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Raimundo Orsi

( football player)

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Biography Raimundo Orsi
photo Raimundo Orsi
Born Dec. 2, 1901 in Avellaneda.
Died April 6, 1986 in Chile.
Country Argentina, Italy
. Position Striker
. Clubs: 1917-29, 1935-37, Independiente (Buenos Aires), 1929-35 Juventus (Turin), 1937 - "San Lorenzo", 1937-38 - Peц?arol (Montevideo), "Flamengo" (Rio de Janeiro)
. Achievements: World Champion (1934), champion of South America (1927), 2-time champion Argentina (1922, 1926)
. 5-time champion Italy (1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935), 2 nd prize-winner of the Olympic Games in 1928.

The son of Italian and Spanish mother, who was born in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Raimundo had in 14 years to become a member of the club Independiente, and in 16 years, made his debut in the core team in a match against Racing ". Twelve years Orsi successfully defended the colors of the Argentine club, twice became the champion of the country, and since 1924 has been regularly called under the banner of national team of Argentina. In those early 20-ies of the last century, when the World Cup there was only a draft, football tournaments at the Olympic Games were the biggest event of global significance. In 1928 in Amsterdam, the little Argentinian named Raimundo Orsi boomed throughout Europe. By the time he played for the national team of Argentina 13 appearances and scored 4 goals and held the title of champion of South America.

. Short stature, always with a neat haircut, a quick drib-ler with magnificent Finta, he rapidly gained popularity in the Old World
. At the end of the Olympics on the left-flank forward his eye "Juventus", which was already one of the richest clubs in the world. For a very reasonable sum of money "Ying-dependente" sent his best player in the Apennines. In addition to high wages Orsi received personally from the president "Old Signora" Agnelli, luxury car, but from the fans nicknamed "Mumm" - "baby".

Work out an advance Orsi could not immediately. For six months he was kept in reserve, but, finally, the debut of the Italian club took. But within four months Orsi took in Italy squad. For all rumors about this great Italian coach Vittorio Pozzo replied: "If they can die for Italy, it can and play football for her". Thus Orsi became the first Italian "oriundo" - player-South Americans, who took Italian citizenship.

. In the early 30-ies Juventus won five consecutive championships in Italy, and Orsi was one of the few players who participated in all five tournaments
. For six seasons, held in the "Bianconeri", Orsi has played in 177 games, scored 76 goals and was considered one of the best players of the club. His bombardirskie full capacity already evident in the first two seasons in Italy, when he scored 39 goals in 66 matches. But apart from this phenomenal football player technically was a talented organizer of the game.

His first match for the Azzurri Orsi played on Dec. 1, 1929 against Portugal in Milan (6:1), and scoring two goals, was the best of the six debutants. Eighteen years later, in a match against the Portuguese in the same Potro (2:0) Orsi sent the ball into the goal directly from a corner. This goal considered to be the first to congested so in the matches of the European teams.

27 consecutive matches held Orsi in the ranks of "Skuadry Azzurro", but in December 1933 in a game of Juventus v. Lazio, he suffered a serious injury - broken leg. One and a half months he spent in the hospital for three months could not train. There were doubts about the inclusion of "Mumm" in the national team for World Cup. But Pozzo risked, and in the opening match against the U.S. team was marked by Orsi take! He saw an equally sharp and dangerous as before the injury. And the most important ball Orsi scored in the final match at the gate mundialya team of Czechoslovakia. With a 1:0 in favor of the guests failed him an incredible blow to the nine carved from an acute angle (although, with Swedish referee Eklind closed his eyes to block the part of the game hand Meazza and Ferrari). The balance in the account was restored, and in extra time the Italians efforts Schiavio snatched victory. Regarding goals Orsi, it hit so so unexpected that none of the cameramen and photo correspondent was unable to fix it on film. The day after the final newfound champion appeared on the field to repeat his miracle goal. Such a blow he managed to repeat somewhere in the 50 th attempt!.. All in all, consisting of the Blue Squadron, he scored 13 goals.

After this great victory less than a year, as Orsi, playing the last 35-second match for the national team against Austria (March 24, 1935, 2:0), he returned to Argentina. Just three years he played in "Independiente", and his brilliant playing career finished at the age of 37 years in Brazil, Flamengo ". Later he worked as a coach in Argentina, Rosario and Mendoza, "Chilean" pasonale "Mexican" Atlanta. "

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Raimundo Orsi, photo, biography
Raimundo Orsi, photo, biography Raimundo Orsi  football player, photo, biography
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