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Giuseppe Meazza

( football player)

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Biography Giuseppe Meazza
photo Giuseppe Meazza
Born August 23, 1910 in Milan.
Country Italy
. Position Striker
. Club: Inter Milan (1927/1928-1939/1940, . 1946/1947, . 365 matches, . 247 goals, . in December 1946 player-manager), . Milan (1940/1941-1941/1942, . 37 games, . 9 goals), . Juventus Turin (1942/1943, . 27 matches, . 10 goals), . "Varese" (1943/1944, . 20 matches, . 7 goals), . "Atalanta" (1945/1946, . 14 matches, . 2 goals, . playing coach) (all Italy).,
. Total national championships held in 463 matches and scored 275 goals (in t.ch
. in the series "A" 218 goals in 381 match - 3rd result in national history), in the Cup of Italy scored 14 goals in 18 games.
Inter (Italy) (1947/1948, 1955/1956)
Besiktas (Turkey) (1949)
"Pro Patria" (Italy) (1949/1950)
boys "Inter" (coach Sandro Mazzola and Giacinto Facchetti).
Team 1930-1938: For the Italian team held 53 matches and scored 33 goals.
. Achievements: World Champion 1934, . 1938 (team captain), . Champion of Italy 1930, . 1938, . Cup Italy 1939, . Winner of the Central European Cup Shvehla 1930, . 1935, . Cup finalist Mitropa 1933, . Top scorer chemionatov Italy 1929 (33 goals), . 1930 (31), . 1936 (25), . 1938 (20), . Member Unexpected Central and Western Europe (1937),


Giuseppe Meazza was born the second child in the family Annibale Meazza and Ercilla Borghi on Via San Luigi, in a quarter of Milan Porta Romana. Early left an orphan: his father died of his wounds shortly after returning from the front of the First World.

This fact, coupled with the early show leadership qualities have contributed to early adulthood "Peppino". With a passion for football - and after the war, Italy experienced an unprecedented boom in football - he is already in the 13 (!) Years of age founded his own club "Costanza", as it both team manager and president.

. Naturally, it was nothing more than childish fun
. After about six months Peppino realized that to try their hand at a higher level, and came closest in the neighborhood over a solid club, which was called "Maestro Kampionezi". There he beat almost all the positions - and to protect, and in the midline, and in the attack.

But here he did not stay long, having decided in 1924 to climb a rung up. This step was "Milan" - club, for which he was ill. But AC Milan has rejected him, culled for being too hollowness shall, and then the young Meazza decided to take revenge on him: he leaned in FC Internazionale Milano. Speaking for the club's youth team, he was twice in a row - in sezonah-25/26 and 26/27 - won a regional championship. All those two years he had carefully concealed his speech from the mother - apparently out of fear that it would not approve the election of the son of football business of his life.


HOW BECAME Meazza "Balilla"

In 1927, Meazza had become "Peppe", but the type was still Peppino: despite 17 years of age, he weighed only a 40 kg
. Nevertheless, it enlisted in the reserve team adult "Inter".

Home club team at the time coached the Hungarian ц?rpц?d Weisz. Putting players to participate in a pre-tournament "Volpi Cup" in Como, for some reason he stopped opinion on this "dystrophic". Meazza was invited at the last minute, and went out into the field in a match with "Milanese", scored two goals.

Then turned the Italian version of the famous story of Emtsom and Dobrovolsky. Weiss went to the locker room and proclaimed: "Now this Balilla will play forever!"

Here, of course, need to explain why he called Meazza Balilla. This is a well-known legend in Italy, according to which genuesky boy Dzhovanbattista Perazza nicknamed "Bullet" (in Italian - "Balilla") became in 1746 initiated the revolt against the Austrian invaders. In the 20-ies name Balilla became particularly fashionable, as the Nazis came to power called them teams, consisting of 8-14-year-old youths (option "Hitler Youth"). They were called the "Opera Nazionale Balilla.

That's a nickname given Meazza Weiss. Nikname entrenched and firmly established as a routine.


