are now my leader - he said he. - Are you able to show in the center of the field that game, which we will win the World Cup, but with a clear conscience, I will resign '.

Course, Matthaus was inspired by these words. This was evident in his fresh, imaginative and tireless play in Italy. Lothar has shown himself, finally, manager of the highest class. He played quite differently, as Netzer. which he set an example. He had a brilliant ability to make sharp and unexpected transfer partners. He himself had moved little, but all around him made to run like a wound, making leaps of 50-60 meters. Lightweight and maneuverable Matthaus, on the contrary, he was constantly in motion and forced his partner to take retaliatory raids proactive. He hammered a lot of himself - was visited by four goals in the grid after his opponents blows. Only the British in the semi-succeeded in reducing the efficiency of Matthus. A repetition of the final four years ago has turned out - Germany against Argentina. Matthaus again came up against Maradona. Now they are both wearing the captain's armband. But if Matthaus for this four-year period has increased markedly (in a figurative sense, of course), then Maradona looked like a pale shadow of its. And the speech could not go on to give Lothar the same job as four years ago. Now he was a man who needed to neutralize the first. The Germans managed to take revenge for Mexico, 1:0

Conflicts and armistice

In 1988, Matthaus has once again changed the club. Italian 'Inter' bought it for 5,5 million dollars. In his first season with Matthaus in the black and blue won the Serie A with a huge advantage. They celebrated the victory after four rounds before the end, with the 'golden' goal scored by Lothar.

His Italian career lasted four years. More precisely, a little less - until April of 1992, when he got in the match with the 'Pisa' serious injury (torn ligaments), which left him without work for six months. This injury has served as a catalyst for his return to the Bundesliga (in the 'Bavaria'), but forced him to miss the Euro-92. His role on the field once again been transformed: from air traffic controllers he joined the defenders of the free.

. Matthaus has passed the peak of its capabilities, but the phenomenal body strength allowed him many more years to play a key role in the team for which he played, including team
. Here are just a class performers in the national team greatly diminished, resulting in the last two world championships Matthaus was unable to replenish the collection of medals brought back from these events, in which there are two silver and one gold.

. Biography Matthaus is replete with conflicts and incidents, which did not characterize it with the best hand
. Many saw him as a man not only too hot and hot-tempered on the field, but also arrogant and capable of rash. In 1996 he published in 'Bild' his diary, which contained a mass of detail, showing bundestrenera Vogts and some partners in Matthus not entirely favorable light. This is a very spoiled his relationship with the team (especially with the captain Klinsman) and left it behind Euro-96.

Vogt has not forgotten, as far back as 1991 Matthaus set up partners to team against him. Do not like the idea then Lothar Vogts shift dispatcher functions, for many years assigned to him, a young, promising Thomas Doll. But Matthaus, according to these plans, has a reference to the role of midfielder - a role where he could without too much damage to replace several players.

But his attempt to organize a revolt against bundestrenera was nipped in the bud. Thwarted by none other than Rudi Feller, after which time the fate has prepared himself this post. After one workout Feller led Matthus aside, he advised 'to engage with intrigues' as well as the argument raised it to his nose ponderous fist.

All this came back to Lothar in 1996, when patience was exhausted Vogts. Matthaus left out the European Championships in England.
For three and a half years he appeared in the national team and probably would never have if not for the urgent need. Before the World Cup-98 Vogt unexpectedly without classrooms Libero: incapacitated Sammer, and then got injured and Ton. Literally at the last moment Vogts still resorted to the services of a person with whom it was goodbye forever.


'Guards' record still yielded

Fortunately for Lothar, the skeptic Vogts, long gnoivshego him in disgrace, was replaced by Erich Ribbek - mentor, entirely trust him
. Ribbek immediately dismissed doubts about the participation of Matthaus in the European Championship in 2000, not looking nor on its 39-year-old age, nor his desire to go play overseas.

Ribbek was extremely loyal to Matthaus. He gave him the opportunity to set a world record for number of games for the national team. Lothar already been once close to this goal osueschestvleniyu. In 1994, he came very close to the highest achievement, which then owned by Peter Shilton (125). Then suddenly, like a bolt from the sky, FIFA suddenly announced a new champion - Majed Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who had accumulated as much 147 games. Later, as a result of rigorous testing, we found that many of Abdullah 'lime' matches, ie those where the rival of his team was not the first, and some other team. Seven games were he canceled.

