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Biography Gerd MULLER
photo Gerd MULLER
Born November 3, 1945 in Nerdlingene (Bavaria).
Country Germany
. Position Striker
. Club: TSV Nrdlingen "(1960-1964)," Bayern Munich (1964/1965-1978/1979, 427 games, 365 goals - a national record) (both Germany), "Fort Lauderdale Straykerz" (1979-1980, 63 match, 35 goals), "Smith Brothers" (both USA) (1981-1982, 17 games, 5 goals),
Team 1966-1974: In West Germany squad for the national team has spent 62 matches and scored 68 goals.
. Achievements: World Champion 1974, . European Champion 1972, . 3rd prize-winner of 1970 FIFA World Cup, . Champions Cup Winner 1974, . 1975, . 1976, . The winner of the Cup Winners Cup 1967, . Winner of the Intercontinental Cup 1976, . Winner of the Golden Ball European Footballer of 1970, . Champion Germany 1969, . 1972, . 1973, . 1974, . Cup Germany 1966, . 1967, . 1969, . 1971, . Winner of the Golden Boot top scorer in Europe 1970 (38 goals), . 1972 (40), . "Silver football boot" 1973 (36), . Bronze boots "1974 (30), . Top scorer of Germany 1967, . 1969, . 1970, . 1972, . 1973, . 1974, . 1978, . Record-breaker of the country by the number of heads, . scored in one season - 40 (1971/1972), . Best Scorer Champions Cup 1973 (11 goals), . 1974 (9), . 1975 (6), . 1977 (5, . as F,
. Cucinotta from the "Zurich"), top scorer Cup Winners' Cup 1967 (9).

. At the world championships held 13 matches and scored 14 goals (world record).
. In European competition had 74 matches and scored 68 goals (UEFA Champions League - 37, Cup Winners' Cup - 20, UEFA Cup - 11).
. He played for the national team "World Stars team against the Dynamo in the farewell match of L
. Yashin (1971)
According to the IFFHS occupies 13th place among the best players of the twentieth century.

ALL roared with laughter when I saw him

If the Dutchman Marco van Basten may be called the standard of grace and elegance, then Gerd Mueller should be called the standard of clumsiness. He was called in Germany "Man of the small head, tactfully replacing the word" little "more appropriate" sloppy ". And what were his goals, is the same and he was himself.

Here's what he wrote about in his book, Sepp Maier: "We in the" Bavaria "he said, scorer of Nrdlingen nicknamed fat man, appeared in 1964. Seeing him for the first time, we laughed to tears. Roundhead, with close-cropped hair, with a disproportionately large chested, bandy-legged. "

"I scorer of Nrdlingen" - hesitantly introduced Mueller. We again began to roar with laughter. However, when the first time we've seen Gerd in training, very soon not a trace is left of our ridicule. By training he is treated as seriously as to match. Pocketing goals in a training game, he exulted, as if a goal in the next round of the Bundesliga. Generally as soon as he approached the penalty area, it seemed that the guy was charged current of high voltage. His feverish, he was shivering, he moved like lightning. In short, it was a real nightmare for any defender.

In this we saw often. Three, four defenders around him, but he is all of them play with. When the autumn of 1964 he made his debut in the match against SC Freiburg, and he immediately scored four goals, it had already been shackled "Bavarian axis Mayer - Beckenbauer - Muller.


Antaeus, NA which are not HERACLES

In the world of football was not to compare him with anyone
. Journalists had to resort to mythological characters. Muller similar Anteyu - wrote "France Football" - Anthea, to deprive him of his strength, he had to get off the ground and lift into the air. But in modern football, and even antifutbole no such admission, which once used the Hercules.