Weiss admired the skill of the young genius and really became a permanent basis for issuing the. The next summer tournament in 1927 - it was called "Lombardi-Makki Cap - Meazza not fail once again to take revenge on" Milan ". Inter beat him in the final 3:2, and the winning goal scored Balilla.

In 1927 the Italian championship was played in two subgroups with the final Pulque. Debut Meazza it was held September 27 in the match against Genoa "dominant". Debutant scored two of the six goals of his team (6:1).

After two years in Italian football there was a change. First, the name "Internationale", the teeth on edge fascists, was replaced by "Ambrozianu", and together with the renaming of the merger happened and the club with "Milanese". Secondly, it was established series - one championship with 18 teams.

Before becoming a professional football, Meazza worked in a bakery. The Failed baker in his first season in Serie A was its leading scorer and champion. Very interesting events developed in the last round. "Ambrosiana" played on a visit to Genoa CFC. If she wins, this club could overtake black and blue on points. The Genoese were taken into account 3:0, and seemed to have achieved the desired. As suddenly under the weight of the crowd of spectators collapsed one of the stands. When the match resumed after a forced break, some rare inspiration dawned Meazza, and he scored three goals in a row, all of which - thanks to a solo passages, starting at the center line. Inter brought the game to a draw 3:3 and received his first Scudetto.



Meazza different indeed reactive to the times velocity: he ran 100 meters in a football boot in 12 seconds (in vain that it be called a "bullet"?)
. In addition, he was able to turn the ball better than anyone. With its delicate physique, he was unusually legkonogim easily soared into the air and cut a trick that no one could repeat.

. He quickly became the leader of the attack "Inter" and then the "brain" against Italy, which debuted on Feb. 9, 1930 in Rome, in a match with Switzerland
. Two goals Meazza, which he scored in a three-minute interval, which allowed "Skuadre Azzurro" win - 4:2.

In subsequent games, he again had a decisive influence on the course of meetings. 2 March the same year in Frankfurt Meazza is featured on the 75 th minute, and Italy beat Germany 2:0. May 11 Italians crushed the Hungarians in Budapest, 5:0, and there is a 19-year Balilla scored the first three balls. They were fixtures in the Central European Cup, which at that time was the main competition for teams in the Old World. Officially it was called "Cup Shvehla". Thanks Gholam Meazza Italy won the tournament.

January 25, 1931 in the match against France (5:0), he failed a new hat-trick - a classic, made in the first half. It seemed as if God himself told Meazza continue to act in the position of Frontline. But coach Vittorio Pozzo. In 1932, as a central striker in full bloom opened Angelo Schiavio of the "Bologna", and decided for the sake of Pozzo Schiavio Meazza move to place the right insiders, displacing the former Argentinian Renato Cesarini from Juventus. On the left flank perfectly interacted with each other, Giovanni Ferrari (inside) and another ex-Argentine Raimundo Orsi (edge). The right edge possession Raffaele Constantino from Roma, but the beginning of 1934 FIFA World Cup, he was ousted from there came to the rescue of South America, two new "oriundi - Filo Guarizi and Enrique Gvayta.

. So Pozzo generate an optimum five attacks for mundialya-34, which in Italy, no matter what it costs to win: she had organized, and had to prove to the world the superiority of the fascist ideology
. Truths, as well as many untruths that goal was achieved. But, apart from the backstage affairs, one must admit that the 23-year-old Meazza was the main figure in the championship. It was a mature strategist who knew how to rebuild the game team during the match depending on the problem. Change Position (in the club he moved to the position of the left inside) as it does in the game did not affect. He became the most popular soccer player in Italy, as evidenced by the following fact: it was with him began the tradition of football stars to advertise goods and services. Meazza advertised perfumes.