A record in the meantime moved to the Swedish goalkeeper Thomas Ravelli, who finished his career with 143 games experience. February 23, 2000 and dismissed him from the first line Matthus: a friendly with Holland, which the Germans have lost 1:2, became his 144 th.


For Two Hares

On moving Lothar in the American MLS press constantly buzzing for months
. This is getting ridiculous: Lothar could not choose a time most convenient to move from the 'Bavaria' in 'Nyu-York/Nyu-Dzhersi Metrostarz'. And in Munich wanted to stay longer, and the prospect of playing in America beckoned.

. If the 'Bavaria' took off after the first group stage of UEFA Champions League 1999/2000 year (that was about to happen), then there would be no issues - Matthus quickly assembled a briefcase and sat down on a transatlantic liner
. But the looming prospect to compete again for this amazing travesty of floating away from him a trophy (twice - in 1987 and 1999 - 'Bavaria' with Matthaus composed was extremely close to a win) forced him to postpone the transfer.

. How? There was a complete fog
. First 'Kicker said that Matthaus decided to stay in the' Bavaria 'until the end of the season, until June 2000 that it was the alleged agreement between him and the club's vice-president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.
. But the very next day, news agencies appeared Matthus words:
. 'For me to stay in the' Bavaria 'is absolutely ruled out by June'
. In the end, was chosen as the compromise date of 8 March. President 'Metrostarza' Charlie Stillitano agreed to wait until that date.

And four days earlier, on March 4, Lothar spent his last match in the Bundesliga. Farewell to Germany's championship he spoiled 'Stuttgart', winning 'Bavaria' with a score of 2:0, with the first goal, scored Bavarians, was just on the conscience Matthus. Liberia's most experienced dangerously close to the gate sfolil Listes on Hungary, and the well-known standards, Krassimir Balakov master stroke from the free-kick opened the scoring. However, despite such a blunder, a crowded 45-thousand in Stuttgart, spent Matthus applause when he was replaced by 69 th minute.

Before the game defender 'Stuttgart' Thomas Berthold gave him a farewell souvenir. It was a T-shirt, painted in the colors of all the teams for which Matthaus played throughout his long career: menhengladbahskoy 'Borussia', 'Inter' team of Germany and, of course, 'Bavaria'.

. 'I had plenty of time to prepare in this moment, - said into the microphone, Lothar
. - But still I feel that I will miss all this - Germanic stadiums, fans, this excellent football atmosphere '.
Still Matthaus was able to leave a winner. The most recent of his official match for the 'Bavaria' was the March 8 meeting with Madrid "Real Madrid 'in the second Champions League group stage. Spoil yourself another farewell Matthus simply could not afford. I played as in his best years. Yes, and 'Bavaria' at this time much more serious was the attitude to the wire of their leader, defeating the most titled European club 4:1. Thus Munichites guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. And he Matthus completed chapter of his career, the traditional Bavarian Happy endom. But the proviso that, except for departure to the national team at Euro 2000, will be forced once again to temporarily part with his new club in the event that 'Bavaria' second consecutive year, will be released in the Champions League final, to be held on May 27.

. 'I can not afford to miss such a chance, - he said
. - Last year's defeat by the DOJ has become a major disappointment in my 20-year-old's football career. I still remember with great sadness that game where we lost the victory in the last minutes. Therefore, at least for the sake of trying to take revenge from cruel to me the Champions League, I just have to be the 'Bavaria' in this day '.

This clause in action is not entered because Munichites stumbled before finals. A day before the date, May 26, Matthaus held in Munich farewell benefit performance, which was attended by many celebrities including Diego Maradona


'Tar' Championship of Europe

European Championship in 2000, when considered together with the qualifying round, it was the sixth in his career
. In the history of this competition be typed with a dozen players who participated in five cycles. But no one except him, missed the sixth.
. However, participation in the final tournament he has only four, and then given closer to the symbolic appearance at the Euro-80.

