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Pusks Ferenc

( football player)

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Biography Pusks Ferenc
photo Pusks Ferenc
Born April 2, 1927 in Budapest.
Country Hungary, Spain.
Position Striker
Clubs: Kispest (Hungary), Real Madrid (Spain). Over 533 club teams had the match, scored 511 goals.
For teams of Hungary and Spain had 88 matches and scored 83 goals.
Achievements: Olympic champion in 1952, Vice-world champion in 1954, 2-times Cup champions (1959, 1960.), 5 times champion of Spain (1961-1965.) Cup Spain 1962.

Football biography
1927 Born in Budapest on April 2.
He made his debut in 1943 in Kispest, which had played his father.
1945 First played for the national team of Hungary in the match against Austria.
1948 Together with all the other players "Kispest" moved into the new army club HonvLd ". Became the best scorer of the championship in Hungary, scoring 50 goals for the season.
1952 was the captain of the Hungarian national team, which defeated Yugoslavia in the final football tournament of the Olympic Games in Helsinki.
1953 entered the history of world football as the creator of the legendary victory over the English of Hungarians (6:3) at Wembley (more on the game, see here).
1954 Despite the injury, came out to play in the World Cup final, when Hungary lost to West Germany Bern 2:3. This was the first four years of defeat against Hungary.
1956 remained in the West, when the Hungarian revolution broke. His club HonvLd "at that time was abroad - went to play away from Atletico Madrid from Bilbao in the next match of the European Champions Cup.
1958 signed a contract with Real Madrid, where he worked while former coach HonvLd "Emil Estrayher.
1960 scored four goals in the famous European Cup final, when "Transformers" crushed Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt (7:3) at Hampden Park in Glasgow.
1962 Participated in the World Cup in Chile, but this time played for Spain.
1966 Graduated career and began working as a coach.
1971 has been successful as a coach, when he brought an outsider, the Athens club Panathinaikos in the final of European Cup (it lost to Ajax - 0:2 at Wembley).
1993 for a short time was appointed acting head coach of the Hungarian national team during qualifying for the World Cup 1994
Ferenc Pusks and to this day remains one of the greatest players in history. His name has long been a symbol of the legendary "Hungarian magicians" - team, which is fully dominated European football in the 50-ies. - Without exaggeration, a great team, which, however, failed to win the World Cup.

Father Puskas played for the club Kispest ", which later became a coach. In 16 years, Franz has played in the main part of the club's position on the left welterweight striker and plunged into the horror Goalkeeper opposing teams with powerful blows. Pusks rarely hit the right foot, but the blow had left was the really "lethal".

In the first 18 years Pusks played for the national team of Hungary. His amazing game to a large extent was the reason that "Kispest" transformed into a new army sports club HonvLd, which was the backbone of the national team.

. Within four years, the Hungarian national team, which included goalkeeper Gyula Grosics, inside right Jozsef Bozsik and the famous trio of attackers welterweight Sandor Kocsis, Nandor Hidegkuti and Pusks, had no equal
. Hungarians crushed all. They also presented a new tactical concept of the game. Inside-forwards Kocsis and Pusks always stayed on the edge of the attack, and Hidegkuti was on a completely new position "dragged" Frontline. In 1952, Mr.. Hungary became the Olympic champion, and a year later dealt a crushing defeat of England at Wembley (6:3). This was the first defeat, which is "invincible" British team suffered from the opponents from Continental Europe.

At the beginning of next year, Hungary again defeated England in Budapest (7:1). No wonder that the Hungarian team was listed as the absolute favorite of the World Cup 1954. Switzerland. Everyone was waiting for only victory of the Hungarians. But Puskas problems. At the beginning of the final stage of the championship, he suffered a serious injury in the match with Germany. He did not participate in all subsequent matches, almost did not train and went on the field only in the final in Berne, when Hungary again met with the FRG. No one knew whether his famous stand "lethal" left is the voltage. Sam Pusks was sure that the stand, and decided to play. At first it seemed that his risk justified itself. Already at 12 minutes Hungary led - 2:0. It seemed that victory is assured. However, the Hungarians lost (2:3). Thus ended their unbeaten run at the championship. They lost just one match, but the most important.

Eight years Pusks again attended World Cup. But in 1962. in Chile, his "murderous leftist" has defended the honor of Spain. By the time Pusks moved to the West and played for Real Madrid. In 1956, when the Hungarian revolution took place, "HonvLd played on travel abroad. Pusks and several of his teammates decided not to return to Hungary. He tried to settle in Italy, but Italian clubs, in which he addressed considered him too old and did not want to sign a contract with him. Then it turned out that they were big mistake. Brilliant career in Madrid, Puskas had eclipsed even its remarkable success in Hungary.

Pusks four times was leading scorer in the Spanish Championship. His famous "bundle" with the Argentine Frontline Di Stefano and still is considered one of the greatest in the history of football. They showed the true wonders of football skills at the legendary night at Hampden Park, when the Madrid crushed Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt (7:3) in the final of the European Cup in front of a record number of viewers - 135000.

. Di Stefano scored a hat-trick, and Pusks scored four goals
. Spanish fans literally adored him. When Pusks played for the Hungarian army club HonvLd, he was nicknamed "the irrepressible Major". The Spaniards called it Canoctico - "cannon".

Pusks ended his career only in 1966. He could not worry about the future, as investments in various profitable enterprises, including in a sausage factory near Madrid. He tried his hand at coaching job, but without much success, except for the 1970/71 season, when he led Athens Panathinaikos in the European Cup Final.

. Over time Puskas have the opportunity to return to his native Hungary, where he was greeted as a national hero
. And this was not surprising. In the end, how much you know players who scored 83 goals in 84 games for his national team?

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Pusks Ferenc, photo, biography
Pusks Ferenc, photo, biography Pusks Ferenc  football player, photo, biography
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