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Hristo Stoichkov

( football player)

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Biography Hristo Stoichkov
photo Hristo Stoichkov
Born February 8, 1966
Hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Country Bulgaria.
Nickname: ILC
Position Striker
Height 1 m 75 cm
Weight 74,8 kg
Football club Chicago Fire, USA

Personal Information:

. Fluent in six languages: Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish.
. The owner of children's sport in Barcelona, Spain, and Chicago, USA.
. He dreams of the future to become a coach.
. Hobby - fishing, golf, skiing
. Favorite artists: Arnold Shvartsenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Julie Roberts, Placido Domingo and Julio Iglesias.
. Her dream is to play golf with Michael Jordan.
. Favorite food: steak and fried potatoes.
. Likes to walk in the evenings in downtown Chicago with his wife Marianne, and daughters Mikael and Kristina.
. Entered in the list of 50 best players of the world of all time.



. 1986 - Champion and winner of the Cup of Bulgaria's CSKA.
. 1987 - Champion of Bulgaria CSKA
. 1988 - Cup of Bulgaria's CSKA.
. 1989 - The best footballer of Bulgaria; Scored the most goals (23) in the Bulgarian league.
. 1990 - The best footballer of Bulgaria; Scored the most goals in the Bulgarian league, He won Golden Boot as top scorer in Europe.
. 1991 - 1994 - As part of the Spanish Barcelona scored over 100 goals, won the title of Champion of Spain and won the Cup of the country four times in a row.
. 1992 - was chosen as the best footballer in the world.
. 1994 - In the national team of Bulgaria won the bronze medal at the World Championship in the United States, was awarded the Golden Boot as top scorer of the tournament.
. 1997 - As part of Barcelona won the title of Champion of Spain, also won the Spanish Cup, Royal Cup and European Cup
. 2000 - As part of Chicago Fire, won the MLS Cup


Hristo born with a ball! "

. Hristo Stoichkov is probably the most valuable purchase MLS (League of the USA)
. When it was announced that Hristo signed a contract with the Chicago Fire in football circles, there was talk more about the German star Lothar Matthaus who at the same time signed a contract with the New York Metrostars. But very quickly Matthaus was just so not what MLS can do: soccer player with a great name, a salary which is more interested in money than football. Without what MLS can not do, it's players like Stoichkov.

Forget about the fact that he was the best player in the world in 1992. Forget about the fact that he was the best player in Europe in 1994. Forget about the many awards adorn his house. Stoichkov has brought Chicago are two things that are much more important than all his past achievements: his heart is immeasurably loving football that he is very happy to help young players to the team, as well as super-positive attitude to soccer in America.

. Christ, or as his friends called love, "ILC", according to his mother foams, was born with a ball
. He was born in Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Father was a goalkeeper Stoichkova local team Maritza, Plovdiv. When Christ was still a boy, he often handed balls for adults, but up to 10 years, his talent has evolved so much that he began to play himself. In 1984, Christo began to play for the team Hebar from Bulgaria. In this command, he was seen coach of CSKA Sofia. From early childhood, it seemed that Christ was a congenital winner.

While playing for CSKA, Stoichkov became a national hero. Along with club won the champion title and National Cup. As best striker in Europe, Christo was awarded the Golden Boot.

Talent nastyrlivost and constant desire to win could not pass unnoticed by the representatives of one of the grandees of European football, Barcelona. In 1990, Hristo signed a contract with Barcelona. In this command, Bulgarian becomes a legend. Having scored over 100 goals, Hristo brought the team Champion Spanish National Cup (four times) and the most prestigious title in Europe, the Champions League.

Along with Barcelona Stoichkov glittering in the Bulgarian national football team. One of the most important talents Stoichkova is his ability to surround himself with ordinary players and make them stars. In 1994, this is what saw the world at the World Cup in the U.S.. Christo was the conductor of the "concert" which showed the Bulgaria squad. His game is filled with positive goals led Bulgaria to the bronze medal for the first time in the history of the country. Unmatched game Stoichkova helped him win the Golden Boot best "sniper" tournament. Christo also been included in the "Dream Team" of the Championship.

In 1997, Stoichkov again won the title of Champion in Barcelona. In the same year, Stoichkov went on loan to the team Al-Nasr of Saudi Arabia. In this team he won the Asian Cup Winners' Cup.

Prior to that time of Christ has won numerous National and International titles and awards. He was voted best player of Bulgaria's five times (1989-1992, 1994), won the Golden Boot twice (1990 and 1994), became the best player in the world in 1992 and the second best player in the world in 1994.

. Today Stoichkov continues to play with the same fuse and passion in Chicago Fire
. In this team Christo won the Cup and Champion MLS. He is one of the best strikers in the team and a member of Dream Team "MLS.

According Stoichkova, "Football game is simple: The movement on the field is very important. Footballer must also fight for the ball in every game, and anywhere in the field ". This quote perfectly underlines all that Christ ever made. Today, Christo 36 years, but he nevertheless still worn throughout the field, selects the balls enter into the arguments, he scores, and that the most important is the clear leader team. Because of the age and number of injuries Christo is on a decline in his career and he left to play just a couple of years. Due to his achievements and attitude to football, he always won the love and commitment to their fans who will be very difficult to transfer his future retirement from football. So now fans masterpiece, called "Football Stoichkova", performed by the author, fill the stands to enjoy the last time, play the legends of world football.

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Hristo Stoichkov, photo, biography
Hristo Stoichkov, photo, biography Hristo Stoichkov  football player, photo, biography
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