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Fernando Morientes

( football player)

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Biography Fernando Morientes
photo Fernando Morientes
Born April 5, 1976.
Country Spain
. Position Striker


Fernando Morientes Mega-trick of the season

espite the fact, . in other national championships scorer happened score per match and 6 goals, . and 7, . even 11, . we nevertheless recognize the author of the most significant mega-trick of the season striker and Real Madrid team of Spain Fernando Morientes,
. February 10 this year in the match, won by his club 7:0, he scored the "Las Palmas" 5 goals. And his achievement would be even more significant, he Realize 11-meter by 88 th minute.

Almost exactly ten years have passed since the last case, when "Transformers" scored seven goals. The last time this happened in sezone-91/92, when the victim was the Madrid Espanyol. And as the chief miner made Fernando Hierro, the author of Poker. In total, statistics counted nine cases, when "Transformers" showed just such a performance in the championship matches. Three cases occurred at a time when the "Royal Club" its domination "Quinta del Buitre" - "Five Vulture (Butragueц¦o), ie the second half of the 80-ies. By the seven heads of the "Real" received "Sporting", "CastellцЁ" and "Sevilla". Other precedents - a more ancient origin.

Morientes also did something to him six years failed to do in the league to anyone. The author of the last penta-trick was in 1996, Croat Alen Peternats of "Valladolid". It happened in superrezultativnom an away match against "Oviedo" (8:3). At Real Madrid last, someone managed to penta-trick was Ferenc Puskц¦s. Legendary Hungarian bombarded five exact hit "Elche" (8:0), January 22, 1961, in the 18 th round sezona-60/61. Also it did before four more "realist" - Pepilo, Miguel Munoz, Alsua and Alday.

More than five is not scored one, and if Morientes also implemented a penalty kick at the end of the match, he would generally become edinovlastnym record his club. And in the national history have caught up with three masters of the distant past - Sarah from the "Athletics", El Mundo of Valencia and Cesar of "Granada". They were sacrificed for the match with six goals. But this is not the limit. The chronicles of the Spanish championships recorded two cases were killed and seven. Naturally, they are too distant from us a solid layer of time. The name of one of the absolute sorekordsmenov well known - Cuba from Barcelona, the second - not very (Bata from Atletico Madrid).

. MAKES penta-trick, 25-year-old Morientes went close to the symbolic "Club 100 head of" the Spanish championship - at a distance of three balls
. By the end of the season, he broke it. Table scorers league among active players, he ranks third after his partner Raul and Rivaldo. By the way, Raul was not involved in that match with the "Las Palmas" due to injury, this partly explains the phenomenal outbreak Morientes. It focused the attention of all those in whom the duty is "to feed the hawks transfers. Primarily, of course, this applies to Figo, whose name has not been reflected on the scoreboard, but who also had an outstanding match. Three times it was he who assisted the hero of the day.

In the past season on account Morientes accumulated 18 goals, and this is his second personal record performance. 19 goals he scored for Real in sezone-98/99. "This is the best match of my career - said about the match with" Las Palmas "Morientes. - I scored only five goals in youth football. And in "Real" to did not do even a hat-trick ". It should be noted that only one of five goals Morientes scored his foot. All four jumped into the net on his head, and he recalled an idol and leader of the attacks, "Reala" 70's and first half of the 80-ies Carlos Santilyanu, unsurpassed masters (among the Spaniards) that is part of air strikes.

. For the "Las Palmas" this defeat was the largest in its history
. Record (1:10) refers to sezonu-58/59 and was provoked by the same "Real". And just more fun that the 25 th round (round, when he met with the "Real") club with the Balearic Islands was the best in the league to figure: missed balls. And his goalkeeper Nacho Gonzalez, . respectively, . held the lead line in the list of candidates for the so-called "trophy Zamora - Goalkeeper competition in the Spanish league, . the winner of which becomes the goalkeeper with the best ratio of goals conceded to host the matches,
. Nacho Gonzalez to the Santiago Bernabeu conceded 20 in 24. Collected them at the stadium an excessive string bag utyanula it deep down in the list. However, reflecting on Morientes penalty, he still found a way to show their qualifications.

2002 World Cup was to be a championship Morientes. Fernando came up to him in excellent form, easily replaced from the main body of Diego Tristan, who is originally Camacho made a bet, and showed excellent interaction with Raul. By the time the quarterfinals with Korea on his account there were three goals, and the whole sensed that this is not the limit. But what happened in this quarter, we all remember, and again to discuss this topic, perhaps, too. Can only note that one of two correct, but a judge canceled Ghanduriyah Spanish heads belonged to Morientes. And in extra-time by "Moro" was in centimeters from the "golden" goal, hitting the bar. However, credited to Ghandour this goal, Hit the ball into the net - is another question.

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Fernando Morientes, photo, biography
Fernando Morientes, photo, biography Fernando Morientes  football player, photo, biography
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