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Biography SKRIPNIK Victor
photo SKRIPNIK Victor
Born November 19, 1969 in Novomoskovsk.
Career: SKA (Kyiv), "Metallurg" (Zaporozhye), "Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk), Werder Bremen (Bremen).
In the championships of Ukraine has played 142 matches and scored 24 goals.
In the Bundesliga - 91 match, 5 goals.
Player of the national team of Ukraine.


Five seasons at Werder Bremen Victor in every game defending the reputation of a good and a destroyer tenaciously. Not bad, he was in podygryshe, but the productivity of not surprised. Only once, sorry for the pun, hit the gate rivals in the Bundesliga.

. Once upon a time there appeared on the recommendation of ex-coach Dnepropetrovsk Dnipro "Berndt Strange, Victor, among others, was known as a player with a tight, well delivered blow
. But Werder Bremen, even with the drawing of standard provisions that trump card Skripnik lay out failed. Why will become clear next. And in the past year to a purely gambling problems added to other. They have their opinion of Victor: "In a team 30 people, and everyone wants to tune up. I had an injury, 11 months running without the ball. I started out on the field - again, sharp pain. As with Effenberg in Bavaria ". Leave, time or will play a match - and again it "pulled". And the fans are whistling.

Yes, and your colleagues with the findings in a hurry. Summer in the Ukrainian press were many predictions about my departure from Bremen after Maximov. Nobody was interested in how hard to train with unabating pain. I confess, at first it hurt, but then I stopped reading these things. "

And then, in addition to the newspaper "obituaries", began reshuffling in the leadership of the Bremen. The post became notorious director Klaus Allofs. In the Bundesliga, he put it mildly, has never distinguished by love for outsiders players. His speech in honor of the coming of the mean to legionnaire something like this: guys, in your place I've already bought other. At such a radical approach to the transfer policy Victor looks already philosophically: "After the departure of Max (Maximova. - Authors.) Of course, I was preparing for the same wry perspective. Also had five invitations from other clubs. And yet decided myself parting with Bremen defer. It is not only in my life were uncertain given. Staggered chair under coach Schaaf. All Bremen still under hypnosis era Rehhagel. And in each mentor want to see his successor. And then the sale of Peruvian Pizarro goleadora ... In short, many do not understand, due to which the current Werder Bremen climbed so high. After the first round, even a place in the Champions League claimed.

Do I understand myself? To be honest, not very. Maybe it all came together out of small things with a positive charge? "

For Victor this "small change" has become a penalty kick in the match with Bayern. But before you charge from the spot himself Oliver Kahn, he had time to think about many things ...

Reach out to the Donkey FEET

In addition to Bremen in Bremen, not many attractions. In large part, to compete with the team on popularity can only sculpture Bremen Musicians. Any visitor to Bremen drag songs and forced to take up the ass and legs look him in the eye. Fortunately. Because of what limb stubborn "gnawed" It was like being in a cleft palate ...

Victor Skripnik can already be considered old-timer not only in the team. His guests, he also leads to a donkey. And did not miss a chance bait Bremen happiness.

The price he stuffed his own feet with a ninth grade. He played for the youth team of the USSR together with Kiryakova and Salenko. In 1986, the chief coach of Dnipro Emets introduced Vitya Skripnik in duplicates of. First half-time, then at stake (120 Soviet rubles). But these earnings are not limited to: "Soon I began to receive more than father. After each game we were invited to head the team Gennady Zhizdik. He has a well-defined field lay dvadtsatipyati and of the fifty. He gave them fair, shining with kindness, who has not played. The difference I felt later on, once in Zaporozhye Metalurg. There I also invited Zhizdik. Together with me in the team moved Schoch, Taran, Bashkirov, Soroka-years, other guys. Played five seasons in Zaporizhia, and then the team took control of the underworld. Began continuous dogovornyaki. For them we have not received the money, agreed without us. It got to the point that, when the base came "music box", we have a bullet flew into the body. And, looking out the windows, waiting for when they sweat in the sauna and leave. Sometimes this is usually at dusk, after which we drove to the gym ... Now players will appreciate the exchange of remarks Bremen. Once Alta Maximov said: "Yuri, I'm thirty-six, and I am absolutely healthy, but you have to the thirty - continuous pain". Max answered him: "Hurry to you on charges of galechke in crude Yalta, fed to other diet ... You my friend of thirty-general would be folded.

Maksimova hardly reached the consciousness of the German. Especially would have missed in the German imagination story Skripnik of the occupation base in Zaporozhye some shady characters.