. The powerful legs and low center of gravity helped Muller maintain balance in the most severe clashes with the trustees, who surpassed him in height and weight
. Gerd could not and did not want to fall. He was always on his feet and always fully prepared to strike at the gates. In training, he continued working out a special trick: at the time of the strike on the ball, when he stood on the supporting leg, on his attacking partner and tried to knock him, not letting the ball hit. But this is usually not able. Burly rarely able to knock down, even holds barred.

It is this quality - the result of a special body - allows Muller to beat on the move, without treatment, of any of the provisions, at any speed. Gates, he is equally good and shot at close range, and with long distances.


"Muller and I am on familiar terms:"

The original constitution Muller reflected even in the works of Vladimir Vysotsky, who skalamburil:
. Here's the match of the USSR - FRG
. Muller and I am on familiar

Vysotsky is a song about the World Cup 1970. There, he walked around a few stars of the tournament, but somehow ignored Muller, although he was the best scorer. As if sensing his "guilt" before him, he returned it to "payback" a couple of years later when writing "The victim is television."

. "I hear you, do not cry,
. Everything is in order in the taiga,
. Won the match
. USSR - FRG "--
. tells us a man obsessed with television viewing soil

That he really could only see in delirium. 1:4, 0:3, 0:1 - that scores the USSR national team played against the West Germans in the era Mueller. Of the eight goals that had entered into our gates, seven fell to its share. So much for "a short-leg":

In 1972, the Germans have invited our team for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Mueller made poker for 16 minutes.

After just three weeks, these same teams played the final championship of Europe in Brussels. Final turned into a brutal beating of one other team. Mueller made a double.

But he never managed to score Yashin, to which he is sought. The only way to do it was in his May 22, 1971, when Leo Ivanovitch escorted out of football. For 52 minutes, that Yashin was in the frame, Gerd was always aimed at the gates. But hitting the target did not work - and the protagonist of the evening was at the height, and Khurtsilava, guardian Mueller, not asleep.


Not in unison with Tchaikovsky

Where did this rare "instance"? On what grounds he grew up? On the basis of good Bavarian
. Nrdlingen - ordinary village halfway between Nuremberg and Munich. Gerd was the sixth child in a poor peasant family. In the 15 years he left without a father and went to work for printworks. However, before that he was a working farm and attended school only sporadically. On Sundays, he went to the stadium of the local club and they chased the ball from dawn to dusk.

He first appeared in the youth team. Then he received a certificate, which gave the right to play in the first team. The first season was fairly Mueller extremely well. "Nrdlingen" scored in his 69 league goals, and 46 (!) Of them were "Muller". It was expected that he will continue his career in the "Nuremberg," for then-coach "Nrdlingen" Kraft before he played for "Nuremberg" and preparing Gerd for this cube. The same desire and myself forward.

But his fate turned out differently. On the talented junior talking throughout the district, he began to receive from recruiters offer one more tempting than the other. But all of this "competition" furnish "Bavaria". Her scout, smooth operator, asked not to Gerda, and his mother. Soon, despite the protests of "goods" on the contract signature appeared Dita Frau Muller. That she made her son's property "Bavaria.

. Interestingly, Mueller immediately fell out of favor with then-coach of Bayern, "the famous Yugoslav national team player 50-ies Zlatko Tchaikovsky, who even objected to a contract with
. He took an instant dislike of this "peasant lad with rough manners and gait of a sailor". "Our club needs a sleek, stylish players, and not tillers," - muttered Tchaikovsky, which, interestingly enough, in spite of its musical name itself can not be suspected in a particularly refined manners.

. Coach excel in the epithet: "He would plow the land, not a football play
. What can be done from this bear among thoroughbred horses? "Years later, Tchaikovsky was forced to admit his mistake, remembering his old saying:" I saw that he was a thoroughbred steed bearskin rug. "

. In 1968, Tchaikovsky left for Bayern in the "Hannover"
. But then planted Muller pig. Well studied temper Gerda, he knew his Achilles heel - it was easy to provoke. When these two clubs met each other, he gave his defenders guidance. Those entire first half and only those involved. I have a: Muller replied rudeness to rudeness, and he was ejected from the field, and then discussed at the disciplinary commission.

