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Biography PLATINUM Michelle
photo PLATINUM Michelle
Born June 21, 1955 in the village Zhef.
Country France.
Position Midfielder
Clubs: Nancy, Saint-Etienne (both France), Juventus (Italy).
For the French team has 72 matches and scored 41 ball.
. Achievements: European Champion 1984, . Bronze medalist in 1986 World Cup, . Cup Champions 1985, . Cup Winners' Cup in 1984, . European Super Cup 1984, . Intercontinental Cup 1985, . Champion of France in 1981, . Cup France 1978, . 2-times champion of Italy (1984, . 1985's), . Cup Italy 1983,
Individual Trophies: Winner of the Golden Ball as the best footballer in Europe 1983, 1984, 1985 years.

Two decades ago, as now, Italian soccer was considered the strongest in the world. Many predicted that the brilliant Frenchman, going to 82-meters from the Saint-Etienne "in the" Bianconeri "not stand the test of Italy. Even as a stand! Received three "Golden Ball" in a row! To this day, Platini called the best player of Juventus' all-time. If in the late 70's someone said that France has a football, a talent not inferior to German, Dutch or Italian superstar of that time, this statement certainly would cause a skeptical smile. Indeed, while France was the most mediocre football country, weaker, perhaps. USSR. And the French clubs, leaning out abroad, has always received on the nose. and the team stood still - somewhere in the second or third top ten world classification. Yes, and newcomer to the melodious Italian name Platini seemed too frivolous, light, romantic, smiling and gentle for that Zaruba, which is called the great football.

Such as platinum, rivals cut with particular satisfaction, exasperation explaining later that football - not ballet. But Platini - still got to the football Everest, jumping over the legs Kostolomov, dodging blows to the right - the left and avoiding serious injuries. Today, this recovery looks downright serene and relaxed. When the boy was standing at the foot of the mountains, few who saw him at the top next to Pele & Co. Platini nazabival lot of goals (384) in official matches - at 0.6 goals per Jurassic. Here's a chronological (by year, separated by commas) head number only in the championships: "Nancy" -17,22,25,18,12, "Saint-Etienne - 16,20,22; Juventus - 16,20,18, 12.2. Amazing performance! And despite the fact that Platini has never been a pure winger. And if you define briefly, who is a Platini ... Of course, no scorer. Maybe. simply clever, . Bright head? Maybe, . genius? Do not want to use the cliche "thinking" player - I think full - full, . but then of thinking requires some effort gyri, . and Platosha (so lovingly and still call it in France), . seemed, . and not making any special effort, . creating masterpieces in the field,
. Lit up the boy acted on a whim, when they are always there. where necessary, without looking at handing out passes, scoring "illogical" goals, and sometimes mesmerized the rival, such as in the final of Euro-84 when struck free-kick straight at goalkeeper Arconada Spaniards, who missed the cross-hand ... Under the same penalty forced "enemy" "wall" bounce (covered the upper corners, to whom was very eager our hero), and the ball was flying under the bottom suddenly frozen "patsy" past goalkeeper dupe ...

Recall CHE-84 (a truly championship Platini - 9 goals in 5 games) and the semi-final France - Portugal. In extra time when the score was 1:2 (there was no rule "golden goal") Platini, it seemed, was obliged to take a pass in the penalty, but ... missed the ball between the legs, back of the head sensing the oncoming defender Domergue. Beat the awesome power of-2: 2. And in the last seconds of the game, . where any delay is fatal, . he is on the line goalie started comedy false swing and consistently knocked on the lawn of three Portuguese, . including the goalkeeper, . and over all this pile-small samples under the crossbar! And here's another of the unforgettable,
. Friendly match with the Italians, the French team in 1978. During the first 9 minutes before the end of the judge shall appoint a penalty in the gates of the "impregnable" Dino Zoff. Takeoff - gol. Referee: goal cancels - struck up whistle. No problem! Again, a short (two steps) running start - a goal in the same nine with millimetric precision! Of course, after such performances was singing the praises of the whole of France Michel Platini - the same as today glorifies Zinedine Zidane.

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PLATINUM Michelle, photo, biography
PLATINUM Michelle, photo, biography PLATINUM Michelle  football player, photo, biography
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