. If the world championships luck Matthus with favor (he was involved in five), then a European does not say
. Shortly before the start of Euro-92, he, as mentioned above, received a serious injury that ruled his trip to Sweden. In 1996, he was in disgrace with Berti Vogts. In 1984 and 1988, when Matthaus played in 'basis', no luck team in Germany. In the first case, it sank Spaniard Maceda, who in a few seconds before the end of the match (and the group of the tournament as a whole) scored a goal, not let the Germans in the semi-finals. In the second role in the fateful figure was made by Marco Van Basten, . whose virtuoso ball in the semi -, . scored in the penultimate (!) minute, . made a winner of Holland (2:1) and disheartened the whole of Germany, . host the championship and hope to see their players with the cup in his hands.,
. In short, the canvas on the theme 'Matthaus and European Championships' was painted in entirely bleak tone
. Euro 2000 was the last chance to inflict on him Matthus bright smear. But it turned out, alas, on the contrary: two defeats and a draw in three matches - the loudest slap in the face, which the Germans had ever received. A small consolation for Lothar was the only thing that he brought to the round numbers 150 matches her world record. But he lasted only about a year and was beaten by an Egyptian Hossam Hassan.


Slurred ending

C 'Metrostarzom' Matthaus signed a contract until November 2000 amounting to about a million dollars
. His work in this club from the start began to take shape is not as smooth as he expected. After the first match, losing to 'Miami Fusion' 1:3, Lothar disappointed said: 'I was more fire than the conductor. "
But they were only flowers. 'Berry' ripe, after he returned from the European Championship.

While he was absent, 'Metrostarz' typed in the number of players and made a stunning leap in the table - from last place to first. But statistics showed that in the matches held without Matthaus, were shown significantly better results than with. Management team, given these statistics, said that Matthaus has yet to win a position in the starting lineup, because it no longer seemed obvious. It was obvious that he did not come to court. Partners in the club treated him not reverence, did not hesitate to criticize him, that one of the matches resulted in a tantrum pelt Matthaus captain in the side of an arbitrator.

. He exchanged a series of verbal attacks and strenerom 'Metrostarz' Octavio Zambrano
. And on top of that, injured back. True, it was not so serious, and Matthaus left on the field in the match 'All-Star MLS'. Eastern Conference squad, for which he acted, defeated the 'Westerners' with a score of 9:4. Incidentally, the composition of teams in this exhibition show is traditionally determined by polling the fans, and for participation Matthaus voted the greatest number of respondents, who are inspired by famous names, not the real benefit of the player.

. 'I do not need' Metrostarz ',' Metrostarzu 'I do not need', - stated Lothar
. The question arose, whether it finish before the end of the contract. Three hours lasted a conciliatory meeting with officials of the club and the entire MLS, which resulted in Matthus agreed to return to their obligations. But the season in MLS fall in love with the event turned out not as a cost to account.

Women for him throwing a career

'Metrostarza' have been compounded by his amorous affairs. But before I touch on this subject, shall present his earlier relationship with a female.
Like Franz Beckenbauer, who replaced the three wives, Matthaus did not show continuity in family life. His first name was chosen one Sylvia. He met her while still a fourth-grade. In eighth grade, the courage to invite her on the first date. Played a wedding they were in 1981, has not yet reached every 20 years of age.
Sylvia at the moment studying at a prestigious University of Heidelberg. Without thinking, she dropped out and put a cross on a career in order to always be near the beloved husband. Couple migrated from Mnchengladbach in Munich, from there - in Milan. In 1986, Sylvia gave birth Lothar daughter Alice, two years later - another daughter Viola. In the first case, the happy father thanked his wife gorgeous diamond necklace, in the second gave her an even more luxurious gift - a cruising yacht, which was called - 'Sylvia'.

. In Italy, the couple Matthus lived in the mountainous alpine village mat, a villa built with imperial splendor and guarded day and night by five bodyguards.
. Union Lothar and Sylvia called exemplary, ideal
. Yet many years Matthus managed to lead a double life, owning a mistress in the person of Lolita Morena, who everyone called 'Queen of the Alps'.

. In 1982, Lolita, who was then 20 years old, her boyfriend persuaded to take part in the fight for the title of 'Miss Swiss'
. She not only accepted, but won the competition, take a few months later, the third place in the 'Miss World', and in 1983 - third place in the 'Miss Universe'. And there and there it awarded a special prize in the nomination "Miss photogenic '. Success stories on the podium, she not only because of beauty, but also through the mind and education: learning from the Department of Egyptology, University of Geneva, she had to master five languages.

. Cascade achievements forums beauties placed it in some of the most famous personalities of Switzerland, and Lolita changes direction in life
. She invited to a popular television show.

