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Marc Overmars

( football player, forward)

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Biography Marc Overmars
photo Marc Overmars
Born March 29, 1973.
Country Netherlands
. Position midfielder, striker
. Clubs: SV Epe (1979-1987), Go Ahead Eagles (1987-1991, 11 matches, 1 goal), Willem II (1991/1992, 31 matches, 1 goal), Ajax (1992-1997, 135 games, 36 goals ), Arsenal (1997-2000, 100 games, 25 goals), FC Barcelona (2000, ibid)
. Team 71 match, 15 goals
. Debut in National Team: February 24, 1993, in the match Netherlands - Turkey (3-1)
. Awards: Winner of the Champions League 1995, . Winner of the 1995 European Super Cup, . Winner of the Intercontinental Cup 1995, . UEFA Cup Finalist 2000, . Champion Holland 1994, . 1995, . 1996, . Dutch Super Cup: 1993, . 1994, . 1995, . Champion of England 1998, . Cup England 1998, . Member of 1994 FIFA World Cup, . 1998, . Member of the European championships 1996, . 2000,

March 29, 1973 in the small Dutch town ERHRs born Marc Overmars, the future star of the Netherlands national football. According to Mark himself, he dreamed of football from the day when I saw a brilliant, unique game Johan Kruifa. Since that time did not pass and hours that he would not want an orange t-shirt. But the path to the national team was long and thorny. He studied at the school "Ajax" (Ajax), and he had to make himself more.

. He began his career under the guidance of his elder brother Edwin, the club forward "Forward!" Eagles "" (Go Ahead Eagles), finished playing at the age of 24 because of a serious knee injury
. The lessons were not lost brother, and when Mark was 6 years old, he became the first apprentice, and then player on the team second division of Holland, NE Epe "(SV Epe). And in 14 years, he made his debut in the club, who spoke for his elder brother. Being short of stature Overmars could not be a center forward, so he sent me to a place on the flank. Then no one and did not know what this boy has the speed train will make the position of the extreme forward hallmark of the Dutch national team. But it's all in front, and yet the next step to become the cherished goal of a contract with the club the highest Dutch league "Willem II" (Willem II), which Mark has signed a 17-year. For a team of Tilburg Overmars played just one season, had 31 matches and scored the only goal, having made his game to the whole football Holland indelible impression. Its a great game, crazy speed, feeling the ball and the quality pasa attracted the attention of fans and coaches, and, not surprisingly, at the end of the season he made offers Italian "Genova" (Genua), and Dutch "Ajax" (Ajax). Do not hesitate for a minute, Mark chose "Ajax Amsterdam" (Ajax Amsterdam) where he spent the best years of his idol, Johan Kruif.

. Once in 1992 the factory stars Van Galya, Overmars to fully realize its potential and flashed a game as a real star
. In his first season he became the player base of the great club and gets his first trophy - the title of the most talented player of Holland in 1992. Coach "Willem II" (Willem II) and did not think that Mark delivers excellent angle and hit penalty, and he can do it as left and right legs. Together with his new club the young striker burst into the world soccer. Playing on the left flank of the attack, the new game for the game handing helps its partners, breaking defenses rivals excellent technique and super speed, for which he received his nickname of "rapid" (Speedy Gonzalez). In the same season has come true dream Make: February 24, 1993, when he was only 19 years old, he debuted in the national team in the match against Turkey. Debut is issued for the glory, not worse than Kruifa, Van Basten and Bergkamp - Overmars scored already in the fifth minute, but his team won with 3:1. At the 1994 World Cup in the United States, he held all five games of his team, finishing it in the quarterfinals, where the team lost to the Netherlands in the future champions of the Brazilians in a stunning glow and skills match with the score 2:3.

. The players like Overmars - a godsend for any coach
. Where are becoming more flexible tactical schemes, from time to time be transformed from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3, or 3-5-2 to 3-4-3. And as Mark has a goal and a sense, it becomes even more dangerous for the opponent. In five seasons in the Amsterdam club Dutchman has scored 46 goals, among which the most important country in the Cup final and Champions League. In addition, Overmars very tactful player. The coach can not worry about that, some kind of discourtesy or simulation will leave his team in the minority. Of course, Mark will get a warning, but their number is negligible, and the "red light" in front of him he had never seen. That's why his place in the basis of not been questioned, . and when in 1995 the team played van der Sar, . Bogarde, . Reiziger, . Blind, . Seedorf, . Davids, . Litmanen, . Klayvert, . De Boers brothers and himself Frank Rijkaard Overmars not only not lost, . but shone even brighter,
. Of course, it was a dream team, as the brightest star in it, perhaps, was the Finn Jari Litmanen, but most of its beautiful head, he just scored with the gears of his good friend Overmars. In that year, "Ajax" (Ajax) won everything at home, but most importantly, he resigned Champions League, and after her - the European Supercup and Intercontinental Cup. On the crest of success began the next season. Ahead of UEFA Euro 1996 in England: but, alas. In one of the matches of the Dutch championship Marc Overmars injures knee. Trauma is seriously, and the Dutchman will miss the 6 months, including the game of European Championship, and his team vybudet of the struggle for a European trophy in the quarterfinal stage, losing to the Frenchman in a series of Penalty.

