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DA SILVA Roberto Carlos

( Footballer)

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Biography DA SILVA Roberto Carlos
Born Roberto Carlos da Silva, April 10, 1973 in a small Brazilian town of the Harz. Family of Carlos was poor, his father worked as a truck driver and his mother looked after children at home. Robert's had three sisters, they slept in one room and were happy, because the family was complete understanding. In Robbie still had a ball from the cradle and throughout his childhood he played football in the yard with his friends on the children's football club.

. In my childhood idol, Carlos was to whom he imitated, it Nelin, but now he likes to play left-back Maldini
. Up to 14 years, Carlos has played in midfield, but once the coach told him that with his speed, he would have been useful in protecting and since then he is not leaving this place.

. The first professional club, Roberto Carlos became the "Unio Sao Paulo, and at 18 he entered the Olympic team of Brazil
. Then he took to his "Palmeiras". Beginner shocked many in his first match against Sao Paulo "- scored a phenomenal goal in a distant nine. Brazil also often look to the ball, which he held from 35 meters Gremio in 1995, since such attacks have become his calling card. Unfortunately, at the World Cup in the United States coach decided not to take and we have not seen these beautiful passages from the left flank. And in 1995 America's Cup was caused precisely by Roberto Carlos, because of the team went Branco and left-back position vacant. Being a newcomer to such a great cup in such a famous team, having played all matches perfectly, went from there super star.

Now Carlos is a player of great Italian club, Inter Milan. In his first season in 30 games, he scored five goals, this figure for a very good defender. In Skaare Real Madrid Roberto Carlos buys a "Inter" and there was a tremendous blossoming of this remarkable left-back. "Real" can consider himself lucky, having the composition of such a player like Roberto Carlos. At a time when Capello recommended Brazilian Real Madrid, club president Lorenzo Sanz knew of him only what he plays on the left side of midfield and has a cannon attack. Sanz main reason for buying was the price requested by the "Inter" - less than five million dollars. This amount was below the budget of the club.

In the future, Roberto Carlos, the first Brazilian national team player, wearing a white T-shirt "Real", was a confession that he was lacking in Italy. In the Spanish league matches, he demonstrated exceptional qualities of their game, by which he is considered the best in Spain on its position. Since his first appearance at the Madrid stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" fans "Royal Club" admitted Roberto Carlos own, and along with Raul it is - the most popular player of "Real".

. You can call it a gift of God or good luck, but the physical condition, Roberto Carlos inherited from his parents, who gave the world a new star soccer, and this time it is - do not forward
. Doctors 'Real' surprised his physical abilities, when conducting tests. One of the most unique of its characteristics - coverage of the hips. Many fans were disappointed by measuring their own thighs: their data did not go in comparison to 58 centimeters from Roberto Carlos. Muscles of his legs and game style, he reminds Junior, who played for the national team of Brazil, as well as for "Flamengo" and "Torino". One of the main things that you knew the representatives of the "Real" about Roberto Carlos before his move from Inter, that the speed of the ball after it hit up to 150 km / h. Spanish fans long waited for the moment when the novice has demonstrated its power in action. In the third match of the season 1996-97 against Real Betis in Seville, he had struck so that the leather projectile flying at a speed of 140 km / h. And - importantly - the ball flew into the goal.

This young Brazilian soccer team - an excellent and versatile athlete. Roberto Carlos runs stometrovku less than 11 seconds, shaking abdominals more than 30 minutes, jumps up from their seats by 67 cm. And, besides, he always charged to victory in a period of ninety minutes of defense the opponent does not rest on the left midfield, Real Madrid CF. In many games the last two seasons Real Madrid managed to turn the tide of the match thanks to Roberto Carlos, who knows how to instill confidence in their partners happy outcome, it would seem, lost the match.

. Club President Lorenzo Sanz must admit that buying Roberto Carlos has become a very safe investment funds
. That is the cause for which the club quickly extended the contract with him. The original agreement was until June of 2000, but now the contract extended for another two years. At the same time saying that Roberto Carlos to leave the club only if it paid $ 100 million.

The positive qualities of Roberto Carlos are not limited to its actions on the field. He has repeatedly demonstrated his human dignity. Roberto grew up in a poor family, and it left an imprint on his character. He admits that in his childhood he had a little toy, because his parents had no means. He was a true Catholic, always read the Bible and faith: all the good that is in life, thanks to God. His main concern - the welfare of his wife Alexandra and their two daughters - Roberta and Giovanni. Roberto Carlos spends with his family all his free time ... When is a pause in a congested calendar. On the day of his first training with the "Real" Roberto Carlos stayed after class for 45 minutes to hand out autographs, while the rest of Madrid missed 10 minutes. He stayed up until the autograph did not receive all comers, it is not surprising that Roberto Carlos immediately became the darling of the public. Can you imagine a football player main body of Real Madrid, which goes to the fans, standing in line for tickets, and converses with them? This Roberto Carlos. When Real Madrid to be the most interesting matches, to the booths at the Santiago Bernabц?u crowd of fans began to flock in three days. They simply are camping outside the stadium. One of the main irritants - the game against traditional rival Barcelona. On that day everything was as usual, except one: the camp of "realists" came the little Brazilian, who helped the fans to buy tickets quickly, and then 30 minutes signing autographs. And everyone in town is clear that these actions are driven by Roberto Carlos of his goodwill and his attitude to all this, a stranger to him, the people. Moreover, not all of his good deeds are done in public and come to the attention of the press. For example, absolutely without advertising, Roberto Carlos gave countless pairs of boots boys from the junior teams of the club and the young fans that approach him after the match and ask for a souvenir. Who knows, maybe someday in the future some of these guys will become the new star of Real Madrid, playing in one of these pairs of boots.

Thus, the world Roberto Carlos - not just football. He is well aware of the current problems of society. Roberto Carlos wants to open a large orphanage in Sao Paulo. It still has a few ideas, and they all relate to the children: "When I see how happy my daughter, I am reminded of his own bleak childhood. I constantly need to do something for needy children. More recently, Roberto Carlos began to implement its plan for the organization of several football schools in the country, where children could learn the basics of the game for free. Therefore not surprising that the Spanish fans, pay tribute to Roberto Carlos for his generous ideas.

. The most outstanding players of the world, Roberto pricheslyaet Pele, Maradona, Di Stefano and Cruyff.

. Team of all time, he believes "Sao Paulo", led by Tele Santana and "Milan" sample of 80-90 years.

. Worships Demi Moore and singer Gloria Estefan
. Ezdiet at BMW, from real estate, there are two buildings in Brazil.

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    DA SILVA Roberto Carlos, photo, biography
    DA SILVA Roberto Carlos, photo, biography DA SILVA Roberto Carlos  Footballer, photo, biography
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