Double world champion

Meanwhile, Inter could not repeat their success in 1930. Three times in a row - in 1933, 1934 and 1935 - he led the race for the championship with Juventus, and all three times it lost, satisfied the second line in table. Italy squad in November 1935, lost in Prague (1:2) rematch of Czechoslovakia, . in which the year before won the World Cup final, . and in November in London, the British lost (2:3) in the historic match, . which was called "Battle of Highbury",
. The Italians almost the entire game had to fight ten together, as is already the 4 th minute out of the game Luis Monti. British Meazza scored the second goal their team.

In 1936, the Balilla played for the national team in Central Europe, in Amsterdam, which won the Western Europe 3:1. In 1937 the first donned the national team captain. The debut of a new quality emerged unsuccessfully - Italians defeated the Austrians in Vienna 0:2.

But these were temporary setbacks. 1938-The year was fairly Meazza is the best. Team again became the champion of the country, but Inter finally, after 8-year hiatus, returned the title of champion of Italy. Additionally himself Meazza was the fourth time the King scorers of the national championship.


Shortly after mundialya at Meazza struck trouble. He suffered an appendicitis, and postoperative recovery was unusually heavy, and took many months. He returned to the team only in March 1939, in a victorious fight for her with Germany. World Champions were still in great shape and won all the contenders in a row. But England managed to avoid defeat (2:2). Match July 20, 1939 against the Finns in Helsinki was to "skuadry Azzurro" 19-m win-win in a row. For Meazza - the latest in its composition.

July 29, 1939 Meazza tied the knot with Rita Gallon. And then happened to him a new misfortune - clogging the arteries, which resulted in disruption of normal circulation of blood. Surgery put him out of action for more than a year. Tifozi Inter's eagerly awaited his return, the team without him in 1940 once again became a champion. But on Nov. 28, 1940 the press reported the sensational news: "Giuseppe Meazza again enters the field - but as part of Milan!"

And he really was wearing a red and black colors, making his debut for his new club on the first day of 1941. In the summer of 1942, his name again was the target of "bomb" in the Italian newspapers: Meazza becomes Juventus!

And in this super clubs of his career did not last more than a year: sezon-43/44 was disrupted because of war. For security reasons, the family moved Meazza in Varese, where Giuseppe was born the second daughter Gabriella (first - Sylvan - was born a year earlier). On this occasion, he helped the local club as a modest player-coach in the so-called "war championship, which was played in Italy for a multi-stage system in 1944.

. The same as he held the first postwar season at Atalanta
. In 1946 it again called the "Inter", which he could not refuse to help - first as a player, and since 22 December 1946, again as player-manager. On this day Meazza scored in Bari. His last match in Serie A, he held in June 1947 the first against the "Bologna".

In total, for Inter, he played 408 official matches, scoring 287 goals in them. This includes 27 games and 29 goals in Cup Mitropa - the most prestigious club competition pre-war Europe.

. Since the summer of 1947 Meazza worked as a coach - one season at Inter, then in the first half of 1949 in the Turkish Besiktas, but in the season 49/50 - in the "Pro Patria"
. After that, he worked with the magazine "Sports illustrative, above all - on the tactical and technical football.

. President of the Italian Federation of Ottavio Barasso gave him the chance to work with the Italian national team as an assistant Carlo Beretta
. But in the interval between 24 February 1952 and 17 May 1953, when continued during this period, "skuadra Azzurro" has managed to win just two matches out of eight.

. Then, Inter Meazza was used as an ambulance - when is urgently needed to "change horses in midstream"
. In sezone-54/55 he replaced the sacked from his post as coach Alfredo Foni, next season - Aldo Kampatelli, in a year - Annibale Frossi and Luigi Ferrero.

Since the summer of 1957-th Meazza was engaged in the sector of children's and youth football "Inter". Through his hands passed Sandro Mazzola, Giacinto Facchetti, and other stars Kalchiev the next generations.

Meazza died Aug. 21, 1979, before reaching two days before the 69-th anniversary. In March 1982 the first in his honor was called stadium San Siro, which, however, often continue to call it so, and not "Giuseppe Meazza". To World Cup 1990 stadium пЄпЎя?я?я€пЎп?п?п? the third tier, increasing its capacity to 85000 seats.

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