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Biography OBRAYAN John
photo OBRAYAN John
Born August 29, 1977
Birthplace Playa Del Rey, California
Country USA
. Position Midfielder
. Height 1 m 73 cm
. Weight 66 kg
. Football Club: Ajax Amsterdam
. The first game for the national team U.S. held: April 22, 1998 against Austria
. The first goal for the national team scored: 16 August 2000 at the gates of Barbados

Footballer of the country is not soccer

How can I become a famous soccer player in the country where football is almost not respected by the public? Ask John O'Brien. It is precisely the famous football player from a non football country, the United States of America.

It is said that in the States, many people think that European football is a sport for cowards and losers. When a person has no talent for baseball or American football, then he has played in European football. O'Brien very surprised by this point of view. "Anyone, but the players I would not call cowards or losers!" O'Brien said, "Although of course it's true that soccer in America does not respect the many". Other sports it is absolutely not interested in. "Until 14 years, I sometimes played baseball, but this game I was not interested."

He never tried to imitate Kruifa or Maradona, because John had never seen a game of legends. To become a basketball star of world level, you need to play in the American National League. But to become a real football star, you need to play in Europe. O'Brien is well understood and sought it.

John was born in the town of Playa Del Rey, California and grew up in Los Angeles. His father worked as an engineer in the NASA space program, but surprisingly changed careers and became a seller of ice cream. At the age of 14 years, John began to play for the children of command to California flyers. Even in such a young age, O'Brien realized that the level of football in America at that time was not high. Therefore, to develop their game, John decided to go to Europe. One country in particular attracted the boy - Holland. He had heard many good things about the school's football club Ajax, and so when the coach flyers organized a trip to John Amsterdam, the guy went without hesitation. This happened in 1992. In 1994, John returned to Holland, took command bride, and, finally, was enrolled in the youth team of Ajax.

For 16-year-old guy in Amsterdam is full of temptations. John found a little hard to adjust to life in Amsterdam and to resist the temptations. Today, he has certainly got used to the freedoms of Holland and loves this country.

His first game for the U.S. team, John held against the Austrian team in 1998. Before that he had already called for the national team for a friendly game against Sweden, but only an injury prevented his early debut. In the past, John has played for the U.S. team up to 20 years at the World Cup in Malaysia in 1997, and U.S. team up to 17 years at the World Championship in Japan in 1993.

John O'Brien is one of the youngest U.S. national team players. He has excellent field vision and ability to give accurate transmission. In the Netherlands it is often compared to Ian Waters, a former famous football player of the Netherlands, because of these qualities. John also knows how to play well in defense.

O'Brien was named the reserve players for the 1998 World Cup, but has not played a single game for the major command. That is not discouraging, John, and he put a huge effort to be ready for the next World Championship 2002. Four years of hard work after the championship in 1998 fully paid off. Well, he showed the game in Korea! John is the author of the first goal against Portugal at the gate, and was a constant threat to the gate of rivals. His skillful communication and dribbling in the center of the field have created many dangerous situations and helped the U.S. team to overcome against Portugal and Mexico, and thus reach the quarterfinals for the first time since 1930.

. Game John and his adult vision of the game inspires hope in the hearts of American fans
. What is important is the fact that John O'Brien just 25 years, so that we can hope that we will see it at the next World Cup 2006 in Germany.

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OBRAYAN John, photo, biography
OBRAYAN John, photo, biography OBRAYAN John  football player, photo, biography
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