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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

( football player)

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Biography Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
photo Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
Born September 25, 1955.
Country Germany.
Position Striker
Clubs: Borussia Lippstadt (1963-1974), "Bayern Munich (both Germany) (1974-1984), Inter (Italy) (1984-1987), Servette, Geneva (Switzerland) (1987-1988).
. Titles: Champion of Europe 1980, . Vice World Champion 1982 and 1986, . Winner of the Golden Ball European Footballer of 1980, . 1981, . Champions Cup Winner 1975, . 1976, . Intercontinental Cup 1976, . Champion Germany 1980, . 1981, . Cup Germany 1982, . 1984, . Top scorer Cup Germany 1980 (26 goals), . 1981 (29), . Winner of the Bronze boots "among the best strikers in Europe 1981, . Member of World Cup 1978, . Best footballer of Germany 1980.,
. In the Bundesliga, has 310 matches and scored 162 goals (1974-1984)
Team 1976-1986: Held 95 matches and scored 45 goals.

Lippstadt, a small town in Westphalia, apparently, has never produced the light of better-known person than Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. This name (originally - Rumenike) is of Gypsy origin, and perhaps for this reason, although she is quite rare, distributed throughout Germany.



In Lippstadt it wore Heinrich Rummenigge - craftsman tools were produced, and father of three sons
. Kalle was average. On the lawn near his house regularly conducted football battle, to which he could be anyone who will pay 20 pfennig. Kalle drove the ball with five years. Developed not by years, it's easy to play with 9-10-year-old boys, so that the window of a nearby house sometimes thrown open, and out came the voice of some old-timer: "And where are you, man, this came from?"

. Success Kalle very little to affect the older brother Wolfgang, who fancied himself a great player (he later played in the Second Bundesliga)
. My mother uttered his authoritative word, and then Wolfgang willy-nilly had to take a Kalle. But jealousy again asserted itself, and he sent the little brother to the podium without taking him to the team. He rushed home, bursting into tears, and then before Wolfgang was placed ultimatum: either you give play Kalle, or not going to play himself.

In Lippstadt were two football teams - Borussia "and" Teutonia ". Choice is not standing in front of his brothers: of course, had to go to the "Borussia": after all, for it played a father - Heinrich. He played the aggressor, and not without success. On it is often written in local newspapers. Borussia when it appeared in the regional league of Westphalia and one of the season only because of the strong bad luck failed to break through into the second division. At away matches He went on the trucks.

In lippshtadtskoy BV Borussia were teams of different ages. Seven Kalle Rummenigge included in the very young, labeled by the letter E, the fifth in the alphabet. Competition, this team does not know any. The first match with the prodigy ended with a score of 11:0, a total of 14 games, she scored 100 goals, even for such a small age was unprecedented much.

At 9 years he was transferred to the command C, where they played 14 years. And "tseshniki, getting to his little zabivalu, the city set a record - 96 goals a season. In a match with "Bad Vesterkottenom" which ended with a score of 31:0, Rummenigge scored 16 goals. "I do not know why they put the gates of the undersized guy. Worthwhile to put the ball on polutorametrovoy height, as he assured was in a grid, "- he recalls his childhood achievement.

Rumors about the talent of Karl-Heinz spread far beyond Lippstadt. It included a youth national team that toured England. Shortly after that tour came to the house envelope on which was depicted Konrad Adenauer, and the emblem of the club Schalke. "Dear Mrs and Mr Rummenigge, - said in a letter. - Send at last his son to our school! "

All Lippstadt whole day discussing this message. Not family Rummenigge. Mother flatly stated: "Since early will not let their boys out of the house!"

Here and Kalle had to stay in his hometown of 17 years. His youthful Borussia reached the maximum level, which could be achieved - the first division league Westphalia (rising at the same two steps up).

After school, the question arose of where to go to work. At first, he's going to get a hosiery factory, but then freed vacancy in the People's Bank, which he hastened to take. At the bank he had the reputation of a diligent student, and the director as encouragement sent him for a few hours during business hours, when he had to practice or play.