Lothar became acquainted with this charming brunette in 1986, one of the social receptions. At first glance, in love with her, and she answered him with affection. Since then, they held secret meetings that took place on 'neutral' territory. Usually some cozy little hotel somewhere on the marginalized in the mountains.
Conspirators, I must say, from Lothar turned out excellent. For five years he managed
. keep an affair with Lolita in secret, and this despite the fact that he was a superstar of Italian and German reporters reach them with great persistence.

. Lovers caught purely by chance, although the theory of probability is had to happen sooner or later: during the next meeting in 'their' hotel has decided to stop the correspondent of the 'yellow' publications - 'Bild'
. You can imagine how he was glad his incredible luck! And only God knows how long it would be even Lothar drove all the nose, not Originating a coincidence.

. Seeing pictures of her husband with Lolita, Sylvia teshilas initially thought that nothing 'a' between them
. When convinced of the treachery of her husband, hoping it was the fact that Lothar's fling and return to the family. No such luck: spell Lolita quite clouded his mind.

It became clear that the gap can not be avoided. And then Sylvia packed up and together with her daughters (one of which was 5 years old, the other 3 years) returned to Munich. Interestingly, parents of Lothar - Pieper and Heinz - all empathize with her, took her into care, and his own son for all to hear called the 'idiot, dropped out for randy beautiful woman and mother. "

. However, in financial terms Silvia did not feel unfairly
. In divorce proceedings, she got three million marks in cash and a house in Munich and a villa in the Kitzb?hel total cost is 15 million. In addition, the monthly maintenance Matthaus was identified in 20 thousand marks.
Lothar received the right to unhindered access to children. Stayed with him that same boat, now renamed to 'Lolita', and the villa in the mat, which became the new owner a week after it had moved the old.

Lolita walked in the footsteps of its rival. Sacrificed Lothar work gives her a half a million marks in annual revenues. In the summer of 1992, bore him a son whom they named Loris. In 1994, star shape to couple relationships.

A relationship has not received so smooth - they then diverge, then converge again until it came final cooling and divorce. Now Lolita lives with Loris. She returned to the old craft and presenter in films.

. Lothar immediately after the European Championship in Belgium and Holland, . instead of quickly returning to the United States to continue to work out and paid for him a lot of money, . went to the French resort of San Tropez with his new girlfriend Maren Muller-Wohlfahrt.,
. Photos of the blessed couple, which was filled in the pages of the press, resulted in the bosses 'Metrostarza' in rage
. Certainly, this novel has made a considerable contribution to that ending a career Matthaus was heavily slurred.

From the gate, turn

Then in his biography opens a new page - coach. Matthaus debut in this capacity took place at the start of the 2001/02 season. Lothar accepted the offer of Vienna 'Rapida' take the post remained vacant after the dismissal of Ernst purchase. Sept. 6, he was presented to the team along with his assistant, G?nter G?ttler. Earlier, he refused 'Eintracht Frankfurt' from Frankfurt and the Austrian same gaku.

. From the first days of his leadership team Matthaus said that the club desperately needs an infusion of financial, which would make some quality shopping.
. Of the entire cohort of players, has been on the list compiled by Matthus desirable acquisitions, managed to get only the ex-midfielder 'Stuttgart' and 'Rayo Vallecano' Gerhard Poshnera, who at that time was a 'free agent'
. In the 'Rapid' Lothar lasted just over six months: in May 2002 he received the second dismissal and has since pursued his activities in the role of the browser on TV and in press. In 2003, Matthaus proved to all his class coach pulling 'Guerrilla' in the Champions League!

Several presumptuous in November last year, he publicly declared his dream of becoming ever head coach of 'Bavaria'. Here is his sharp form was given to the gate turn. General manager Uli Hoeness Munich, . enraged critical comments Lothar to the club, . made in recent years (they were mainly related to the disgraceful departure from the UEFA Champions League 2002/03), . said, . that 'until my president and Rummenigge word will be anything mean in addressing, . Matthaus should not even count on the post The Lawnmower Man at the new stadium,
. If he was counting on some future in the 'Bavaria', he should not have allowed unrecoverable errors'.

. Answer Matthaus became his defiant rejection of the card honorary member 'Bavaria' - one of the gifts entrusted to him in 2000 at the moment of parting with the club
. This status gave him, in particular, the right of free entry to matches.

'I will not let Uli Hoeness has publicly insulted me. Nobody has the right to defame my name - said Lothar. - 'Bavaria' will forever remain in my heart, and I will continue to walk on her game. But paying for it out of pocket '

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Lothar Matthus, photo, biography
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