Veteran status led Victor to a new level of relations. It seems no accident that among his friends in the club - Honored "bundesforvard Marco Bode.


Beat or not to beat?

As is usual with friends, before the butt games, Germany - Ukraine Marco Bode was very honest: "You will never win with us
. In your weak team goalkeeper. He (Maxim Levitsky. - Authors.) Badly played at the outputs. I speak from his match against Bayern in the Champions League. "

Viktor Skripnik to games with the team Rudi Feller anything judge did not want. After waiting for a new invitation to the national team of Ukraine, he eagerly preparing for the fights. To play happened only in one, with a failed miserably in Dortmund: "It showed whether Germany everything she could? No. We just did not show a. Managed to lose in the first fifteen minutes. Did not see any of their or others'. The reason? I think most guys did not have the elementary inner freedom. When the players say: "After the match we look into the eyes of everyone" - many already feel uneasy. And what we get out on the field, just so, or what? There is a relapse of post-Soviet space. In Germany it is also called "stop-block."

On the question of who gets more afraid, is to return not only in connection with the games for the pass at the 2002 World Cup. Victor saw myself as a star of German football pray to them caught in Eurotrip "Milan", not bloodthirsty clangorous spikes Legia. Something similar occurs in the most Bundesliga when grandees such as "Bavaria" with horror go to Rostock. Games in the local "stop-block" held under the Sabbath skinheads waving in the stands of huge red flag.

. Anyway, Marco Bode met Victor after the debacle of the Ukrainian team with relief: "I said that you have a weak goalie, but I was mistaken
. You have the whole team is weak, and the head you do not know how to play. "

I was a little upset Skripnik arguments against teasing German friend. But with other partners in the Werder Bremen he was not sentimental. The case presented soon - in the game against Bayern: "In the penaltistov Bremen" Number three: Herzog, Ailton and I. The three must decide whom to go to the "point". But usually Herzog just grabbed the ball and decided all himself. With Bayern he did not play. And not Ailton scored Freiburg. I think the match against Bayern, he just scared. Sam refused to be beaten and pointed at me. Assembled played next Wednesday, and this new appointment - at the gate fiercely squints Kahn. Field players walking around: they say, thanks, that does not zabesh. I did not cheat, broke, without a pause, with all his strength and anger. Kahn capitulated, and I went. Zabil more. Ailton then began to count: he scored only seven, and if we add the penalty, it would have on-ho-ho ... And we are putting forward Schalke 3:0, he suddenly said that now strikes penalty. Yeah, I think, of course! Where did you used to be, dear? I picked up the ball and realize. But in the next game when the score was 2:2 all my competitors in the execution of penalty zeal did not show: someone turned away, and someone went to the center of the field to tie shoelaces. We had to score again. "

Nature at Skripnik was always. Adding the courage. Viktor full advantage of the trust management Bremen. He signed a player for two years, while another three - as a coach, a white-green.


Secretive and too good

Playing for the Dnipro in the first half of the nineties, Viktor could go a completely different way: "I had a very serious conversation with the leadership of Dynamo
. Conversation was emotional, but I made it clear that Ukraine will play only for the Dnipro. Even in Zaporozhye was only because at the helm and in the composition were dnepryane. Another thing that came to power after the thieves and had to look for a new job. But my argument the president of the Kiev club is not very convinced. All agreed to call from the leadership "Dnepr". Sergei Tigipko was very succinct: "I am styling transfer Skripnik in Werder Bremen. It was a completely different level. Leaving from Ukraine to Werder Bremen, Victor is proud of its longevity in the Bundesliga. However, in the first place in his family: "If a corrupt official is a means to educate their children abroad, why should I, a qualified professional footballer, I can not think about the future sons and daughters?" In Germany, for it has all the conditions. Vladik studies in fourth grade and corrects my flaws in the German. However, even the five-year-younger Liana already beginning to notice them ... In a life I'm a man's home. I prefer Armenian Cuisine. The acuteness of spices shoot great unfiltered "Weisen Beer". Boxes of this beer is always the services of players Bremen. Waiting after the game directly into the club bus ... "

Flaunt their personal lives Victor does not want to. Even the family photos to the media - taboo. May affect igrotsky experience times banditry. Maybe blame innate modesty: "I am only in the game can be angry and visible. The head coach will not exactly. Expel someone from the team - more than I could. I see myself only on the sidelines - Scout or teaching kids soccer.

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SKRIPNIK Victor, photo, biography
SKRIPNIK Victor, photo, biography SKRIPNIK Victor  Footballer, photo, biography
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