Debut in "Bavaria"

Proposal from the "Bavaria" came in 1974, when Rummenigge has a half years he worked in a bank
. There was, of course, and plenty of others, but the "Bavaria" stood apart. To neglect such a chance was not. Technical Director of the club Max Merkel personally came to talk with his father.

Above all, it's still there were a lot of money: 8000 marks a month, not counting pocket expenses and premiums. But the money in this case was interested in Karl-Heinz secondarily. Later it turned out, incidentally, that the manager put Schwan Rummenigge much larger salary than the other guys, tried to "Bavaria" - so he was a shrewd man.

. World champions have qualified for an additional holiday, and the first days of training camp in Hertsogenaurahe passed without them
. "Great" - Beckenbauer, Maier, Muller, Breitner, Hoeness, Shvartsenbek - arrived on the bus, when Bayern Munich going to be sparring with the local club. Their actions have betrayed a note of relaxation, and the match could hardly be reduced to a draw - 3:3. Rummenigge came on the field in the second half and made the help pass Gerd Muller. "Well, boy!" - Thanked "pudding.

"We need the right edge, - said to him, Uli Hoeness, with which they began to settle in one room. - This is your chance. Try to use it! "

Karl-Heinz team appeared nickname - Red cheeks. He was called so because very often the blood rushed to his cheeks: he was still very shy. "But it's better to have such a nickname than any. This means that you notice "- thought Kalle.

In the control match with "Werdohl" Bayern Munich won - 12:0. Muller scored 11 (!) Balls, the twelfth got Rummenigge. Meanwhile came time to open the championship. The first match Bayern Munich was held in Offenbach with the local "Kickers". It so happened that on the eve of the fight for various reasons, dropped down a few key players - Roth, Dyurnberger, Torstensson. Coach Udo Lattek said Kalle: "good sleep enough - playing tomorrow!"

. Hearing the stunning news, Rummenigge, of course, never batted an eye at night, repeatedly scrolling in mind their virtual combat with the player by the name of Fass (nowhere more eloquently!), Which was to become his first counterparts.

. Before the match in the hotel, saw him next to Muller, reporters quipped: "Gerd, since when you vodishsya autographs with fans?" "You probably do not know this guy
. His name Rummenigge, remember "- to restrain hama Muller.

Bayern Munich lost with a bang - 0:6. "Despite this expense, I had the match well, - recalled Rummenigge. - Perhaps everything would have gone differently, I Score a goal in the 0:1. Hadevits hung from the flank, I was about to strike, I heard a voice Wunder: "Skip Ball. This remark was hit me with a sense. I am still struck, but the goalkeeper parried it. "

The first goal in an official match for the "Bavaria" Rummenigge scored in the Cup VfB Stuttgart in the summer transfer ferried Rainer Tsbelya under the crossbar. In the newspapers appeared laudatory headlines: "Finally, in" Bavaria "came true right edge," "Drive Expensive (700 000 DM) Bunder, long live the cheapest (17 500 DM) Rummenigge!"


Correct by: Solzhenitsyn

Bayern Munich went to the commercial match in Rome with Lazio, and on the way to the plane of Karl-Heinz suffered a attack of appendicitis
. Physio team Richie Muller found in the Eternal City a better professional, and Schwan did not spare 10 thousand marks of the 130 thousand, that Bayern Munich has received for this match. "See to it that with Kalle everything was normal," - he put the money to his doctors.

Richie Muller rounds bookstores in Rome trying to find something in German. I found: "The Gulag Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn! During the four days that he was in the hospital, avidly read the work.

Three weeks after the operation Kalle has again been on the field. Champions Cup match with the "Magdeburg" formed hard - in the first half, Bayern Munich losing - 0:2. Lattek planned to change the situation, firing Rummenigge. And the action is brilliantly acted. In the end, turned out a victory - 3:2.

