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Ian Rush

( football player)

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Biography Ian Rush
photo Ian Rush
Born October 20, 1961 in St Asaph (Wales).
Country Wales.
Position Striker
Clubs: "Chester" (1979-80), Liverpool (1980-86, 1987-88, 1988-96), Juventus (1986-88), Leeds (1996-97), Newcastle ( 1997-98), Sheffield United (1998), Wrexham (1998-99).
For Wales - 73 matches, 28 goals
. Achievements: 5-time champion of England (1982-84, . 86, . 90), . 3-times winner of the FA Cup (1986, . 89, . 92), . 5-time League Cup winners (1981-84, . 95), . 6-times winner of Super Bowl England (1982, . 86, . 87, . 90, . 92), . holder Ketch (1984), . owner of the "Golden Boot" -84 (32 goals), . best football of England-84 and Release of professional football, . and Release of Journalists.,

Congratulating the people on his birthday, we are often - not in his eyes, as well, among themselves or himself - say: "My God, how quickly time flies! He've already ...". And what is the age of the birthday. About Ian Rush wants to say the opposite: "How, he was only forty?".

And this is his explanation. Rush - legend. It is not that somebody is or is not included in the abstract list of a hundred legends of English football. We are living can not help wondering: "Why is this football player did not get there!" Bullshit! "But he is more likely to result in the team than I went to school!.. And what makes it yonder, like him there ... Yes, he's never won nothing. Champion and then was on a large accident or a misunderstanding! .. "And every one of us, who knows English football, will make your list! Hundreds of local legends (well, maybe not hundreds, twenties). But it all did not hesitate to shut our eyes to any club likes and dislikes, to include in this list of Ian Rush. Because Rush - record, because he the star, because he povyigryval everything at club level - from Cup champions to evropeiskih championship and FA Cup. Finally, just because he is LEGEND! And no matter under what number - 89, 21 or even some. He - LEGEND!

A legend always emanate from a sort of grandeur and ... antiquity. Is it now possible to believe that Ian Rush tied up with football just a couple of years ago. Two years! And the feeling that two dozen ... Okay, exaggerating. But seven years - exactly! In fact, a year without Rush - for two! And, . think, . that for those, . who remembers the good old "Liverpool", . Nine on a red shirt with the inscription "Carlsberg" will be associated not with Robbie Fowler and John Aldridge, . which, . must say, . brilliantly replaced Rush, . when he played for Juventus, . namely Ian,
. Remarkable Welsh forward who appeared in Liverpool almost out of nowhere, so in the near future to conquer the world.

Dreams, dreams, where your ... Scotsman Dennis Lowe called Rush best forward since the days of Jimmy Greaves. Another Scotsman - Roy Evans, who happens to play for and against Rush, and to practice it, and did call Ian greatest winger born in the UK. In Wales such talents-forwards just never born! Accordingly, and to attract players of such class team itself could not. Liverpool in this respect was much easier. "Reds" managed to contrive, and if you do not educate these players, so finding them more or less regularly. Often seize them from the camp of his enemies. So it was with Ian Rashem. As a child, Ian was a fan of Everton and dreamed not of itself be like Kevin Keegan, but merely Bob Letchforda - leader attacks Everton at the time. Rush himself has never concealed his sympathy for Everton FC. Fans as Everton did not hide their feelings for Ian: "You are a great striker, but I hate you!" - They said at the meeting. But so it has developed its share of that "blue" does not have caught it talent. Unlike their countrymen and the most principled opponents of Liverpool. "Red" at the request of the Peisli laid out 300 000 pounds and beat or surpass "claiming Russia" Leeds United and Manchester City. 300 000 to pay for the player who then faithfully served the team 16 years!

So paired with Letchfordom Rashu play never happened. As with Van Basten. If Letchford - his childhood idol, Van Basten - another legend, but not English ... It was his Rush highlights from among those with whom he had not had a chance to play as a team. Largely because Marco has not being able to own Rush - played in Italy: "The Van Basten beautiful legs, and he played superbly as left and right. He plays a great head and very enduring. But most of all I appreciate Mark for what he managed to play his football in Italy "- says Rash.

But he played with much more famous and powerful Kenny Dalglish. "Dalglish - the best partner with whom I have ever played. Typically, a soccer player needs time to adjust to the new partner. Dalglish for this took several minutes. He forced me to keep moving. But while none of my dash does not go unnoticed Kenya. But, if I did not open, it was not given an by the veteran, not one "compliment". I was surprised when he Dalglish played with me, still unrecognized newcomer to pass! We used to understand each other and later came to the understanding of the automatism, that I just felt that where there is a partner! ".

