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OWEN Michael

( football player)

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Biography OWEN Michael
photo OWEN Michael
Born December 14, 1979.
Hometown Chester, England.
Country England
. Position Striker
. Height 170 cm
. Weight 68 kg
. For England held 35 matches and scored 16 goals. (23/05/2002)
. Per team Liverpool had 184 matches and scored 100 goals. (29/12/2001)
. Michael Owen has signed a professional contract with Liverpool in December 1996, when he was barely 17 years old
. Ranne in 1996, he shone in Liverpool, although the club's youth team, which won the FA Cup Championships. Before that broke many records and was considered one of the most promising young footballers the UK.

In Liverpool debut May 6, 1997 in the Premier League match against Wimbledon. Scored a goal, but the Merseyside club still lost with the score 1:2. Was named the best player of this meeting. His first international goal in the match scored in the game with the Scottish Celtic in the UEFA Cup on Sept. 16, 1997. In October, has already been invited to a training camp the first England team.

November 18 made his first hat-trick in the gate "Grimsby" (League Cup). Total all season 1997/98 chop 21 goals. In February 1998, included in the main part of England. Became the youngest player in team century, when his debut in a friendly against Chile. February 14, 1998 scored three goals in the Premier League match at the gate "Sheffield Wednesday". In April, received a red card in the game with Manchester United. At the end of the season 97/98 has been recognized young player of the season. BBC in 1998 found him sportsman of the year.

Was included in the application of the England 1998 World Cup in France. Having to replace, Owen scored the goal against Romanian national team in the group stage. Zabil brilliant beauty ball in a match 1 / 8 finals World Cup with Argentina team, and then acquired the status of national hero. But, unfortunately, this game was for the British final in France. Speech at the world championship of the young Liverpool striker has created a phenomenon called "ouenomaniya."

Season 98/99 Michael again began brilliantly, a lot of hammering. August 30, he scored a hat-trick in the gate "Newcastle United", and October 24 - Poker in the meeting with Nottingham Forest FC. However, severe knee injury Owen in April 1999 in the match against Leeds, marred season. Because of this tram Owen out of action for six months.

In the next season, Owen came not at once - too much time needed to restore. In January 2000, receives retsediv injury, because of this he was again eliminated in 2 months. However, all these troubles have not prevented Owen to become top scorer on the results of the season.

. At Euro 2000, Owen spent all 3 matches England team and scored one goal, the goal of Romania.

. Season 00/01 Owen, like the whole team had a brilliant
. September 8, he makes a hat-trick in a match against Aston Villa. February 15 puts on his knees Rome, pocketing 2 unanswered ball into the goal, Roma. May 5 scored three goals in the gate Newcastle. May 12 thanks to two Gholam Owen Arsenal Liverpool wins FA Cup. Just this season, Michael scored 24 goals.

And next season, 01/02, Owen starts amazingly:'s hat-trick in the gate "Khaki" double "Vest Ham, decisive goals" MJ "and" Bavaria "in the Charity Shield and European Super Cup, respectively. 1 September of 2001 in the match between Germany and England in Munich, Michael Owen makes a historic hat-trick in the gate of the Germans. Due to this, he stavnovitsya first Englishman to score three goals to the Germans, since Geoff Hurst. December 17, 2001 European football journalists called Owen's best players in Europe in 2001. Mike receives the "Golden Ball". December 29, Owen, in a match with "Vest Ham, scored his 100 th goal for Liverpool.

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OWEN Michael, photo, biography
OWEN Michael, photo, biography OWEN Michael  football player, photo, biography
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