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Raul Gonzalez

( football player)

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Biography Raul Gonzalez
photo Raul Gonzalez
Born June 27, 1977.
Country Spain
. Position Striker


Too thin to play

Everything in this world tends to equilibrium: its current financial and professional well-being seemed to compensate for the deprivation of Raul, who has experienced enough in childhood.

. Replacing the parent shack on the luxurious mansion in one of the most prestigious areas of Madrid, he proudly told reporters about his own large room
. Now he is happy because he is free to turn off the light when he personally wants ...

The fate of stubbornly turned away from the small Raul. Lower-income family, which, apart from him, had two children (brother Pedro and his sister Maria Luisa), lived on meager earnings of his father - a simple electrician. So talented boy had only dreamed of a football school and played football in the yard. Even when Raul got the eye of coaches, his disappointed. Those verdict: nothing, they say, will not pour out, too thin. The boy in tears, vowed that improve the physical form. "He woke up ravenous appetite, the son is constantly pestering me with questions about the number of calories and in whatever has sought to correct," - says his mother, Maria Isabel.

. Gradually, the fragile addition Raoul stopped paying attention - on the field boy, whose idol was Maradona was miracles
. His swiftness and flexibility liked the owner of the capital Atletico Madrid Jesц?s Gil, who invited the guy to protect the colors of the club. At the same time Gil had promised that such talent will soon rein arrogant countrymen from the "Real". He promised and ... dissolved football school because of financial problems. The young striker was on the street and went in search of happiness to the arrogant fellow.

He never went to promising, but with the progress became leader Real Madrid CF and Spain. The first step towards this was taken on Sept. 19, 1992. In the suburb of Madrid about the hundreds of football fans gathered at the meeting of boys and Real Madrid "Alcalц?". A routine for those days of the event today, many remember. It was then composed of the owners debuted Raul Gonzalez Blanco. The same, of which the whole world will soon speak.

But all this will be later. Meanwhile, for the novice "cream" came to cheer on only his father. On that day the Royal Club easily defeated opponent - 5:0, one of the goals scored Raul. It was his first goal in an official match in the "Real" ...

. Raц?l vaguely remember that game, but it has not faded in memory of a mentor "royal" boys Antonio Kuirogi: "Already in that first day he took over the team and became its leader forever
. I have seen in this 15-year-old boys bright personality and knew: in front of me - the future genius ... Raul was extraordinarily demanding on himself. For many of the criteria for exceeding mates, was never arrogant, he treated everyone with great respect. He lived to play football, was obsessed with football! And I like that he still remains so. "

Indeed, Raul does not exist through-games, it is important for every match. "Any opponent worthy of respect, and to defeat them, you must fight" - about the motto forward.

"I had to get up at daybreak, in time to get to the gym. We reach the stadium by train, then - on the subway, then bus, "- he recalls. The efforts are not wasted. In 17 years, Raul's dream come true: 29 October 1994 he made his debut at the basis of the Royal Club! The day before the match between Real Zaragoza - Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano took him aside and said: "Look, . grohnis not to faint - playing tomorrow! "Coach, . Following its principle, . going to "check for lice, ambitious lad,
. He expected to see in his eyes the fear and trembling, and saw the irresistible force and confidence.

And although in that match "Real" lost, Raul in some moments was incomparable. His solo passage to the gates of the opponent is already in the first minutes of a storm of applause broke! It is now receiving a crown of Madrid became soft Cutting the ball when he burst into the penalty area and elegant throw the ball over the goalkeeper. At the same time with left-hander Raul progress powerfully struck right - but it was only adjustment.


More - more: thanks to the efforts of Raoul "Real" revived eyes. Victory in the national championship, the Champions League and Intercontinental Cup became the norm, my. Thank Raul growing by leaps and in goals: Journalists fashioned from it a national hero, a boy, inspired by the example of an idol, knocked on the football. Otherwise, as the Spanish El Fenomeno it has no one called. A captain of the cream "Fernando Hierro compared him to race a Ferrari, which for a long time no catch up. But Raul suddenly slowed down ...

So much so that in general no longer goleador score. The then coach of Real Madrid CF Jupp Haynkess indignant: do zazhralsya guy does not want to work off their millions. It is increasingly sadil Spaniard to "bank", and he took it as a personal insult, are increasingly snapping in response. Raul did not give interviews and threatened to shoot anyone who dares to approach him with a microphone. The fans, instead of stormy applause bestowed idol contemptuous whistle.

Then forward and indulged in all serious: dawn caught him with his friends at a discotheque and a bachelor party. My girlfriends as gloves, increasingly violated the sports mode. Buzz was that he used alcohol and drugs.

To overcome depression, madridets turned to psychologists - to no avail. Everything seemed to be flying to the devil. Suddenly ... in the life of Raoul appeared Mamen Sana'a. Same age as a football player, fashion model by profession, she quickly and firmly tied him to his. And soon the attacker if substituted. He obviously has matured, he felt responsible not only for their own destiny, but also for the woman he loves. Sounded even better than before, not only in his native club, but also in the national team. It was then that appeared characteristic gesture - every time, pocketing, he kisses the ring presented to him by Mamen.

Manual "Real", in turn, replaced temper justice with mercy and offered a strong argument in the form of $ 6 million. year, that he continued to play in Madrid, at least until 2006. And the president of the club and does persuaded to sign a lifetime contract with the team.

. Interestingly, the first salary Raul in Real Madrid was only 100 dollars, now in the contract stipulated that his Transfer price - $ 100 million


He needs one win ...

