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Victor Onopko

( Footballer defender)

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Biography Victor Onopko
photo Victor Onopko
Born October 14, 1969 in Lugansk.
Height 189 cm, weight 80 kg.
Country: Russia.
Position: Defender.
A pupil of the school's football Lugansk "Dawn".
He played for the "Stakhanovets" Stakhanov (1986), Shakhtar Donetsk (1986-1988, 1990-1991), Dynamo Kiev (1989), Spartak Moscow (1992-1995), since 1996, playing for the Spanish "Oviedo ".
In the championships: the Soviet Union 48 appearances - 1 goal, Russia 108 matches - 23 goals, Spain 216 matches - 5 goals).
Team: spent 105 matches (4 of them for the CIS, Russia 101), scored 7 goals
. Achievements:
. Club:
. Champion of Russia 1992, 1993, 1994.
. Cup USSR / CIS 1992, Russia 1994
. Personal:
. Best footballer Russia 1992, 1993.

. To date, Victor Onopko holds the national record for the number of times for the national team (on August 20, 2003 - 105 games), breaking the record for Oleg Blokhin - 101 game for the USSR national team
. Divides 48-52 places in the history of football on this indicator with Kohler, Bobby Charlton and Hector Chumpitaz

. Viktor Onopko loudly declared itself in 23 years in 1992 at the European Championship, when the match against the Dutch team outplayed on his flank itself Ruud Gullita
. Can not say that it was the best game in the career of Victor, but that it played a huge role in his fate. Interestingly, Gullit and he very well remembers the fight. In one interview he said: "In the game against the CIS team, I was under such vigilant attention of the Russian defense counsel that he could not create anything interesting in the attack".


Recently the game Victor Onopko regularly criticized in the media. It is called, and slow, and-track, and inert ... But for the past ten years, coach regularly use the services of this player. Byshovets, Sadyrin, Ignatiev, Romantsev, Gazzaev invariably invite counsel for the national team and trust him the most important post in the center of defense. For example, in the UEFA EURO 2000 Onopko criticized mercilessly. However, in the decisive match against the French and Ukrainian Viktor played at their level. And not his fault that in the end our team did not go to Belgium and Holland.

So what's the secret of longevity sports captain of Russia? Yes, sometimes Viktor mistakes that could cause the fans of our team to heart attack. But how many times it was excellent positional sense and experience of our team captain rescued from imminent destruction! Such matches be typed, probably more than two dozen. As in that famous match against the Dutch, Victor does not trust the neutralization of one of the strongest football rival. And, as a rule, the winner went Onopko. And who, say, our team is playing better head Victor? I think that in this part of the game from Victor is unlikely to have competition among the domestic players. A lot of accusations were made about the fact that he is too aged player to play in the defense of Russians, but when Victor was injured and did not participate in many of the qualifying games for Euro 2004, the protection of Russians into a courtyard.



Captains are in any team
. They are either chosen or appointed. But this does not mean that the captain is always the team leader, both on the field, both within and outside. Sometimes, a soccer player simply impose the captain's armband. But ask the players of the Moscow Spartak from 1992 to 1995, and each of them will say: Onopko was the perfect captain.

As someone extremely responsible, Victor never formally belonged to his duties. For example, say that in times of Spartak Onopko kept a diary in which were recorded dates of birth of all football teams. And long before the momentous events he began to prepare for the event. Therefore, in the "Spartacus" has never been such a situation, that someone forgot to congratulate, as often happens in other teams. Besides meeting the players conducted with the participation of Victor, has always been interesting and unusual event.

On the other hand, strict and exacting towards himself, Onopko able to demand and from other professional attitude to the. Responsibility and obligation Victor has long appreciated Oleg Romantsev. For example, before a friendly game against the Greek national team is Onopko was entrusted to carry out warm-up team. It is possible that after a career Victor may be the perfect trainer. At least, he has all the makings for this is.

