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MORENO Jose Manuel

( football player, coach)

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Biography MORENO Jose Manuel
photo MORENO Jose Manuel
Born August 3, 1916.
Died Aug. 26, 1978.
Country Argentina.
Position striker, coach
. Clubs: "Estrela de Brandsen" (1930-1934), . River Plate Buenos Aires (both Argentina) (1934-1944, . 1946-1947, . 319 matches, . 180 goals), . Real España, Mexico City (Mexico) (1944-1945, . best foreign players in the history of Mexican soccer, . idol of the public), . "Universidad Catolica, Santiago (Chile) (1947-1950, . 1951), . Boca Juniors Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1950), . "Defensor" Montevideo (Uruguay) (1952-1953), . "Ferrokarril Oeste, Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1953), . "Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (1954), . "Independiente" Medellin (Colombia) (1954-1960, . player-manager),
. Titles: Winner of the America's Cup 1941, . 1947, . America's Cup Finalist 1942, . Champion of Argentina 1936, . 1937, . 1941, . 1942, . 1947, . Mexican Champion 1945, . Champion of Chile 1949, . Champion Colombia 1955, . 1957, . 11 times was leading scorer in the national championships.,
. According to the IFFHS takes 5 th place in the list of the best players in South America and 25 th place in the rating of the best players of the planet
During his career: Held 950 matches and scored 850 goals.
Including the First Division National Championship - 489 games, 224 goals.
Argentina squad 1936-1950: held 34 matches and scored 19 goals.

In Argentina he is considered the best player of the country "domaradonovskoy era". This despite the fact, . that Moreno never played at the World Championships, . never participated in one Olympic Games! (Adjusted for a, . that the best football years, another great Argentine - Alfredo Di Stefano - took place in a distant relative to Argentina, Spain.),

. Moreno's dream to wear a T-shirt "River Plate" has come true in the age of 18, when the club toured in Brazil
. At the position of the left insiders boy played great and the next decade was determined to place their work. In 1935 he received a permanent seat on the basis of one year became the champion of the country. Of the five forwards "RP" Moreno was the youngest and most precast. He succeeded and scored with his left wing position and with the center forward position, where he often shifted. In addition, he inimitably worked with the ball and saw the amazing field. Unfortunately, nobody at that time not counting the scores for the system goal + pass - bombardirskie achieve Moreno would have looked even more impressive ...

During the 4 seasons (1936-39) he headed the list of the best goleadorov Argentina. Six days after her 20 birthday, he debuted as part of the country's national team against Uruguay (1:0), but at the Copa America-37 went to the more experienced players. In the Argentina squad Moreno established in the autumn of 1937, when he noted another bare the gate national team of Uruguay.

Home team of the country at that time was stronger than ever - especially in the technical plan. A powerful attack team was compared to a tornado, but the local functionaries did not agree with the selection process for FM-38 in France and Argentina will not go. When in Europe broke out of the Second World, South American football team had to stew in its own juice. The Argentines won the Copa America-41, a year later became the second, but made the biggest victory in its history - 12:0 (over Ecuador, 5 goals in the account Moreno).

. José Manuel shone in "River" (from 1936 to 1944 the team became the champion four times and the same time vice-champion of the country)
. In the early 40's in the "ER" has another strong striker Angel Labruna, also the most successful operating on the position of the left Welterweight. Moreno moved to the right flank and as if nothing had happened continued to play and score. Demonstrated the great attacking football, "River" of those years was called "1a Maeta" ( "Machine"), . and legendary quintet forwards commands, . where in addition to Moreno, and Juan Munoz Labruny shining, . Adolfo Pedernera and Felix Loustau, . entered the history of world football,
. And located at one of the most famous and beautiful of its pages.

Moreno combined a physical force and elegance, was a favorite of women, thousands valivshih to the stadium for him. Torsida wore it on his hands.

During the war years FIFA has weakened the control over how fulfilled contractual obligations of the ocean. Therefore, local stars freely migrated on the northern and the southern continent in search of more favorable earnings. Most of the time paid in Mexico. Autumn of 1944 went there, and Moreno, however, said ahead of the debut, that if the team in the coming season will not be the champion of the country, he promises to play another year without a salary. Real España ahead of Mexico won the championship in 1945, and Moreno and the local idol Luis Fuente became not only the best players in the country, but also inseparable friends. Star couple are not very fond of discipline, but it worked wonders on the field.

At the end of the season-56 Moreno had to go back and work out a contract in the "River". Along with 20-year-old Di Stefano for the following year he again led "RP" to victory in the national championship, and team - to the Copa America. But soon in Argentina has started an ambitious professional players' strike, demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Many players have left the country. Moreno went to Chile, becoming the champion in 1949 and the country. In the next five years, he changed clubs every year. Not for long, returning to his homeland, he offered his services are not "River Plate", which never forgave him absenteeism in Mexico, and the "Boke" and "Ferro".

In 1954, the 37-year-old Moreno became club from Colombia Independiente (Medellin). In the next season in the bitter struggle against the "Millonarios" headed by Di Stefano and Moreno Pedernera team wins National Championship. Unique achievement - the championship four different countries - forty years later repeated (but not surpassed), Liberian George Weah ...

. Since 1957, Moreno has two seasons coached Chile, Universidad Catolica, in late 1958-th returned briefly in the "side" as a coach, in 1959, briefly headed the team of Argentina
. In the spring of 1960-th unexpectedly reappeared in "Independiente" as a player and three times went out on the field in the championship matches of Colombia. Moreno's farewell game, football was held May 14, 1961 in a friendly match against Boca Juniors. "Independiente" lost 2:5, both goals scored Moreno.

Later Moreno, without much success coach "Huracan", "Newell's Old Boys", a number of Paraguayan club. But waiting for his cinematic luck - by marrying an actress, Handsome Moreno successfully starred in several movies, and one of them even acted as a director.

In the early 70's Moreno retired to rest. The last years of his life ill - has summed up not withstand the pressure liver. He died in 1978, having had time to catch the beginning of flowering of a football genius, Maradona and rejoice the victory of their country's national team in the Argentine "mundiale.

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