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Perkhun Sergey

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Perkhun Sergey
photo Perkhun Sergey
Born September 4, 1977
Died: August 28, 2001 in Moscow.
Hometown Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Country Ukraine
. Position Goalkeeper
. Playing career:
. 1993-1998 Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk.
. 35 matches of the Ukrainian championship, 7 matches of the Cup of Ukraine.
. Debut of Oct. 8, 1993 in the match Dnipro - "Dynamo" (2: 1)
. Youngest goalkeeper of Ukraine, who played in the major league championship.
. Ukrainian national team - 1 game
. Junior Team Ukraine - 4 matches
. Football Team Ukraine - 8 matches
. Bronze medalist European Championship in 1994 among boys.
. Youth Team of Ukraine - 11 matches
. 1999-2000 "Sheriff, Tiraspol, Moldova.
. Cup of Moldavia, 1999
. 2001 CSKA, Moscow.
. 13 matches of the championship of Russia
The last game August 19, 2001 in a match "Anzhi - CSKA (0: 0)

In the 13 matches of the championship of Russia missed 6 goals, 7 games defended the "dry". Never missed more than one ball per match.

The tragedy took place in Makhachkala during the match "Anzhi - CSKA (0: 0). On the 75 th minute of the game in the long transfer of striker responded hosts Budunov, which rushed towards the army goalkeeper Sergei Perkhun. Clash of the players has led to tragic consequences. Budunov escaped with a concussion with partial loss of memory. Currently, his life is not threatened. Sergei Perkhun suffered much more serious - an open brain injury. According to Army medical team, Sergei Perkhun still quite a long time in mind, asking questions, interested in the final score of the match and looked quite cheerful. A local hospital Sergei Perkhun sewed up his head, made by injection and have decided that you can take him to an army plane. But on the road from the hospital in the state airport Sergei Perkhun deteriorated and has become critical. Sergei Perkhun immediately returned to the hospital, where he came of clinical death, which lasted about 7 minutes. Then the heart stopped one more time. After resuscitation Sergei Perkhun fell into a deep coma. The next day a council of doctors in the Institute of Neurosurgery. Burdenko put a primary diagnosis of "total cerebral edema" and noted health Sergei Perkhun as "hard but stable". Within nine days, Sergei Perkhun unconscious, connected to a respirator, was in the intensive care unit. Doctors refused to give predictions, but the medical literature in similar situations draws patients bleak prospects. Despite some emerging positive elements in the patient's condition, on Monday stopped cerebral circulation, brain cells began to die. Despite the fact that the process is generally considered irreversible, doctors several hours fighting for the life of Sergei Perkhun.

. Sergei Perkhun was a disciple of the famous football school Dnepropetrovsk Dnepr-75 ".

. At age 16, Sergei Perkhun debuted in the first team "Dnepr"
. When the principal got injured goalkeeper Nick Medin, . coach Nikolay Pavlov was not afraid to put neobstrelyannogo in these men's battles goalkeeper for the match with Kryvbas, . Any game with that for Dnipropetrovsk turned into a serious and principled fight,
. Beginner cope with emotion and defended the great - Dnipro won 2:1. As yet, Sergei Perkhun remains the youngest goalkeeper of Ukraine, who played a match in the premier league championship.

. In 1994, in the junior team of Ukraine Serhiy Perkhun went to the European Championships in Northern Ireland and came back with a bronze medal
. In 1999, the financial problems in the "Dnepr" forced zhenivshegosya by that time Sergei Perkhun move to Moldova, Tiraspol, where the "Sheriff" just needed a good goalkeeper.

Sergei regularly invited to the youth team of Ukraine. Quickly enough Sergei Perkhun escalated the level of the Moldovan football. Therefore gladly accepted an invitation from Moscow. At the beginning of last season, they strongly interested zilovskoe "Torpedo". Eugene Kucherevskii, who knew Sergei Perkhun not hearsay, can not forgive himself for having yielded to the entreaties of the club management and allowed himself to be persuaded - they say, good goalkeepers in the team are in excess. So Sergei Perkhun became army, quickly ousted from the frame Novosadovaya and played so confidently that his colleague had to urgently look for new team. In the game handwriting Sergei Perkhun had everything that distinguishes a first-class keeper - an excellent reaction, the ability to play at the outputs, excellent Goalkeeper equipment. At the same time in the life of Sergei Perkhun remained extremely modest man. Open and communicative, he at the same time very reluctant evaluated their own game. Become the idol of the fans just six months is not given to each. Sergei achieved much recognition. And this despite the fact that he never sought to show off, but just honestly carried out his professional work. All this is seen, therefore valued and respected.

In memory of all football fans Sergei Perkhun forever young, beautiful, talented and fiercely brave goalkeeper.

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Perkhun Sergey, photo, biography
Perkhun Sergey, photo, biography Perkhun Sergey  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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