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Sergei Ovchinnikov

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Sergei Ovchinnikov
photo Sergei Ovchinnikov
Born November 10, 1970
Place of birth Moscow
Country Russia
. Position Goalkeeper
. Playing career:
. Dynamo "(Sukhumi) - 1990
. "Lokomotiv" (Moscow) - 1991-1997
. Benfica (Portugal) - 1997-1999
. "Alverca (Portugal) - 1999-2000
. FC Porto (Portugal) - 2000-2001
. Since 2002, the "Locomotive" (Moscow)
. Achievements: Silver medal winner Russia in 1995, bronze medalist championship of Russia in 1994, winner of the Cup of Russia 1996, 1997, the qualifying matches of World Cup party-98

Main goalkeeper Ovchinnikov, Russia became after the national team headed by Boris Ignatiev. Goalkeeper Loko "gradually replaced from the start of experienced Stanislaus Cherchesova. Sergei defended our goal in the infamous because of biased refereeing Czech Krondla match against the Bulgarians and then in two games with Italy. These bouts of Fame Ovchinnikov fame did not bring, however, and the stone in his garden, no one could throw. That period was the most difficult in his career. In 1997 he moved to the Portuguese Benfica, where he remained in the shadow of the famous Belgian Michel Preud'homme. Team Russia does not get to the World Cup, losing two important points in the match with Cyprus, which Gates defended Cherchesov. In the national team coach and was replaced by Ovchinnikov, without constant practice game, was only the third goalie. Then at the helm of national team was Romantsev, replacing Byshovtsa. He puts Ovchinnikov for a friendly match with the Belarusians in Tula. and on one of Moscow's recent workouts Sergei gets thigh muscle strain and Paris did not even fly. Self Alexander Filimonov game at the Stade de France has prompted coaches for a year to forget about Ovchinnikova. The last time he was invited to the national team in 2000 for the match against the second team in Germany. However, in that match all match played Eugene Kornyukhin. Boss (nickname Sergei) offended by the whole world, saying through his agent that he was no longer going to sit through his pants on the bench in the main team of the country.

Aggressiveness - one of the characteristics Ovchinnikova. However, you can remember a lot of players extra class with no less aggressive than Sergey - Davids, Edmundo, Efenberg, Chilavert and other. Ovchinnikov often allows himself to harsh statements about Russia coach Oleg Romantsev.

. In virtually every interview Ovchinnikov stressed that he brought up the school in Moscow Dynamo, it is there according to Sergei taught him to put it mildly, not love "Spartacus"
. Once Upon a question from a journalist that he most dislikes, Ovchinnikov, without hesitation replied: "bread crumbs on the table and Moscow" Spartak ". And in general, keeper "Loco" does not hide his hatred for the team Romantsev and himself.

. Player Dynamo boss and did not, however, not without pride, declares that the most memorable for him was a victory in the final of the Cup of Russia - 1996 over the "Spartak" George Yartseva
. They say that after this meeting Ovchinnikov gave reporters a phrase that became famous later: "How pleasant it is at once" to "thirty thousand". Almost as many fans came in that day to support the red-white. Incidentally the first coach boss was polite and intelegentny Gavriil Kachalin. Hard to believe that he has taught since Sergei respond to the opposition.

Now many think that the relationship between Ovchinnikov and almost permanent mentor "Loko" Jury seeds are always rosy. For example, in 1993 after the defeat of the railway from Juventus in the UEFA Cup Semin was clearly unhappy with his playing goalie. But when coach begin to make their claim as the Boss, nedoslushav coach with a great crash slammed the door locker. This, in fact, debriefing and ended.

The fact that it is better not irritate Ovchinnikov, know and reporters. One correspondent of one of the sports media has written a devastating account of his game in one of Russia's championship match. Ovchinnikov learned that the journalist who wrote this article, I saw only seven minutes of the game from the entire match. What happened next is anyone's guess. Soon, however, the newspaper brought an official apology to the player.

During their stay in Portugal Ovchinnikov managed to get in a car accident, get some fairly serious injuries and become a favorite of fans of FC Porto. Last season he played in 33 of 34 matches. But then the boss has ceased to fall into the framework. Game Sergei satisfied and coaches, and teammates. The fact is that back in operation Vitor Baia - favorite of the whole of Portugal, a cult figure. As a result, we can contemplate one of the best players of Russia with mid-90's until today in the championship of Russia of "Loco".

Game Ovchinnikov after the return to Russia is simply amazing. One can see that vain Sergei twice found himself among the "Top 33" at number one and received a prize from the magazine Ogonyok, as the best goalkeeper of the country. Ovchinnikov and is now in good shape.

This he has proved quite successful game in the Champions League, at the same time returning to the place on the national team.

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  • TiSHa for Sergei Ovchinnikov
  • Boss did not play his hand. This is evident in all repetitions. So why is this the judge agreed with the decision? I have something I do not understand in this life ...
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    Sergei Ovchinnikov, photo, biography
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