In the championship at the club's affairs were going badly: "Bayern Munich" sank to 13th place in the table on 14-e: World champions - in the relegation zone: shame, and only. Lattek nervous, broke loose, shuffling the composition. Rummenigge was often on the bench. At the Hamburg airport, on the lips Latteka flew for the first time the word "Rummelflige" (translated as something like "annoying fly"). So his name and then used to distort all. "Now I take this word as a joke, but then it annoyed me terribly - recalls Kalle. - I no longer treat Latteku with confidence.

Club President Noydekker - too. On Christmas Eve 1974, he sacked Latteka. For some reason, almost all the coaches he drove it in the days of Advent. This has happened before with Zebetsem, later - with Kramer and Lorant.

With successor Latteka - Detmar Cramer - Rummenigge relations have formed very different. An intelligent and correct people who visited as a trainer FIFA in 70 countries, Kramer became his grandfather, godfather, brother, friend in one person. He liked to give small tokens. When Kalle scored VfB Stuttgart, who saved for the "Bavaria" draw (1:1), he sent him a bottle of champagne.

Once there was such a funny story. In one of Munich's restaurants got into the habit to walk a slender blonde, who ordered a very expensive dish, but when comes the time to pay, said: "I - Rummenigge of the" Bavaria ". One time, the other: then owner of the restaurant told the police, who took Karl-Heinz custody. This quickly became known Kramer, who did not spare the night out to prove that his client was innocent and under his name "worked" some joker. Rummenigge thanked mentor to his own style - a bottle of whiskey.

Karl-Heinz took her a year later when Bayern Munich for the third time in a row won the prestigious trophy. He took part in the victory over Saint-Etienne in Glasgow. Before the game doctor Richie Muller, seeing that the boy terribly nervous, gave him a drink of brandy to calm. At the banquet they were victorious in the bar with Shvartsenbekom alone when everyone else went to sleep in rooms. They drank whiskey and cola, and when the stake is over - pure whiskey.


September 2, 1975 Calle played for the second team in Germany. Before the match in the locker room Helmut Schoen said to him: "Be yourself - take on the game in Vienna with Austria". I wish he did not say that, because Rummenigge was nervous, and his "bride" had failed.

In July 1976, Kalle was drafted into the Bundeswehr. "Cramer's concerned by the question: how would affect my service in the army - will beat out of a rut or make me a man?" After the first of his absence, I scored three goals, Tennis, Borussia, . and during the second helped the "Bavaria", . loses on the go 1:4, . beat Bochum - 6:5, . he clearly bowed to a second opinion. ",

. As, perhaps, and Helmut Schoen
. He appreciated the changes that have occurred in Rummenigge, and October 6 for the first time he has entrusted to defend the honor of the country. Germany beat Wales - 2:0, but Shen said: "Kalle was our best."

In 1980, Rummenigge was the undisputed leader of the team which won the European Championship. But the world champion, despite three attempts, he never became. Partly to blame - trauma. For a long time, they avoided his side: in the years 1977-1982 Kalle held in 160 Bundesliga matches without a break! But in March 1982, the first he received the first in a series of injuries that have since then pursued him until the end of a career.

. Rummenigge went unhealthy for mundial in Spain, . but even in this state has managed to perform the feat: coming on as substitute in incremental semifinal against France when the score 1:3, . He contributed a tremendous moral recovery, . he scored one goal and helped his team snatch victory.,

. A similar story occurred at the next World Cup in Mexico
. Injured Rummenigge came on as a substitute in the final with Argentina. With him the Germans otkvitali two goals (the author of one of them was Karl-Heinz), but then he still missed the third ball - 2:3.

. Last years performances in "Bavaria" Karl-Heinz worked in an attack on a pair with his brother Michael (once they have played together for the national team)
. In 1984 it was sold for a record amount for the Bundesliga, Inter Milan, where the attacker was a duet with Altobelli. The last two season career, he held in the Swiss "Servette", and for some time - the position of libero (!). In the second sezone-88/89 he returned to such a stunning form that won the competition scorers. However, the earlier decision to leave football has not changed. Since 1989 he works in the "Bavaria", occupying the post of vice-president.

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, photo, biography
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, photo, biography Karl-Heinz Rummenigge  football player, photo, biography
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