OLD MAN Bob Paisley noticed them ... (Turning points scorers)

Did you know, . The career of Ian Rush threatened to break off, . have not really begun? That we are now with high Figo-zidanovskih contracts condescending glances at the paltry 300 thousand pounds, . paid Liverpool "Chester" for the 19-year-old striker - Mol, . penny spent, . and what Grandma weld! Nothing like this - in 1980 the acquisition of these things considered very costly and risky,
. Yes, Ian Rush scored fairly regularly for the fourth division club, but look at it highest level of talent scorer ... It, . know, . highest degree of professionalism! And here is to erect a monument not only the head coach of Liverpool's Bob Peisli - he and no purchase Rush regalia enough! - But ordinary scout "Red", . a certain Jeff with a funny name Tventimen,
. It was he who persuaded sverhopytnogo mentor in that the guy is worthy of financial expenses ... By the way, Rush became the most expensive Britain's youngest player at that time.

Moreover, his first full season at Liverpool Rush dealt exclusively that disappointed their customers. 7 times Welshman got a chance to prove themselves, but never managed to create the main thing that is required from the forward - to score. Most terrible disappointment for Rush was, when on the eve of the final ketch-81 in Paris Peisli not included it in the application along with Israeli, Avi Cohen. Those days and their experiences Rush now says, not without irony, but with a kind of the hidden horror: "It was the collapse of all hope. I do not understand - how, for that ...".

. The victory over Real has been won without the participation of Rush, and therefore easily erase ketch-81 from all records of the great striker - this trophy it is almost irrelevant!

. At the end of the season at Peisli with Rashem held most that there is a serious finding relations
. The young Welshman demanded not only places in the starting lineup, but a pay rise! Peisli refused and tried to remonstrate in fatherly striker ... Rush enraged and demanded transfer. Peisli replied calmly: they say, you want to go - no one will hold ...

Fortunately, Rush, Liverpool and, probably, the world of football, Welshman in time changed his mind and decided to wait. Peisli: "Many people advised me to sell the Rush - they said he did not slaughter and do not see how he will do. But I believed in this guy - I saw how he scored for the "Chester", and believed that he would be able to do the same for Liverpool. Its major shortcoming was a lack of selfishness in a good position to strike he began to seek out partners, and if he felt that their situation is better, Roofing felt the time could be considered bungle. I have persistently explained to him - be more selfish! So he realized I was right, took time.

It was right a great coach! At the beginning of the season 1981/82 Rush a little more pomarinovalsya in a reserve team and then came out as a basis ... And it started to clog! Five goals in his first three games, and all - 17 in the league and 13 in other tournaments! Partner Rush to attack, the great Kenny Dalglish added his twenty - so was born the most downhole pair of forwards in the history of British football. Probably should be assumed that the famous Liverpool, was always famous for their forwards, almost for the first time was not a solitary star (Keegan, Dalglish - yet their partners are clearly inferior to them in skill), and immediately a tandem!

. The following season, Liverpool won another championship, Dalglish admitted simply the best player of the country, and Rush - the best young soccer player
. It looked up front and in fact became one - a year later had himself Rush led all kinds of tops! And Liverpool, has driven Joe Fegenom, not only designed the hat-trick in the national championships, but took the next European Cup ... His penalty kick in the series with "Romoy" at Rome's "Olympia Ian scored.

. Interestingly, when he thought about the possibility to change the club and earn? Then, having become acquainted with the Italian reality, or a year later, when the nightmare "Eisele" for eight years, kicked "Red" from the European competition? No idea
. In any case, the contract with Juventus was signed in the summer of 1986, and for him, to the delight of leadership Liverpool, Rush had one more season to be held in England. During this time he managed to find a replacement - John Aldridge from Oxford United FC. A Welshman rode off to Turin. In its last two matches - with Watford on the "Anfield Road" and "Chelsea at Stamford Bridge - he scored the ball and made fans unusually clearly understand what rights they lose. Seeing Rush turned into a wild mixture of ceremony and celebration - abandoned in the crowd-shirt with the number "9" broke into tiny, tiny pieces!