In addition to the merits of the bombardier Mueller famous by the fact that he always had "an opinion". Accordingly, he conducted himself and the commission, for which he received two months of disqualification. As he left, he remarked: "I talk easily. Difficult to beat. "

Without Mueller Bayern Munich is a very different team. Having previously only two defeats (one of them - just from the "Hanover"), she fell into a prolonged recession. Fortunately, the disqualification Gerda had partly on winter break, because of what he missed only four games. Miss it more league title (which Bavarians still won) could swim away from them.

In that season (68/69) Muller confidently walked to the Golden Boot, but the unfortunate incident undermined his chances. He finished the season with 30 goals, which proved to be insufficient. But the very next year he took his winning the competition European goleadorov with 38 goals, and in 1972 improved and this achievement (40), again winning the Golden Boot.



Now is the time to touch bombardirskih achievements Gerd Muller, many of whom now seem to be completely unattainable.

. In 1974, he brought his number of goals scored at the world championships, to 14 and came in first place, ahead of Just Fontaine
. This is still a record. Catch Mueller Real total may Gabriel Batistuta - if Score 5 goals in the fields of Japan and Korea in 2002.

After the 1974 World Cup Muller finished playing for the national team. Von Schoen said that he was tired all the time to sit on their suitcases, and that his daughter stopped him know when he comes home after endless games and charges. He finished the speech, he scored 68 goals in 62 games. Although he was then only 28 years old, none of the other forwards in Germany's national team of all time could not even come close to it. Stay Gerd in the team and further, he could easily beat the world record Puskas (83 goals).

European appearances Muller scored 70 goals. This is also a record. Among the modern attacking no one even reached the turn of 40 balls.

In the Bundesliga, he stood at 365 goals. Naturally, this is the highest result for all times. For the present generation, even two hundred look something transcendental. For one championship (71/72) he was able to distinguish 40 times. Score top scorer of the Bundesliga has long been, at best, barely more than 20 goals, and sometimes omitted and below this mark.

Five times in league matches Germany Gerd scored five goals. And here he made a blunder, since found another man (read: another Muller), who once scored six. In 1977, when Gerd has played in the Bundesliga, he outdid namesake Dieter.

In embraces GREEN serpent

In 1981, Muller completed his career. That happened to him in the ensuing decade, he says reluctantly: "Left out of football, I suddenly felt that I had gone the meaning of life. Every morning I went to the same snack bar and a glass of wine telling onlookers, as I scored or that its goal. In the evening returned home, and there I was waiting for a whiskey and Coke. "

. Moment has come when the money earned in football, all were propity and family life because of the increasing addiction to alcohol Gerd collapsed - his wife had left.

. Old friends or sleep, nor spirit did not know about the degradation "Bombardier Nation"
. It opened for them only on the anniversary "Bavaria" in 1991, which were invited all the famous veterans. Franz Beckenbauer told me that was very struck by the deplorable kind Muller.

. One of the very popular newspaper published on the subject header "From under the table to pull out Beckenbauer", . although in reality it was not quite true: in the literal sense, Gerd, . "greedily to freebies and collapsed under the banquet table, . pulled out Uli Hoeness, . Club Manager, . and Beckenbauer did it in a figurative sense,
. He saw to it that Mueller was a two-week course of anti-alcohol and then rubbed his junior coach of Bayern.

. It was found that the degradation Mueller went back to the 70's, when he was leaving for training camp, hidden in the trunk of the car spirits, tinting and flooding them for conspiracy in bottles of orange juice
. He managed to keep their habit secret, and his tricks were opened only after many years.

. In 1995, when with great pomp commemorate 50 years of Kaiser Franz Muller was again at the big table in a magnificent solid company
. But this time he was the only one who has limited itself to mineral water.

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