In DONETSK from Lugansk

Viktor Onopko is one of the famous pupils of the former Soviet Union football school "Zarya". This school started its way in the famous football players such as Alexander Zavarov, Sergei Juran, and later - Sergei Semak. They are all in different years were (or continue to act) for the national team. Back in 1972 "Dawn" from the then Voroshilovgrad led by renowned expert Hermann Zonin became the champion of the Union. However, in 1978, when a small Victor Onopko only came to record "in football," team stars from the sky are not enough. All the young and talented players sooner or later leave the "Dawn", preferring Vorochilovgrad Kiev, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk. Onopko no exception. His path lay in Donetsk "Shakhtar" transiting "Stakhanovets" from Stakhanov.

In Donetsk, Victor was at the end of 1986, when Shakhtar coach Oleg Bazilevich. Competing for a place in the basis of "Shakhtar" was a serious. It is unlikely that young Onopko could seriously compete with such aces as legendary Mikhail Sokolovsky, on account of which 400 (!) Matches in the championships of the Union. It so happened that the father Victor is the other no less legendary player "Shakhtar" - Viktor Zvyagintsev, who played for the USSR national team 13 appearances.

SCHOOL Lobanovskiy

At the time, Victor Onopko, like any talented Ukrainian football player, was invited to Kiev. More precisely, not so much invited, how many transferred, because it's time to serve in the army Victor. Naturally, Onopko invited not as a player's basic composition, but as a football player who was to stand the test takes. But in the second part of Dynamo's players were such that other teams would serve as the basic composition. It is in take, Kiev Onopko met and became friends with Andrei Kanchelskis. Then, both players played together and Shakhtar Donetsk, Kanchelskis which went largely due to talk with Onopko.

In Kiev, Viktor collided with Valeriy Lobanovsky. Lobanovsky, incidentally, was not at all opposed to Onopko stayed in Kiev for a long time. However, Victor understood, that the level of take he has already turned, but before the star base is not call. In Shakhtar same under the direction of Valery Yaremchenko Viktor appeared a great chance to prove themselves. This command has been good prospects in the national championship, but the Union in late 1991 broke. And Onopko confronted with the question: how to live?

At this time, the CIS team players to decide for themselves the question - what team to play again. At the same Kanchelskis had three suggestions: Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. He chose Russia. The same choice made and Victor.


Happy Days

Learning about, . that Oleg Romantsev invited in "Spartacus" not too well-known player by the name Onopko, . yes even from the team, . has never played in Spartak football, . Many were surprised,
. It seemed that the last school Lobanovskiy and Yaremchenko, Onopko not really fit the red-white. Yes, and wishing to gain a foothold in "Spartacus" in that year was more than ever. We call for recruits in 1992 with the novel "Spartacus" was formed in different ways. Someone has clearly played a new team, and someone will soon have to find another place of work. But Onopko with the first match once blended into the new troupe. As a consequence, the first season of "Spartacus" has brought laurels Onopko unquestionably the best player of the championship.

Yesterday. Victor in the partial twenty-three loudly announced himself at Euro - 92. In 1992 and 1993 was unquestionably the best player of the country. He began a three-time champion of Russia. In the 96-m successfully adapted to the Spanish 'Oviedo'.

Today. After spending last season in the first division championship of Spain, Onopko still defended its place in the team and decides on issues of a new contract.

Tomorrow. Interest in the 33-year-old footballer shown recently to Onopko number of famous clubs of Spain and England, is paradoxical only at first sight. In the Old World demand for experienced central defenders is very stable. In Western European soccer absence of natural speed Onopko able to compensate for precise positioning. Fortunately for the game without a Libero player in the center of defense and does not require protracted falls to correct errors partners. Zone defense in all sports for that and is intended to neutralize the opponent's attack with a minimum of displacement due to the smooth interaction and mutual safety net.

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Victor Onopko, photo, biography
Victor Onopko, photo, biography Victor Onopko  Footballer defender, photo, biography
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