. Dutch soccer is not the strongest in Europe, it is rather Star Factory
. And players "Ajax" (Ajax) began to disperse. Left for AC Milan Klayvert and Davids, in "Barcelona" (FC Barcelona) moved the brothers Frank and Ronald de Boers. And Overmars, having recovered from his injury, decided to leave his club. His waiting in London.

Sailed across the English Channel, Dutch striker finds refuge in the "Arsenal" (Arsenal), with the Londoners joined the cashier amsterdamtsev at a round sum of 7 million pounds. Once again a brilliant season. "Arsenal" (Arsenal) makes a golden double: winning the FA Cup and UEFA. Not the last word in this success "said Mark Overmars - without receiving any warning, he scored 12 goals and just conquered by his playing the local public. His interaction with the partner team of Dennis Bergkamp has been just amazing. Generally, in the person of Dennis, he found not only a great master, a good teacher, but also the best friend. By the end of the season the Dutchman knew the whole of London, his photo appeared on billboards and magazine covers football.

. In summer 1998, Marc Overmars and Dennis Bergkamp were reunited with the other Dutch players and went to the World Championship in France
. Dutch coach Gus Hiddink managed to create a very battle-worthy team, but it was not so difficult, after all, his players - very often the stars, the most important thing is that he was able to bring team to peak form just to Mundialyu. And indeed, the Dutch added from match to match. Once dry draw with Belgium was followed by the defeat of South Korea 5:0, one of the goals was scored by Mark, followed by an impressive game with Mexico (2:2) and Yugoslavia (2:1). In the quarterfinal Holland waited favorites Argentines. Everyone remembers what it was a magical match and scored a goal Bergkamp. The Dutch won 2:1 and advanced to the semifinals, but Marc Overmars was unfortunate injury of the knee joint. It will not be as serious, but against Brazil, he was unable to play, but his team was beaten in a penalty shootout. There was also a match for third place, but the players that were killed this football lottery held him helplessly (but not mediocre) and the Croatians lost 1:2. However medal World Championship in France (for the 4th place, too, given the bronze medals) are only to make and so expensive trophy at the international level.

. After the World Cup, the two friends returned to London, but twice finished the season with silver prizes at the English Premier League, skipping ahead of Manchester United "(Manchester United)
. Overmars continued to please fans of his game, scoring more than 30 goals for Arsenal "(Arsenal), including his favorite - Peter Schmeichel at Wembley" (Wembley) in the FA Cup final. The winter of 2000 brought the Dutchman has warned London's managers about his desire to leave the club. They are interested in Catalan "Barcelona" (FC Barcelona), wanting to get Mark to replace Zendenu. But the Spanish club did not want to spread for a football player 20 million euros, would not, while the breeders have not seen the game Overmars at the European Championship 2000. Triumph orange at home failed, they lost again in the semifinals and again on penalties, but this time the Italians. But Mark was fabulous. He scored two beautiful ball into the goal as the Yugoslavs and was always very polite.

. "Barcelona" (FC Barcelona) will no longer pondered 20 million (a record for the Dutch football at that hour) and 27 year-old striker moved to "Camp Nou" (Nou Camp)
. Two of the season, which Overmars held in the capital of Catalonia, in marked contrast. In the first, he became a full player in the basis of stellar club, scoring 8 goals, half of which was decisive in the games and became the fourth performance in the "Bars". But the team won only 4 places. The following season, Overmars was hit in the reserve, first because of injury, then - because of tactical schemes Carles Rexach. Sam trainer more than once admired Dutch forward in the press. And what was: his game against Liverpool "(Liverpool) and Galatasaray" (Galatasaray) in the Champions League were delicious. As for the remaining matches? It is impossible to give 30 brilliant games, especially if you and the chances do not give. Admire admired it, and Mark appeared on over time. Worth of these schemes showed Rexach outcome - also fourth place and the resignation of the last. Having scored in this season only one ball in the summer of the Dutchman was forced to lie on the table to the surgeon. The operation was successful, plenty of time to recover, for the Netherlands national team missed the World Championship in Japan and South Korea, and a new coach, "blue garnet" - a favorite of Van Gaal.

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Marc Overmars, photo, biography
Marc Overmars, photo, biography Marc Overmars  football player, forward, photo, biography
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