Fully implement the Royal Club, Raul has repeatedly declared that he would be happy only when the Spanish team will bring a great victory
. First polushans appeared on his Euro-96. But on the field of Raul was never released, and the Spaniards lost in the quarterfinals. Two years later, at the world forum, he - already a major player. However, there pireneytsy glory not earned, not even breaking the group tournament.

But at Euro 2000 dream Raoul was in his hands, or rather, feet. Spain for a long time will remember that a quarterfinal against France. It was the last minute of the match, when the score was 2:1 in favor of the French in their gate was appointed penalty. In such a crucial moment, none of the Spaniards were not eager to become a national hero and leader of the functions on our shoulders heaved Raul. Burden overwhelm. A powerful shot and ...

"Sometimes you miss, sometimes slaughter. I was absolutely sure that I can do it. As if in slow motion movie saw the ball goes to the very top nine ... It remains only to apologize to the fans and partners, "- said after the match Raul. But throw a stone in the back of the underdog is not got no one else's hand. Teammates as they could comforted, cheered the competitors. And Zinedine Zidane exchanged a T-shirt and sympathetically patted on the shoulder ...

"I was crying on the field, then bellowed in the locker room, could not settle down in - the hotel. The world for me if attacked. Upon arriving home, I did not want anyone to see - later recalled Raul - wanted to run away even from your own home from the sympathy and derision.

. At last year's mundiale in Japan and Korea, Raul also fit was sprinkled ashes on his head, in Spain confidently held sieve selection
. However, short-sightedness of the Egyptian referee Ghandur not count the two goals pireneytsev the gate of Korea, made the team to leave the inhospitable Asia.



In the life of Raul quiet, shy and humble
. So correctly, that yellow journalism left him below even their potential interest.

Exemplary family man who conducts occasional breaks in the circle of people dear to him - his wife and two children. Incidentally, the first-born Raul named in honor of Jorge Valdano.

Raul unpretentious, he seems grafted to the stellar disease: richer, confined modestly Volkswagen "Golf". By the way, with cars due not quite typical of the player's history. One day after a workout it was surrounded by a crowd of autograph hunters. Promayavshis with them about half an hour, Raul has stepped into his car, when a disgruntled fan that there are forces in a crash on the roof of the car. Raul with his fists flew at the offender. Barely pilfered.

It is rich in friends. More than just friends with a partner in Real Madrid Luis Figo: "We Luis instantly agreed, we have much in common. And it sheds - zest of our team ". The famous Portuguese explorer, too, spared no compliment to a friend: "Raul cool helped me to adapt, it is a good fellow. I admire him as a player and as a man. "

Is friends with Raul and goalkeeper of Valencia Santiago Caц?izares. "Santiago - my good friend. Always talking with him before matches and after them, and we often joke about what could I score it or not. He knows that I wish him the best, but when I play against him - I think only of victory "...

Raul superstitious. Always start with the boot laces of the left leg. She likes books, his favorite - "The Alchemist" by Pablo Coelho. In his spare time trying to get out to hunt for what keeps many dogs. At least twice a week visits cinema (favorite actor Tom Hank). All offers to play in a movie refuses, but in commercials flashed frequently.

In Madrid, Raul has a monument. And in the museum glory Real Madrid CF took Hall, where carefully collected photographs of Spanish nugget of his autographs and t-shirts, in which he played.

By the way, was a case. Once Michael Jordan through a friend asked for an autograph Raul. First football took it as a joke, but figured out signed on his own club T-shirt and respectfully handed it to basketball. On the shirt was written: "Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time, from his devoted fans of Raul Gonzalez."

Midfielder Shakhtar Donetsk and the national team of Ukraine Anatoly Tymoshchuk - about Raul:
- Cool striker. In my opinion, the most ideally combines all the best qualities necessary for a modern footballer. Speed, technique, flair assists - all in order, and, most importantly, Raul these skillfully uses. In the match Ukraine - Spain had, in fact, was polumoment, but as he realized!.. Of course, against this incredibly difficult to play football. And our defense, including me, in this match he was pretty exhausted. Not for a second not to lose concentration, otherwise almost certainly be in trouble. Therefore, to cope with the care of Raoul, you have to be faster for a moment. He received the ball in the best situation - you get a goal.

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  • Eski for Raul Gonzalez
  • This type of search should, I love it. Raul Gonzalez Blanco-Best sportsman of all time !
  • Fidan Gonsales for Raul Gonzalez
  • Eski ya toje tak dumayu cto RAUL samiy krutoy sportsmen. RAUL CASILLAS ISPANIYA & REAL MADRID - SAMIE LUCSIE V FUTBOLE
  • Nicholas for Raul Gonzalez
  • He is the God of football
  • Sergey for Raul Gonzalez
  • For me, so it luchshmy footballer of all time, he is the best ))))))) Raul and Real (Madrid) the best !
  • Zaur for Raul Gonzalez
  • Raul Gonzalez is my idol, and so I do think that it not only good as football players but as a man :)))) REAL and Raul FOREVER!
  • TAYIR for Raul Gonzalez
  • I'm sick of Real Madrid with a 3-goklassa! Raul is my idol! I do believe that players such as Raul, appear once in 1000 anniversary! God grant him health!
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  • Raul person REALA.On fellow.
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  • Raul, an outstanding football player of all time ! be ill for Real Madrid !
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  • Raul is the best footballer of all time. He is my idol since childhood. RESPEKT him
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  • Ze best ...
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