It's time to digress - and then all Liverpool, Liverpool ..
. As if there is no light at the other teams! Ian Rush is really at club level, winning all. And his football-igrotskuyu career could be one hundred percent considered successful if it had not held the competition teams. It is his misfortune! Home did not choose, but humanly feel sorry for the talented player who is due to the lack of worthy partner among compatriots can not test themselves on some other level than the trivial club tournaments. Rush played for Wales. And Wales with Iane no matter how puffed, no matter how tuzhilsya, but only once viavil of a fight with Scotland for a place in the elite (the eve of World Cup-86. It cost the life of the legendary Scottish coach Jock Stan). But squeezed - no more. Ian Rush because not once was involved in the final tournament of any World Cup or European Championship. As he tried, no matter how much scoring, no matter what records the impact of any installed! "The performance of the team - the biggest failure in my career!" - Signed by Ian Rush, and this is true. While the national team, as in Liverpool, Rush has established many records, but the impact on him and no one came close. Ian distinguished himself 28 times, while Ollcherch and Ford - to 23 ... It was Rush's career, and another failure. Speech his Italian epic. Sam, Ian believes that nothing terrible had happened and he would stay in Italy for another season, he would have carried it far more successful. But if-... Rush, . true, . and in Italy itself has not changed, . becoming the best scorer of his club - Juventus, . but, . what a Rush to seven goals in 29 games ti, . as well as what to Juventus sixth place in the standings with 35-ti hammered balls in 30 matches? Overall, . nor Rashem, . no team in Turin were not satisfied,
. In the off-season followed orgvyvody, and one of the culprits of failure called Rush. There have been suggestions from Ian "Roma" and "Bavaria", but "Bianconeri set a condition:" Either you play at Liverpool, or not play anywhere else! ". Of course, Rush chose the first, especially since he had to just return to their home team. While the return as a player, and has been recognized in Italy.

Italy did not remain enthusiastic about Rush, though, and he answered her in Rush. What she did not agree with him? Yes, all the same! Superfluous and unnecessary excitement around the game and the players, the constant harassment of journalists. "I love the quiet life. Here in England, I feel calm. I can go for a walk with children, go to a cafe or shop. People recognize me on the street, but they respect my privacy. In Italy people are much more intrusive. They absolutely must go, talk, pat on the shoulder, photographed. In Italy all just crazy about football and do not give passes to players. And no one understands how it is bad ".

Is Rush still have not fulfilled one dream: "In 1986, when I first won the FA Cup and saw our captain receives the coveted trophy from the hands of the queen, I wanted to do the same thing. But again, twice, I managed to win the tournament, but, alas, neither in 1989 nor in 1992, I was not captain. When I was elected captain, Liverpool experienced a generational change and could not win ... It is interesting that in my childhood I was a bit different dream. I just wanted to play at Wembley in a Cup final. But, you see, with age and I also grew up appetites! ".

RETURN Scorers

So, Rush again reappeared in Liverpool. He had to re-prove their right to a place in the composition - a forward position was fairly reliable occupied Aldridge, . despite the blunder of the last in the final of the FA Cup-88 (keeper Wimbledon Byzantium Dave Aldridge took a blow to the "point", . and "offal" lost),
. Rush tensed and ... proved! But alas and oh - the wane Liverpool, which, like all English football, with terrible force was not enough fresh air in Europe, was setting and career of one of the most illustrious strikers of all time. No, of course, not all happen at once, and Rush is still quite a long feast for fans of "Liver". Robbie Fowler for thirteen and a half years younger than Rush! So, . When Fowler began at Liverpool, . Rush and this time finished, . and they were a couple of forwards in the team, . was feeling, . that young Robbie is as much slower veteran, . how sumo wrestler Akebono inferior in speed Maurice Greene, . and the elephant - cheetah! By the way, . Robbie himself never tires of repeating, . that the influence of Rush it can not be overemphasized: "progress, . when close to you a football player and a man, . as Ian Rush - simple as dirt! ",
. But then, the paradox. In Rush's two sons. And the idol of both ... Robbie Fowler! Well, every time their heroes!

Once Kenny Dalglish have taught Rush. And then came the turn of the last to share their experiences of youth. For a start, he gave tips Liverpool youth like the same Fowler. Then, when finished active career, has organized a unique school forwards. It forwards, and no one else! "I want to teach children what is more or less knew how bad he. I want to teach them how to score goals. The main rule is this: always have to try to play exactly. If you hit it with full force, at random, the chances you have to score 50 percent. If you try to hit less hard, exactly how many - in a corner or under the supporting foot goalkeeper, the chances are increased per cent to 80! I am always in the player when he was guided by this rule, and, as you can see, it helped me a lot! ".

. Of course, a little sad that Ian Rush made furthers so many decent people - athletes and head - a tragic mistake: he failed to leave on time
. Probably not believe that he could find himself in life outside the green lawn ... Rush himself was tortured and tormented by the coaches, going from Leeds to Newcastle, from there - playing coach in almost native, "Wrexham", from there - even farther, to Australia ... Oh, what a pity! The public is united in its opinion: any sun to be extinguished at the zenith, and no other. Only very late Ian realized that a big game for him is over, and managed to find a new vocation.

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Ian Rush, photo, biography
Ian Rush, photo, biography Ian Rush  football player, photo, biography
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